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Missy's Manor: Connecticuit Indy Scene, WrestleMania, 2020 Hall of Fame, more

Submitted By James Walsh on 04/04/08
I hope everybody got Wrestle Mania out of their system. Now maybe I can get some attention this week. I worked on 3/29 for Big Time Wrestling in Danbury Conneticut. Conneticut might be the best undiscovered indy wrestling capital of the universe. I'm sorry, but Philly and New Jersey got too many groups running with the same talent so close to each other. The end result is fans pick a company that gives them the most names for their dollar, unless its a alternative or niche product.

The BTW group ran by Terry Allen [you forgot to introduce yourself to me] was very impressive. The promoter got a skating rink/family complex to house the show. When I pulled up to the building, there was a massive line out the door. I thought I got the wrong building. The group drew over 1,000 fans. That's very impressive. I later found out that the building itself sold 400 tickets. Thats a great relationship for a promoter and the building owner. Everybody benefits with that cooperation.

Terry [I'm not Magnum] Allen had a mix of old school WWF wrestlers [Doink, Tatanka, and Brian Knobbs], ECW originals [Spike, Scorpio, Justin Credible, and myself] and great indy wrestlers [Alexa Thatcher, Amber, John Walters, and Wagner Brown]. There was something for everybody. Tons of kids. When you have kids, you have parents. When you have kids and parents, the wrestlers and vendors make a killing. Family shows are starting to become a lost product. Booking for internet fans is great, but it can limit your appeal to the masses. Children enjoy seeing wrestlers that they percieve as television stars. As long as a child enjoys the product, they will annoy their parents to take them regulary. Promoters are forgetting about drawing children. Its also easier for the younger wrestlers to learn psychology at family shows.

I had a blast working with a odd combination of Kevin Sullivan [I wonder if he is aware that I bad mouth him on every shoot interview?]. Regardless we were both professional in working together. Sullivan had a brawl all over the building with Ron [not Rob] Zombie. Ron Zombie even gave me a spike pile driver [Dory Funk was the first one to ever pile drive me] [I also injured my neck in a car accident 8 days earlier]. Take that everybody who says I don't take bumps. Unfortunantly the pile driver only has "crippling effects" in Memphis and Texas [kay fabe reasoning]. That's why I was able to manage 3 matches later with John Waters. I had a blast working against Too Cold Scorpio. Everything in the match with Scorpio VS. John Walters made sense. When ever Scorpio did a aerial move it got a big pop. Too bad Scorpio beat me in a dance off [I'm a horrible dancer, no Extreme Expose job for me].

Diamond Dallas Page was the guest referee in the match. DDP promised me a yoga book and DVD [I'm waiting]. He complimented me on keeping in shape naturally. He said he can tell I'm not using unatural means to keep in shape by my skin. This makes DDP OK in my book [despite being friends with Bischoff]. I even ran in to Brian Knobbs. Knobbs is still funny as hell.

I watched the womens match between Amber and Alexa Thatcher. It was on while I was coming back with my Diet Coke, so I stopped and watched the match. I said awhile back that Alexa was missing something. When I finally saw her as a heel, that was when I found the ingredient. She is a better heel than a face. Her wrestling moves are crisp and make sense. Her heel persona gives her the complete package. Perhapts a heel turn in WSU will make her the top heel [no offense Becky]. Amber was over big time as a face [it didn't hurt that bigger boobs bring bigger fans]. There match got over, but again every match was over. Amber was beyond cool. She is my favorite indy womens wrestler [after Amy Lee and Becky].

I saw Doink [wasn't he booked in Massachussetts at the same time? It must have been a illusion]. Unfortunantly he didn't give me a belated Wrestle Mania wish and let me work with him. I'm calling out Doink out now on the next BTW shown.

The drive was easy for me [really for "Super Agent" Scott Epstein]. I got chocolate chip pancakes at a diner in CT. on the way home [take that to anybody who thinks women wrestlers and valets don't eat]. I even got home in time to watch the 2 am replay of the WWE Hall Of Fame [I watched it for the Rock]. The Rock is sooooo charismatic. When he's done making movies, he should run for political office.

I look foward in working for Big Time Wrestling again. Terry [still not Magnum] Allen got himself a good building, audience, and company. He got Lufisto VS. Spike Dudley. That's enough reason for me to come out from back stage to watch the match. I was very impressed with BTW and I don't impress easily. Unless WSU got another food spread on their 4/20 show.

