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Missy's Manor: 3/13/08 Article Discussing WSU & more

Submitted By James Walsh on 03/13/08
Thanks to Missy Hyatt for the following:

The WSU 3/8 show was a blast for me as a worker, commentator, and as a life long wrestling fan. The locker room was beyond professional. None of us divas had attitudes, back stage politics, and heat. Everybody went out of their way to bust their ass in pleasing our fans who have stayed loyal with WSU. I wish my WCW, ECW, UWF stints had a locker room this cool. The biz should be all about everybody helping each other out. That way we can all make $$$$ by everybody's talents. The concept of nobody holding anybody back out of fear of losing their spot does not apply to our locker room. The few workers who were head aches are no longer used.

Since I do the commentary in our 'crows nest' and interviews, i don't get to interact with the talent back stage very long. I'm always approachable for advice to any worker. I leave my ego at home and on the internet. If I forgot to shake a hand, its not out of arrogance. i just have a million things to do in a short time. There were a few outside workers that I didn't get a chance to talk to.

I heard about how one outside worker had a ego from a source. The worker was so professional, courteous, and personable. I'm glad we leave politics and ego at the door. The free food spread was a big perk by the way [I remember when Bill Watts got rid of catered food at WCW in order to save $$$]. I always hear nightmare stories of how workers drive for free and can't even get a 'dirty water dog' at the show for free. My roast beef sandwich [yes I have a big appetite, I even went out for pizza after the show] was probably better than most workers pay offs for other promoters.

I had the car ride from hell to the show. We were getting 3-4 inches of rain on the day of the show. I almost wiped out in my truck. I got a wave of water that hit all 3 sides of my truck. Thank god I didn't crash. Every worker made it to the show, with the exception of one fly in. I ran in to a regular fan who drove from Pennsylvania to the show. We definitely have our hardcore regulars that I'm glad to see at every show. Its awesome to know every face in the crowd.

Words can't describe Awesome Kong. Awesome worker. Her spinning back fist is amazing live. I was marking out for her all night. I don't want to talk about her personal side, since I don't want to hurt her gimmick [old school thinking]. But she is very cool. TNA made a great choice in hiring her as the main heel for their women division.

Awesome Kong VS. Amy Lee was hardcore. I never saw Amy Lee sell very much. She sold in the right context for her character. There is $$$ in a rematch. Kong got over. Amy Lee got over as a face that kept her heat. This is what the biz is all about. Keeping personalities over. Drawing interest in matches for return shows. Especially satisfying the audience is a major plus to the booking. Kudos to Amy and Kong.

Alexa Thatcher improves every time I watch her live. She got the girl next door appeal that every guy will go nuts for. Her kicks are brutal. The girl is a great baby face live. I just recently heard she works as a heel for JAPW. I would love to see her heel stuff. She come across so whole some as a face. Prehapts a heel turn down the line is coming? I'm intrigued enough in Alexa to watch her grow as a worker.

Mercedes Martinez is a phenomenal worker. I never really paid enough attention to her [I'm sorry]. She really impressed me as a heel. This girl knows how to get heat [big plus in my eyes]. Her match against Mickie Knuckles had awesome chemistry. Angel Orsini is also a great heel and technician. I been very impressed with them paired together. They have all of the fundamentals of a good heel team. Great crowd interactions, promos, and wrestling.

Mickie Knuckles was awesome. I give this girl props. She drove from Kentucky to do this show and CZW the same night. 'Old School' dedication to the biz. Long drives to double shots. Work your ass off and drive back home. Most workers and fans don't realize how much passion it takes to do that amount of driving [I bitch and moan about driving an hour]. Mickie worked a great match with Mercedes. I would have loved to see her brawl with Kong or Amy Lee. Maybe on a future show?

I was glad to see Lacey Von Erich. *Note to TNA* There s $$$$ to be made off this kid. She's a little green as a wrestler. Angel Orisini did a great job carrying her on that aspect [sign of being a veteran and a great worker]. Lacey has tons of gymnastic skills. I was in awe watching her practice back stage doing drop kicks [just as good as Kevin Von Erich] and flips. The girl has a great look. She has the aura of looking like she is somebody [her dad Kerry had the rock star/wrestler aura that you knew he was important, even if you didn't know who he was]. I was glad I got to manage her [the second female wrestler that I ever managed]. I thought it was fitting that Lacey won with the claw [great Von Erich tribute]. I can see Lacey being a great asset to TNA when she gets more ring time.

One of my favorites didn't get to wrestle. Becky Bayless got stuck in traffic. She still ariived to do a promo. She is my favorite [also my dog's favorite]. She is such a sweet heart with the fans in signing autographs. Her 8X10's make a great gift for hanging in dog cages for evil jack russels or your signifigant others [if they are put in cages].

Alere Little Feather deserves a lot of credit. Alere wrestled 3 times on the show. She did her scheduled matches and filled in for Becky Bayless [traveling issues]. Alere was able to keep the crowd in to her matches and character, despite appearing so frequently on the same show. This earned Alere a lot of respect in my eyes. Its very easy to burn out a crowd in seeing the same wrestler appearing on too many segments on one show. Alere proved that theory wrong. Alere worked a technical match against Alexa. Alere worked a tag team match where she had issues with her partner. Than Alere did a comedy match with the Soul Sisters. Alere played she was a little drunk. By performing different spots and scenarios kept Alere fresh for the whole show. Alere's stock went up big time in my opinion.

I had a blast hanging out with Dawn Marie. She's always the coolest. We always have a running war between talent and cleavage size when we're together. I'm glad to see Dawn grow as a worker and as a person over the last 11 years. I even took a picture with her [Because I respect her].

I'm glad to see WSU is still a spot for women wrestlers to get regular work. I'm glad the shows run smoothly. I'm glad every worker works their heart out in the ring. It makes me proud to still be in this biz. I was also impressed how several of the WSU crew is talented enough to work twice on WSU shows and still work for other promoters in the same day. That's passion for the wrestling business and as a worker.

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