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Missy's Manor: AWA on ESPN Classic, Old SChool Wrestling, Production, more

Submitted By James Walsh on 04/18/08
I thought most fans would prefer to hear my opinion on wrestling this week, instead of reality T.V. Hey I know my articles [rants] appear on wrestling sites. I know last week's article lacked wrestling content. So to make it up, I wrote a article that will have three times the wrestling content for this week. That way everybody would rather have me analyze Flavor of Love for next week. I even kept it serious this week [no rants about wanting a legends figure, wanting to wrestle Dink, or wishing bad things to Bischoff].

I'm a big fan of old school wrestling. I love to watch the production values, angles, and wrestlers each promotion utilizes. I sporadically wake up at 1 AM and see bits and pieces of AWA wrestling on ESPN Classics. I'll be honest, I never seen AWA wrestling until now. The shows that they air are from 1986. I can honestly say that Jim Crockett Promotions, WWF, and Bill Watts UWF television was light years ahead of AWA at that time period.

I found the production values very simple. That was not a hindrance to the product. I found the announcers and some of the wrestlers inferior and too old school when you compare it to the youth movement in UWF and World Class. I know this comment might get me heat.

No announcer should be compared to Jim Ross. He was already in my opinion one of the greatest announcers in 1986. Michael Hayes was used as his smart ass counterpart. I thought Larry Nelson and Rod Trodgard were on the same level as Bill Mercer. A local announcer that long time fans recognized. I just didn't grow up with Nelson or Trodgard, so I couldn't find their appeal.

I remember seeing my first UWF episode before I came in to the territory. It was the angle that Eddie Gilbert swerves Bill Watts in denouncing his allegiance with the Russians. *Angle Alert* Gilbert turns on Watts with the aid of The Russians, they bloody Watts up. Than they cue this dramatic music highlighting the attack to get the angle and emotion to the T.V. audience. Ross explains the angle perfectly and displays disgust. Great personalities and angle presented in the right presentation has allowed me to remember this angle 20 plus years later.

I did not see any angles on any AWA programs that would have hooked me. I thought the booking was too simple. I can't comment too much on their booking, since I was not around it. But it was stale and lacked imagination. They had decent young talent in Curt Henning, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, and Sensational Sherri. Henning should have been programmed on his quest for the title at that point. He was the only worker who had the ring skill of a main eventer. But he was relegated to wrestling against slower-older wrestlers. By the time he was a heel and a main eventer, the company was already shot.

World Class was smart enough to launch new wrestlers to main event status. Watts even recognized the need for new main eventers and was ambitious in raiding World Class for a new infusion of talent. It also helped that Watts lured Ken Mantell to implement new booking ideas. This created the greatest promotion in my opionion at the time period in UWF. Everybody can dispute me.

The Midnight Rockers [wow, what a original name] were better wrestlers than the Rock N Roll Express [Morton was more charismatic than the Midnight Rockers at the time and drew more $$$$ for Watts and Crockett]. But the Midnight Rockers needed a heel counterpart to feud with that can maximize their talents. Buddy Rose and Doug Somers were decent. But when that feud ran its course, who did the Rockers have to work with?

Sherri was in my opinion one of the top managers at that time period. Her ringside work and psychology was awesome. i wish I saw her stuff from that time period when I was still green. Her timing was amazing. Why wonder Vince grabbed her up. She was the most talented woman in the biz at the time. I only got to see her when she was in WWF.

I have not seen any real angles on AWA in '86. Every hardcore fan will still talk about their favorite Four Horsemen angle, Freebirds angle, Brody bloodbath, etc. from 1986. I don't hear too many fans or wrestlers reminisce about AWA angles from that period. Granted I was around Memphis style booking during that time period [interviews, wild brawls, and angles].

World Class by mid '86 was already in its downslide. I felt bad. Fritz and everybody was awesome and the crowds were very easy to work with. Ken Mantell lured the Freebirds, One Man Gang, Skandor Akbar, John Tatum, Missing Link, Chris Adams, Fantastics, and myself. This stripped World Class in talent and booking. I think people underestimate how this probably was the start of the demise of World Class. Kerry would get in to a motorcycle accident and be on the shelf for months shortly after the talent raid. Mike was ill. Brody was in and out of the territory. World Class struggled at the gate during that time. Plus Watts was running shows against them in Dallas. Some of the talent migrated back to Dallas after UWF merged with Crockett. But the territory was severely damaged [bad booking, Von Erich tragedy, lack of talent, etc].

