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Cloud: What's the IWC's Problem with TNA?

Submitted By James Walsh on 01/14/08
The following was posted by Cloud on the world-infamous Epicenter gossip board (forums). It was so well written, I thought I would post it as an editorial. Check out the forums to post your response to this controversial article!

This has been something that I have been wanting to get off my chest for a long time. It's a question I want answered is WHAT THE f*** IS WRONG WITH TNA?

The funny thing for those that don't know over five and a half years ago the IWC couldn't praise TNA enough, I should point for those that don't remember while TNA obviously had great moments back in those days, I should also point out that TNA also had moments like the Shane Twins dressing up as penises, Hardcore Midgets like Puppet & Meatball, The Wrestler formerly known as Kwee-Wee (remember him?) competing for the title of "Miss TNA", & of course the Flying Elvises, so TNA in 2002 wasn't perfect.

Now five and a half years later, the IWC can't stop complaining about it, when they try some comedy the IWC bitches, when they don't hype a match enough the IWC bitches, when matches don't go long enough the IWC bitches, it's gotten to the point where nothing satisfies them.

Now is TNA perfect? No nothing is, in fact I believe they blew it back in the summer when they botched the pushes of Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels & of course blew it with Chris Harris so badly they scared him off to the WWE & I also thought it was stupid to give Kurt Angle all three titles at the same time, & I thought it was stupid to have Kurt Angle lose the title to Sting only to win it back two days later.

But the funny thing is the IWC (as usual) continue to sound like the idiots we all know them to be, they like to preach that TNA is going "nowhere", that's funny, I swear with stuff like that the IWC sould just retire from "analyzing" wrestling & do stand-up since that makes me laugh. If TNA is going "nowhere" then how is it in five and a half years TNA went from holding weekly shows in the Nashville Fairground to running shows at Universal Studios? How is it they went from having no TV shows to now having a two hour prime time television show on Spike TV with a replay? How is it that in 2002 they went from getting the WWE's table scraps to now having talent like Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Team 3D, Rhino, & Booker T & the fact that most of those guys CHOSE to leave the WWE and go to TNA? How is it tis year they kept they're ratings on Thanksgiving night & then weeks later beat ECW & help give ECW they're lowest ratings? How is it they went from doing no house shows to now doing house shows in not only the United States but in Canada as well as well as taking part in one of the biggest shows on a yearly basis in wrestling: the January 4th New Japan Tokyo Egg Dome Show? TNA going "nowhere"? Hardly.

Meanwhile, why doesn't TNA get commended for having young wrestler interact with the verterans like Kaz beating Christian Cage in his match: the Ladder Match & taking Kurt Angle to the limit in a TNA World Title match or AJ Styles & Tomko interacting with Cage & Angle, or Samoa Joe feuding with Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, & Kevin Nash, or Jay Lethal beating Kurt Angle for the X Division title or the Motor City Machine Guns feuding and beating Team 3D or Rhino feuding with Christopher Daniels & James Storm or Booker T feuding with Robert Roode but yet people talk about the WWE and the feud with Kennedy & Shawn Michaels and like that, not that it doesn't deserve it, but why does the WWE get patted on the back but not TNA?

Why is it when TNA brings in a guy who happened to work for the WWE they're considered "WWE Lite", but when WWE brings in TNA guys or when Ring of Honor brings in James "Jamie Noble" Gibson, Jimmy Wang Yang, Tank "James Dick" Toland, Daniel Puder, & Brent "Gunner Scott" Albright you hear nothing like ROH being "WWE Lite" or WWE being "TNA Lite"?

Don't get me wrong, I love ROH, but how is Tank Toland bad mouthing ROH student: Bobby Dempsey going to draw money (as hilirous as those skits are)? I don't think Albright is going to be the next big ROH sensation that will take the company to the next level as cool as he is & as talented as he is, same with Puder, at least TNA brings in guys who they feel will bring them to the next level or help their talent to the next level. And speaking of ROH, why is it that their f***ing obnoxious ROHBot asshole fans everytime they hear ANYTHING that makes them think TNA, they go into a huge "f*** TNA" chant, but when WWE is mentioned I don't hear nothing no "f*** WWE" chant, no "f*** Vince" chant, nothing, what the hell? f*** TNA? No f*** ROHBots! I love ROH, but ROH is not perfect, the way the ROHbots go on about ROH and their supposed perfection, I'm surprised ROH didn't call their first PPV "Walking On Water".

