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THE RANT: Chris Harris/TNA, Axing the Sting/Savage DVD's, & I Hate Britney Spears

Submitted By James Walsh on 01/18/08
Last week's Rant got a pretty positive response via email. In fact, parties involved in the rant sent me messages thanking me for the professional way I complimented them... And here I feared I was being too much of a belligerent asshole... Oh well, let me see if I can get it right this time!

"Wildcat" Chris Harris Leaving TNA for WWE

On our show featuring the Tatanka interview, Patrick Kelley barked at the top of his lungs at TNA stating "You Dropped the Ball". I think that about sums it up.

Chris Harris is one of those guys that has the perfect blend of everything. He's a pretty big dude but not to the point of being a monster. He's a good mat wrestler but he's not boring... He can high fly but doesn't overdo it... He's got charisma. He knows what to do and when to do it (perhaps the most important part of this whole recipe)... His mic skills have come a hell of a long way... Hell, give me some money and I'll start a promotion just to push this guy!

Harris' raw talent has not gone unnoticed by the fans. Our site, the bastard child of the Internet Wrestling Community, has been incredibly pro-Harris over the years and myself and Patrick have basically flown the "Push Harris Already" banner for the past year. We're not bandwagon jumpers that are reacting the way we should if this were a work... We legitimately think this wrestler has the potential to be a star in that company. In fact, we presented on a previous show different ways to get Chris Harris to main event status by Bound for Glory. Yes, we wer edorky enough to sit there and think the whole thing out!

The concept that Chris Harris, a mainstay in TNA, might be leaving is daunting to fathom. The man has embodied the spirit of TNA for so long... Think about all the classic matches he was involved in with America's Most Wanted. Think of the great matches he had with Jeff Jarrett on the Wednesday night pay per view events way back when. Think of last years classics with James Storm. The Triple X cage match from Turning Point 2004... This guy is involved in some of the highlights that TNA has ever produced. I can't believe he may be going elsewhere.

That said, this could be a work.

Yes, it has happened before. In fact, it reminds me of two occasions with TNA that I was concerned.

The first occasion was when Abyss was slated to leave TNA. All the TNA fans were so disheartened to see that dynamic performer leave TNA to go to the WWE and face an uncertain character and uncertain exposure. Thankfully, it was a work of sorts and Abyss didn't leave and ultimately became one of the biggest stars TNA has created.

The other occasion was when Monty Brown left TNA. Nobody wanted him to go... But, it became obvious he was going. And, he was another guy TNA could have pushed to the moon but didn't. I don't know why decisions are made the way they are and it would be foolish for any of us to pretend we do know. But, based only upon talent and the crowd reaction factor, Monty Brown was a TNA dynamo that could have been their Hulk Hogan or Goldberg. Their superman. He ultimately became some ridiculous character in the WWE which lead to his retiring... But, we all remember him from TNA and wish he never left.

I'm hoping this occasion with Chris Harris will be like the forward. But, I'm not sure I believe it will be.

If this is an elaborate work, kudos to TNA for tricking insiders such as myself. And, kudos to them for creating this outcry of support for Harris and perhaps making him a sympathetic character upon his return. The "I kind of wish he was a bigger star" factor is important because if the fans feel they made the wrestler, they take even more pride in their rise to glory.

If this is NOT a work, TNA may be losing one of its key players from the formative years of its young life. An MVP of sorts that could have easily carried the banner as the company's heavyweight franchise if given the opportunity and appropriate packaging. TNA would be losing a young, hungry, and deserving athlete thta got important coaching from one of the best of all time, WWE Hall of Famer Curt Henig. If this isn't a work, TNA is losing a true gen. And, for their sake, I hope it is a work.

WWE Axing the Sting & "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD's

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "to the victor goes the spoils". The WWE defeated WCW weather I like it or not. Because of that fact, the writing of the history books is entirely up to Vince McMahon. True or not, a 100% clear representation or not... It's irrelevant. Vince has the power to present the past the way he sees fit no matter if I, you, or those who lived through it like it.

Those who saw the Monday Night Wars DVD know what I am talking about. The WWE patted itself on the back so hard it might have left a bruise. But, they're entitled to. I'm sure if I was battling another web site and they nearly put me under, I'd celebrate their demise and flaunt it in front of those who supported them over me's face.

That is exactly what is going on here.

To create a Sting DVD, one must admit that WCW had value. The WWE will never be willing to do that. They'll do a Starcade DVD because some in that office are part of the "Flair is God" camp. But, they won't promote stars that were identifiable to the letters WCW. That is sad.

Sting's career has so many ups and downs. His real life story turned into movie titled "Moment of Truth" was intriguing to me and gave me more of a perspective as to what wrestlers go through and why so many are reborn and given new life and new opportunities by Jesus Christ. I would think the WWE would be excited to have the opportunity to tell that story their way with their video library and rake in the profits that the story could bring in.

On the other hand, Sting has been a hot commodity in professional wrestling for eons. I was always a fan of Sting but I have almost as much Sting merchandise as I do Hulk Hogan who I much preferred simply because so much Sting stuff was made. So, a complete DVD anthology of just his best matches and angles would be something the legions of Sting fans would cherish. Remember, half the wrestling fans went away when WCW was sold. Maybe the half that doesn't watch anymore would like to relive the memories of the product they loved.

When it comes to "Macho Man" Randy Savage... That's a different story.

