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Missy Hyatt Looks at Women of Wrestling Today in New Article

Submitted By James Walsh on 02/16/08
Over the last year I have watched more women's wrestling than I ever did as a wrestling fan or performer. I found the standards of women's wrestling to have evolved past Moolah tossing her opponents by the hair. It evolved past being T & A or the first match after intermission. It evolved to where women wrestlers can get regular bookings for knowing how to wrestle. Most of the women in the north east are working regulary. It allows them to interact in front of different audiences. It allows them to hopefully learn how to work a crowd. I find it best to work in fron of as many different crowds as possible. Its always easy to get over in front of the same fans, that's why working for different groups is the best way to develop one's craft. I still believe that psychology is a big ingredient that is lacking in the business today. This goes for everybody.

Here is a list of women wrestlers that I believe are the total packages from what I seen first hand. I base my opinion on who I watched live [I commentate for WSU]. My opinion is subject to change at any moment [I'm Missy, damn it!], based on who I like or hate at the moment.

I believe promo skills are very important. If you have difficulties on promos, seek out a veteran. I'm always accesible at shows to dispense advice. I'm sure there are other workers in the biz that will help out.

Becky Bayless:
Becky is a great promo. She has a great grasp on who her character is suppose to be. I give Becky credit. She worked for IWA-Mid South, CZW. JAPW, Goodman, WSU, and other promotions. Becky is great as a face or as a heel. She is also a decent interviewer. I was very impressed with Becky's match against Alicia in Dec. for WSU. The girl can brawl. Becky is also great with my dog, Jake. This gives her extra points [I said it earlier my opinion is very subjective].
*side not* my dog has a pic of Becky on his cage. What a mark!

Great heel. The girl can work a crowd. I consider Alicia as a old time heel. Alicia can brawl with the best of them. She had great brawls with Luna and Becky. Great promo. I don't consider Alicia retired. She will definitely be back.
* I deducted a point for her considering Danny Demanto as a big sister*

Alexa Thatcher:
I consider Alexa to be a great technical wrestler. She is very pretty and likable. There is nothing wrong with her wrestling fundamentals and mechanics in the ring. She is missing one ingredient. That ingredient is promo skills. Once Alexa develops promos and more personality, she will have what it takes to be a top echelon wrestler. This is not a knock at all. I believe Alexa will be a player in 2008.

Nikki Rox:
I think Nikki is a great wrestler. Very humble. I hate her TNA gimmick. Thank god many fans are fortunate to see her work her ass off on the independents. A new character in TNA will help Nikki big time.

Awesome Kong:
I consider her the Vader of womens wrestling. I can wait to see her live on 3/8 for WSU. I think she's booked better than most male wrestlers in TNA. Her gimmick is simple, let her destroy everybody. When she jobs, it will mean something. The girl doesn't need to talk. It will hurt her gimmick. I think she has done such a great job that I would love to see her against Samoa Joe. That's how tough I consider Kong. I bet you they could have a great match.

Alere Little Feather:
Great baby face. Alere knows how to get over with everybody. That is a big plus in my book. Alere can cut great baby face promos. She is also a decent wrestler.

Thanks for reading my commentary. Too all women wrestlers, you can always seek me out for advice. I look foward to the WSU 3/8 show. I can't wait to see Awesome Kong live. I can't wait to see Lacey Von Erich all grown up.

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