Even with all TNAs screw-ups they still like it or not can't hold a candle to the WWE in the shit department. Like WWE or not, they sucked in 2007 in ways I never thought were possible from Kevin Federline beating John Cena (something Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Umaga, or Great Khali couldn't do), to Vince hyping his Battle of the billionaires as the featured match at Wrestlemania 23, to Vince giving himself endless TV Time & the ECW World Title, to Vince getting blown up on TV, to booking midget wrestler Hornswoggle as the Cruiserweight Champion & Looney Tune, to giving John Cena a huge push despite the WWE's main audience (18-34 men) booing the guy in every building in America.

While WWE isn't going to die tomorrow, they're clearly freefalling & have since 2001, don't believe me? 10 years ago, the WWE was having 20,000 fans at house shows, now they're doing 3,000 - 5,000 fans. Ratings unopposed ten years ago were 6.0 - 7.0, now it's 3.0 - 4.0, in fact in the past year the WWE has seen three episodes of RAW have some of the lowest ratings in TEN YEARS. PPV Buyrates also continue to sink each passing year. The WWE bragged that Wrestlemania 23 had a record crowd of 80,103, only problem was that was a lie as only 74,000 fans were at the show and 66,000 actually paid, meaning WWE let 8,000 fans into the biggest show of the year for free. The WWE has been so desparate for cash that they have been doing more and more international tours almost on a monthly basis something they never did during their golden years. The WWE also continuelly looks to the past bringing in Chris Jericho, JBL, Mick Foley, & now Big Show back & what has the WWE done with them? Jericho & JBL are in a feud that will not draw much money & Mick Foley is interacting with Hornsoggle. The company also continues to botch attempts to build new superstars, despite being one of the more popular wrestlers in the WWE: CM Punk instead is trending water in the dead ECW & was only given the ECW Title cause John Morrison got caught with drugs, The Great Khali like him or not had great potenial before the WWE fed him to John Cena & then put him in a comedic feud with Hornswoggle. Then there's Carlito who got buried by old man Ric Flair & then by Hornswoggle. Then there's Triple H who's killed every young guy who came 50 feet near him (Randy Orton, Umaga, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Lance Cade, & Trevor Murdoch). Granted WWE has pushed Jeff Hardy, MVP, & Mr. Kennedy & WWE has had some great matches this year in all fairness.

Then you have ROH, who granted got a PPV deal, a retail deal, & went on their first tour of Japan, but they still made numerous mistakes this year. The first & biggest being the top storyline being from one of the most unpopular storylines in WWE history: the Gang Warz. With the exception of Danielson, McGuiness, Delirous, The NOAH wrestlers, Steenerico, the Briscoe Bros, & the Dragon Gate wrestlers everone was in a group. From the No Remorse Corps to the Resilience to the Vulture Squad to the Hangmen 3 to Sweet n' Sour Inc. to the Age of the Fall all fighting in random matches with no rhyme or reason simply cause they were in opposing groups. Meanwhile despite losing a number of big names the company largely failed to make new guys with the only guy being Takeshi Morishima: a Pro Wrestling NOAH guy. Chris Hero & Claudio Castingoli are two guys who have huge potenial, but with the exception of a few failed title shots & each winning a tournament, the two instead have been lost in the shuffle feuding with each other all year long with no end in sight, then there's Erick Stevens who too has potenial and debuted strong but the Gang Warz saw him then become the NRC's punching bag all year long until the final show of the year where he FINALLY beat Roderick Strong for the FIP World Title. Then there's "Austin Aries Lite" himself: (Aries said that not me) Davey Richards ho too can be good, but has been lost in the shuffle due to the Gang Warz having gone nowhere. Then there's ROH's constant reliance on Japanese wrestlers like Morishima, Marufuji, KENTA, Shingo, & others who were once special attractions but now appear almost on a monthly basis & I still think ROH were retarded getting rid of the Pure Title back in 2006 as now they have no second title.

Keep in mind this isn't a "Bash WWE or Bash ROH" or a "TNA is Perfect" post as it's more about that WWE & ROH have made mistakes & TNA isn't that bad & quite frankly I still think TNA was the best company in the US in 2007 & I'm sick and damn tired of the IWC morons constantly bashing TNA and never giving them their due, if they don't like it don't f***ing watch it, I hate RAW so I don't watch it anymore, it's not hard.

I know they'll never read this, but I figure I write it to get this off my chest.



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