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Submitted By James Walsh on 12/01/05
Show: The Interactive Interview
Guest(s): Lollipop & Rudy Charles
Date: 2/03
Your Hosts: Daniel Edler & James Walsh
Transcript By: Daniel Edler

After two weeks out due to technical issues, The Interactive Interview came back with a bang - a two for one show, with two TNA superstars - important for two very different reasons.

Lollipop is famous most recently for going topless on an TNA  broadcast, something that other TII guests AJ Styles and Bob Ryder recently denounced. However, Lolli defended herself well, and spoke about her past, present and future in great depth.

Our second guest was Head Official Rudy Charles. Rudy, the man formerly with the largest sideburns in pro wrestling (except maybe Rico...) spoke about his job within TNA, a move to WWE, plus how to get started as a referee and much more.


-- When she was younger she watched wrestling with the family, and make it a date to watch the wrestling. She went a few years without seeing it, before getting back into it recently.

-- Jake 'The Snake' and Hulk Hogan were here main influences, in addition to the Rock n Roll Express.

-- In terms of female talent, she likes watching Lei Lani Kai, one of her trainers. The others were Chase Stevens, Bully Douglas and Ron Harris.

-- Lolli also works for USA Championship wrestling, and she said that was how she got into NWA-TNA. She was told they needed dancers, so she applied and was offered a permanent spot! She's been there since August, but she's under no formal contract.

-- It is one of her goals to be called to work in the ring (properly, not just cat fights) should she be asked, as she'll be willing and ready.

-- The fans gave her her name. Jeremy Borash said use a Lollipop to show your uniqueness from other dancers. She did, and all the fans called her "the lollipop girl" and it's stuck with her ever since.

-- If she could wrestle anybody, it'd be Molly Holly because she's a "great wrestler", or Lita/Trinity because of their highflying styles.

-- The idea of wrestling against male superstars wouldn't be one she would reject, but it hasn't been discussed yet.

-- <b>The Incident</b> where her breasts were ripped out and exposed on TNA pay per view was brought up. It was 100% scripted, and she found it to be "an entertaining segment of the show". After thinking about it, she is a team player and she loves what she does, so it's just something that has happened. When she got backstage, everybody was supportive - some were shocked, but everybody was supportive.

-- We then played word association with such names as Vince McMahon, the other top female wrestlers in the industry, the X-Division, Vince Russo and more.

-- Lolli then has comments to her supporters and the people who reacted negatively to her most recent work on TNA.

-- To wrap up the interview, Lollipop explains that she doesn't know much about WrestlingVixxxens, so she wouldn't comment about that, but if Playboy ever approached her she'd consider doing it. In addition, she's single!


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