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THE RANT: ROH Fans' Top Matches, Missy Hyatt/Sunny, & Illegal Immigration

Submitted By James Walsh on 01/10/08
It has been a little while since I've written a "Rant". I started doing these a decade ago when I had a little members.aol web site and those editorials seemed to be my first taste of success as they managed to piss off the know-it-all pundits. Over 10 years later, I still think I'm right about most things and am going to rekindle the flame of the Internet editorial community by doing what I make a point to do regularly anyway and that is speaking my mind regardless if it is the politically correct or popular.

Despite this being a pro wrestling site, I am going to use this article as a means of ranting about everything that comes to mind - That's why they call it the "Rant"! Most of my college essays degenerated into rants so why not bring that to the web site?


Top (insert number here) Matches of 2008 Lists!

How full of shit do you have to be to make every single match of the top (insert number here) matches a Ring of Honor match? Give me a break! Sure, Ring of Honor puts on classics and some of their better matches should be on the list. But, filling the list? That is where I get pissed off.

The WWE and TNA are both highly produced promotions with world class wrestling superstars. These are stars that would be readily recognized on the streets by the masses. How many ROH stars do you think have that notoriety? Like it or not, star power matters in professional wrestling. Every ROH wrestler aspires to be a WWE superstar and some have forsaken ROH for the opportunity to be a TNA star as well. These are wise choices.

One episode of WWE RAW garners more viewers on one night than the viewers of ROH over the entire year. And, one episode of RAW costs more to produce than the entire year of ROH broadcasting. Does that make it better than ROH? No, it doesn't. But, it does mean that there is another product out there that a lot of hard work is put into and should not be ignored completely by these bullshit lists.

Maybe I look at it wrong. Maybe, to me, a great match is a match that captures the imagination of the masses and results in a hell of a lot of money either in buy rates, DVD sales, or ratings. To me, great matches are matches on the scale of Savage and Steamboat, Hogan and Andre, Sammartino and Zbyszko... These are big matches. These are top matches of their respective years. Big matches are not held in front of 200 people in a legendary venue that holds at least 10,000. That's called a nightmare, not a classic.

I know ROH fans are loyal and I respect and admire that. There is, however, a fine line between loyalty and pig ignorance. With your lists, you cross that line. Be aware of it.


The Love and Hate of Missy Hyatt:

I remember being a kid of probably 8 years of age and seeing Missy on TV and thinking, "she's cool!" I didn't know why I liked her but I knew that I did. I had a trading card of her sitting on my dresser for quite some time which I no longer can find. And, all these years later, I consider her a friend of this web site.

Much to my dismay, there are a number of people who give this site shit over its relationship with Missy Hyatt. If we're nice to someone, we must be "kissing ass", right? f*** off.

Let me explain something to you negative sons of bitches.

When I started doing interviews, a female wrestler befriended me for her own benefit. When I actually wanted something out of it other than seeing some of my ideas implemented on TV, I got burned the second hardest I've ever been burned in my life and that taught me a lesson I'll never forget. That lesson is simple... This is the wrestling BUSINESS! People are nice to one another based on what that person can do for them.It is "DTA" - Don't Trust Anyone. As a result, I've made virtually no efforts to befriend wrestlers since then... I say virtually because mots of you remember my experience with a certain "rocker". But, I found my beautiful wife and family through that ordeal so I'd do that again.

Back to Missy, I'm sure she is nice to this site because we promote her stuff. I'm fine with that. That said, she has never been anything but good to me and as a result, I'm doing my best to be good back to her.

The sarcastic assholes that popped on the forum talking about people ripping her for not being a "quality human being" pissed me off. For that matter, so did a former show host on this site that saw fit to rant and rave and mock her based on her sexual choices in life... He must be mad he didn't get any. For the record, neither did I. But, it takes a special kind of stupid to dislike someone for what they did in their private life 15 years ago.

As for the Tammy "Sunny" Sytch and Missy Hyatt issue... I have no opinion. Tammy is clearly mad about the way the Vixxxens thing panned out and I'd venture to say over the fact that she took part in it at all. Missy swears to have had nothing to do with the screw job by Sal. I believe Missy but I don't blame Tammy for not believing her as she was much closer to the situation. I don't know all the facts and I won't pretend to.

Bottom line, if you don't like Missy Hyatt, don't marry her. Other than that, piss off. I could give a shit about your opinions.


Illegal Immigration

Here is where Konnan will email me again under an assumed name telling me I'm a loser for having the views I do. That said, lets get into it!

Repeat after me, class.


Did you say it out loud? Just pretend I'm Dora the Explorer which only rhymes if you're from Boston and I firmly believe is the story of an illegal immigrant child exploring the Southern most point of Texas. The word was "ILLEGAL!"

Lets try it again...


The word defines the situation! How can we pretend that these people are law abiding citizens when they have the name ILLEGAL in their name? They're not! They're law breakers by even being here!

They're law breakers other ways too... Paying taxes, for one? How many of us get hosed on taxes yet these assholes get to enjoy the fruits of this land on our dime?

How about how they got jobs... ILLEGALLY? How? Well, you need a social security number to work in the United States. Illegal immigrants don't get socials! So, they're stealing someone's identity to even obtain a job!

Lets be honest as well, folks. How many white faces do you see wanted by the police on the evening news? Does this ring a bell... "A 20-something Hispanic looking male not believed to speak English is wanted for (insert crime here)". Rape, murder, robbery! Yippee! Lets keep these honest good people in the country! Use your f***ing head!

It isn't racism. It's I'M AN AMERICAN AND I WANT TO HEAR ENGLISH SPOKEN IN PUBLIC ism. If that's wrong, blow me. I don't give a damn. I'm tired of it. If I went to Rome I'd do as the Romans do. They came here, they need to SPEAK ENGLISH! I'm Irish. My people were HATED over 100 years ago because there were so many of us. But, we WERE hard working, we DID enter legally, and we DID speak English.

Why else shouldn't these assholes be allowed in the country? Because they didn't have to pay through the f***ing nose to get here the legal way. They didn't have to sit and wait for the Government to get their paperwork done while their loved ones were somewhere 5,000 miles away They didn't have to pay $1,000 for an application fee to see if they're allowed to enter, go through a degrading interview process to see if you're worthy of being in this land, and then have to pay again once you're here for 6 months and lived up to the strongly monitored requirements that were placed on you once you got here. Oh yeah, you'll pay $4,000 before all is said and done to be here legally on a long term stay! But hey, you could just cross like a thieve in the dead of the night and rest assured that arrogant hippy bastards will put out buckets of water for you! f*** them, shoot holes in the buckets and then shoot the criminals.

How do you fix the problem?

ENFORCE THE LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKs! Close the border... BUILD A FENCE! And then, once the bleeding ha stopped, extract the bottom feeding mother f***ers one by one. Stick them in a plane and fly them to the Southern most point of Mexico. If they sneak back, they had to work for it!


Hire the illegals to build the fence and then once they're done, toss their ass to the other side of it!

Lets take back the country! Lets elect someone with the balls to stand up to illegal immigration instead of back down like an old f***ing coward looking for an ethnic vote like John McCain. If McCain gets the Republican nomination, I am not voting this year. He's a loser. He can't win. It would be a disaster if he did. He'd probably change the national language to Spanish. I live in Arizona, he's done just about everything but here to make them feel welcome. Give him control of the country and the problem will be a hell of a lot worse!


Of course, these are just my opinions... I could be wrong... But I doubt it!



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