I saw the Ric Flair farewell on Raw. WWE should me commended for going all out on the farewell. Most wrestling legends never
get a sendoff, since they can't get wrestling out of their system or never leave for financial reasons. I hope the retirement is legitimate. Bret Hart, Rock, Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, Randy Savage and others who are just as important never got this kind of send off. I find that a shame. I'm glad Flair was able to leave as a hero to the fans and wrestlers. There is nothing sadder than a legend who has to retire due to a injury and the promotion is quick to ignore their existance. Bret Hart and Ricky Steamboat [gentleman] comes to my mind of wrestlers who's career threatening injuries and wrestling contributions was ignored by WCW [what a shock?]. Flair's sendoff was something most wrestling fans and wrestlers will never see again in our life time. I'm glad to see him leaving in the sunset, instead of being put out in the pasture.

Here is the official Missy list of people who can come to my "dream retirement" ceremony in 2020. I would also announce my successor to the title of "1st. Lady Of Wrestling" [trade marked]. It costs a Gucci purse to get in the running for the title of "1st. Lady Of wrestling". Start submitting purses now!

The Dream Guest List To The Missy Hyatt Farewell And Hall Of Fame Introduction 2020 Would Be:

John Tatum: Johnny launched my career as a valet. I felt out of everybody I ever managed, Tatum and I had the best chemistry.
Terry, Dory, and Marti Funk: Since I love and mark out for them.
Jerry Lawler: One of my all time favorites
Michael Hayes: His feud with Gordy in Georgia was what hooked me to wrestling.
Dusty Rhodes: Always found some angle or purpose to have me on T.V.
Jim Ross: Greatest announcer I ever worked with. He taught me so much about the biz and politics. Total class act and somebody I respect.
Boni Blackstone: One of my best friends in the business
Sunshine: She taught me how to work. Valets all owe Sunshine royalties. None of us would be utilized properly if it wasn't for Sunshine, Gary Hart, and Ken Mantell knowing how to book valets.
Paul Heyman: We have a weird life long friendship that has many ups and downs
Rock Or John Cena: I would gladly appreciate it if they gave a speech and come to my "dream retirement". I'm giving them enough notice in advance.
Gobbledy Gooker: My dream was to always be the Gobbledy Gooker, despite the character lasting 2 appearances. Instead I got stuck hosting WCW Main Event with Jim Ross. Some how I feel my career is incomplete by not having the ultimate merchandising gimmick of all time. How come there is no Gobbledy Gooker legends figure?
El Gigante/Giant Gonzalez: Remember I hunted him down in WCW on T.V. for weeks for a interview? Trust me, you didn't miss much. He ends up not wanting to talk with me, unless I dance with him. My career never sky rocketed from getting the exclusive interview with the greatest promo man ever ["I Want Da Belt"]. He deserves a invitation, since this is for my dream farewell ceremony.
Doink: Why the hell not? I'm still challenging Dink before my career ends.
Black Scorpion: The creepy voice giving hints that he's from my past and he wants to induct me. The hints make so sense and the pay off is just as disapointing as the guest. Great gimmick Ole. Everybody is still shaking their heads at the gimmick almost 18 years later. So naturally I want the Black Scorpion. I deserve it.
My Two Jack Russells: "Gigolo" Jake and "Hotstuff" Milo Marinara AKA "The Fabulous Ones". My dogs were previously "The Moondogs".
Amy Lee: 20 second delay will be definitely be used. Amy rules!

I can think of many others. But we all know I'm not getting any sendoff. I will settle for a diamond rollex, a Missy Legends figure, and a gift certificate to Express. Stop rolling your eyes. We all know I'm not getting anything. I will probably get a two sentence mention in some sheet and a warm beer [despite not being a drinker]. I do have a bikini at the Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame in upstate N.Y. Somehow my bikini being possibly being next to Karl Gotch's wrestling boots make me proud to be in the biz.

Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net for Missy merchandise. I always have specials. Don't forget to check out my site for new videos and pictures. My site is constantly updated. All new subscribers this week will be doing a public service by allowing me to get my dogs their shots and groomed [guilt trip]. I can be booked for wrestling appearances, autograph signings, and seminars at missyhyatt.live.com

Missy Hyatt
1st. Lady Of Wrestling
2020 WWE Hall Of Famer




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