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Missy's Manor: House Shows Then & Now, Terry Funk, more‏

Submitted By James Walsh on 03/01/08
Thanks to Missy Hyatt for the below...

I found the priority of house shows to be interesting on how wrestling companies and fans percieve them. UWF/Mid South wrestling use to garner some of the best television ratings. Ratings means squat when you can't tour nationally. I remember when UWF expanded its house shows to California and other markets [they were bombs]. Television ratings don't always correlate to a demand to see the wrestling product live. That's the tricky part of putting such a high priority on ratings. WCW drew decent ratings toward the end. Nobody wanted to pay to see WCW live on pay per view, television tapings, and house shows. The tricky part on promoting house shows is knowing how to capitalize on your television audience to want to further sample your product via house shows or pay per view.

Let me now compare the current house show models of the current wrestling promotions. Every time WWE comes to town, they make a buzz. Nobody really knows the line ups. Its not like the house shows are a extension of the television product. A hot television angle doesn't always extend to the house shows, instead the focus of its dynamic is focussed on the pay per view. When WWE comes to town, they now have the advantage of saying come see all the stars. That's a pretty cool luxury. People pay to see them as a touring act that comes to town a few times a year. No line ups. No card subject to change. Just come and see the stars and buy some shirts. The product is hot enough that its been working for years. I still miss the concept of a wrestling line up being announced. If I knew John Cena was definitely on a show, I might buy a ticket. {*Side Note* I already have a Cena wrestling figure, spinner necklace, and his movie on DVD. I'm not a Cena mark}

I'm glad TNA did decent business last week in the New York market. They presented straight foward matches. Everybody I talked to enjoyed their house show better than their pay per views. A simple presentation of matches without a million swerves, run ins, ref bumps, etc. might be the best formula. I'm very sure that TNA will do decent business on their return to the market. The N.Y. market is hot for a mainstream alternative wrestling product. I also thought it was a nice touch that the wrestlers were fan friendly. I don't think signing autographs kill the aura of being a television star. I believe it creates a better bond with your paying audience. Kudos to TNA. Too bad Curry Man and Shark Boy didn't work the show. Curry Man [He's Hot!, He's Spicy!, But he's not Christopher Daniels!] rules. Shark Boy is cooler than Black Machismo. I won't let my opinion interfere with the article.

ROH is a totally different animal. Ticket sales and lineups are very important. DVD sales are another big factor. Extra DVD's are equivelant to extra ass's in the seats. I got burnt out watching their dvd's at times. When you watch too many match of the year candidates back to back, you either go numb, get jaded, or burnt out. I believe Gabe's new philosophy of trimming the shows down will increase fan enjoyment in the long run. He recognizes a burnt out crowd might be less likely for return business. I worked on 5 hour plus indy shows in the past. It becomes a excercise in torture or your love of wrestling to stay for the entire show. Luckily Gabe doesn't put out a product like that description. He gives too much bang for the buck. He recognizes the problem. That's a decent sign of having a decent gauge on your product and audience. Adding more interview segments will also be a big plus. It allows character development and allows the viewer to absorb in the previous match or angle.

I was glad that NYWC did a decent crowd for their annual super show. I would have bought a ticket for the show. They had Terry Funk. Need I say more. It doesn't hurt that I believe that Terry Funk is the greatest wrestler ever [next to Shark Boy, Curry Man, and Horswoggle]. I will defend my opinion against anybody's favorite. Was Terry Funk responsible as the only reason they drew a big house? No. A well thought out wrestling gimmick match [psycho circus] as the culmination of a extended wresting program was why it drew. You can't argue against that formula on drawing a house.

I hope Chikara wrestling draws well for their trio tournament this weekend. I would make the drive as a wrestling fan. You have army ants, Los Ice Cream,Quackenbush, Mecha Mummy's [what the hell is the difference between a regular mummy and a mecca mummy?], luchadors, and more for $20. Talk about a original product.

There is some wrestling product out there for everybody. I'm a big fan of psychology and well thought out story lines. I'm sure there are a few fans and wrestlers that share my opinion.

Don't you hate it when your signifigant other pays more attention to the Wrestling Observer [screw u Meltzer!] than you on a Saturday afternoon? I got back at the signifigant other by pulling out my Figure 4 Weekly from under the sheets. Take that Meltzer, signifigant other, and anybody else. At least Bryan Alvarez has taken a wrestling bump [I know that comment pisses Meltzer off].

I just got a copy of the new Mid South wrestling DVD from one of my fans. The dvd is totally old school. I highly recomend the dvd, despite no Missy, Eddie Gilbert, or Hyatt & Hot Stuff international. I'll post a review down the line.

Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net . Ever wanted to see a gothic Missy photo shoot? Stop by my site. New pictures and video updated constantly. Why wait for me to answer somebody else's questions, especially when you can ask me yourself on my chats and message board. I can be booked at www.missyhyatt@live.com for autograph signings and wrestling appearances.




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