Conventional wisdom is that Vince McMahon despises Randy Savage. Some state that he becomes very reserved and refuses to discuss the man when brought up. This is just hearsay but if it is true, it was foolish of any of us to think the idea of this DVD would ever get off the ground in the first place. But, why might Vince McMahon hate Savage so?

In 1994, the WWF(E) was in the midst of turmoil. Between the steroid trials that was robbing the company of all the sponsors the WWF(E) had accumulated over the years and declining ratings as more and more people either switched off wrestling or switched on the competition which was becoming the home of many former WWF(E) superstars, things weren't good. Randy Savage, on the other hand, was a mainstay in the WWF(E) despite many of his peers going elsewhere... Until late 1994...

I remember being a fan and watching WCW Saturday Night when they started dropping the rumor that Savage was coming and then he appeared and thinking, "Wow, he was just on WWF(E)" only to see his picture on the cover of the next month's WWF(E) magazine days later in the store... Something tells me his departure was sudden!

When Savage left, he took his sponsorship from Slim Jim with him. Translation? Vince was losing one of his most popular veterans AND advertising revenue. I'd be pissed too!

That was 13 years ago!

Despite business problems with other wrestlers, namely stars such as Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger (who left without even giving notice), Vince McMahon has put their differences aside and if not done returns with those stars, allowed classic superstars action figures to be produced under his banner for them...

Not for Savage.

My feeling is there's something darker to this story that we know nothing about. And, rumors have circulated for years as to what that might be.

One rumor I'm not sure I subscribe to is Randy Savage possibly got a little too friendly with the barely legal, at that time, Stephanie McMahon which lead to bad feelings between Savage and Vince McMahon. Going forward, Triple H has always blasted Savage when his name is brought up... I don't much like my wife's ex's... Not sure about you!

Whatever the case may be, I'm disappointed that this DVD won't be released. Savage is one of my favorite wrestlers in history and probably among the top 10 (maybe even top 5) of all time in my estimation. His career has made an impact on tis sport like perhaps no other in the history of the business. I would love the chance to relive those memories on DVD perhaps with a documentary that explains all the behind the scenes drama us marks can only sit and speculate at. It would sell huge.

That is what I don't understand. It would sell huge and yet we're not going to get it. Whatever happened, I believe, was deeper than money. A betrayal, in Vince's mind, that is unforgivable. I don't know what that is or even what it could be. Whatever the case, I hope Randy writes a book to preserve his legacy and remind the new fans what a true legend, professional, and superstar he was. One of the greatest of all time, no doubt, DVD or not! Oooh yeah!

Britney Spears

I f***ing despise Britney Spears. I mean, I can't stand this woman or anything about her. As a singer, she was mediocre at best. I mean, tell the truth, the first time you heard a song of hers on the radio, did you think it was some elderly singer getting one last hit with a bullshit hip hop producer? She can't sing! And the lyrics! Oy! The lyrics!

The whole Britney craze can be dialed down to this, which I believe could have been the lyrics of her driveling shit that she calls a music catalog.


Sometimes I sit up in bed at night in a cold sweat fearing the gayness of the boy band/Britney/Christina craze could ever be topped.

That said, I don't want her dead. No self respecting individual wants to see someone dead just because you don't like what they do for a living no matter how overplayed or overpaid that person may be for what they are capable of doing. If the paparazzi doesn't leave her alone, she'll be dead.

Let me translate...


For one, I'm tired of hearing about her. I mean, her new record was horse shit (not that her old ones weren't) and was called out for it. So, if she's a non-entity in music, why do I have to hear about her personal life? Furthermore, why do YOU have to look so damn hard into it?

People like to see people suffer.. This is especially true of rich people. We want to see those we once saw as glamorous become penniless and destitute. We want to see these people die and then pretend we're surprised or sad because of it... This was done to Anna Nichole Smith and I'm going to spit if the same stupid assholes who bugged Anna Nichole Smith until she died pretend they care as they know what they did to Anna and still are going to see this Britney lynching through.

Music aside, Britney Spears is now a 26 year old woman with kids and her kids are being dragged from her to go spend time with a white rapper. I'd throw a hissy fit and have to be carried out if that was my kids' fate too. Then again, I wouldn't f*** the white rapper in the first place... Anyway, she's a HUMAN BEING! And, unlike any of the people following her with cameras all the time I'm sure, she has PROBLEMS! Those problems are for HER to work out HERSELF. If she doesn't do it, it is her fault. If the media and paparazzi won't let her because they chase her like a dog after the mail mail with pockets full of milk bones, it's THEIR FAULT!

I would have loved to have seen bad things happen to the boy banders... Slipping on stage, angry fans who can't believe their girlfriend/sister/cousin/any human with a pulse thought they had talent pelting them with beer bottles, getting caught not playing instruments, getting caught lip syncing, losing their hair... Falling off stage! Any of these things would have gotten a hell of a laugh from me back when they were hot. But, they're not hot anymore. And, at no point did I wish them dead because God has a way of getting even with those who are that angry and bitter. That is what is in the cards for Britney Spears if they don't back off.

Three simple reasons to leave Britney Spears alone...

1. Leaving her alone might give her the opportunity to fix her severely broken life.
2. If you don't, you're going to drive her crazier until she kills herself or overdoses on something she takes because she needs an out fro the life the paparazzi have made miserable for her.

By the way, shame on Duran Duran for working with that closet homosexual Timberlake. I'm no Duran Duran fan but I held them in higher esteem that that talentless f***. Oh the things has beens will do for one last shot at the spotlight.


Of course, these are just my opinions... I could be wrong... But I doubt it!



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