I would have to say UWF T.V. was the most compelling television in 1986. Watts just expanded too late. His syndication network was too costly too maintain and running in some of his new markets was death. I still believe that Watts divorce also sped up him selling the company. Crockett also expanded too late. Watts and Crockett had the best television products, booking, and wrestlers for that time period. I really don't make the comparison against WWF of that time period. Their production, talent, booking, and wrestling style was generating a different fan base.

My final conclusion was the AWA T.V. did not appeal to my wrestling tastes [lack of angles, wild brawls, awesome interviews] when you compare it against other wrestling promotions at that time period. That's just my opinion.

Don't forget to stop by at WSU on 4/20 in Lake Hiawatha, N.J. The tickets are reasonably priced and it makes for a fun afternoon. All the wrestlers bust their asses. The best reason is to come down and see a live 'Missy Manor' [I wonder what WWF did with my original Missy Manor set?].

It's always chaotic for me to get to the WSU shows. I get there barely before the show starts [damn traffic]. I do my hair and make up while speeding to N.J. I than rush in to the building and conduct some interviews. I try to grab some food if there is a food spread [*hint* keep having free food for the workers]. Than I run up the stairs to the WSU eagle's nest and try to get clued in by Ref Hansen what's going on for the show. At some point the promoter also tells me what's going on. Than during intermission, I rush down to the back stage area and do more interviews. Than back upstairs to commentate. Than rush back down to do wrap around interviews. Ughhh! At least Jim Ross [true professional] gets to sit down for 2 hours of Raw. Why can't I get that luxury? Even WCW didn't make me work this hard. That's why I'm appologizing in advance if I don't shake a hand or talk to a fan very long. Its the promoters fault. But I do stay after the show to sign autographs. I also keep myself available if a wrestler needs help on a interview.

I think I should be the first induction in to the WSU Hall Of Fame. Since I'm the first person to be inducted and due to my mega star status [at least in my mind], I should be the only one inducted for that year. I want John Tatum to induct me. My loaded gucci purse can be bronzed [I will be supplied a new Gucci purse] and be put on display in the ECPW arena that houses WSU. Ref Hansen can watch my "Moondog" Jack Russell dogs who will accompany me to the ceremony. I'm making this suggestion early. I don't want anybody trying to steal my spotlight.

Let me get back to hyping WSU, instead of myself. I drift away when I make demands for Hall Of Fame status, wrestling figures, championships, etc.

I'm looking foward to Mercedes Martinez VS. Becky Bayless. Mercedes caught my eye on the last show against Mickie Knuckles. Mercedes is stiff and a great technical wrestler. Becky [one of my personal favorites] is such a great heel. She is one of the best promos out of the whole roster. I find her to be a great heel. I just don't like when fans cheer for the heel when they are trying to get heat. It's time for Becky to take being a heel to a new level if she wants to get heat. Becky is a very underated brawler. She can kick any Diva's ass.

Angel Orsini is a well rounded veteran. She is fundamentally one of the the best skilled wrestlers in WSU. She can carry a green worker to a decent match. Plus she is a great heel and knows how to carry herself. I'm not familiar with Kacee Carlisle. If the match sucks, it will not be Angel's fault. My advice to Kacee is to bring your working shoes. A good impression can get you more bookings.

8 Woman Elimination can be really decent or just a cluster f***. My advice is to come up with good psychology. A good theme could be the faces fighting back from having the odds against them. Heels get heat by taking a face out. There is so many story line possibilities that can make this in to a great match. Annie Social is a decent technical wrestler. Roxxie Cotton and Rick Cataldo are comedy wrestlers. I'm not too familiar with Rebecca Payne. The faces have Missy [you stole my name] Sampson who knows what she is doing [if she screws up, she will be dealing with a angry Amy Lee]. Amy Lee is a great personality who would be best used for a smaller baby face to get a hot tag towards the end of the match. Amy Lee can also get counted out by brawling against 2 heels. There is so many possibilities in keeping this match interesting. I'm very sure Amy Lee will do a great job keeping this match together. Alere is a great face and got no problems working a long match. She can work a classic face in trouble who needs to make the hot tag. Jana is also a decent face who can play the same role.

Why am I only commentating? Screw this! I should be booking, giving out finishes, commentating, and running the show. Maybe I should. But I think I would still get paid the same. So screw it! I'll play fantasy booker at home, but I'll commentate and do interviews at the show. But I am still open to being world champion. Only for ego purposes.

I don't know anything about Miss Belmont VS. Discord.

I'll be interviewing WSU Champion, Nikki Roxx in the ring. Nikki is a great wrestler. TNA is finally realizing it and toning down her Voodoo Queen gimmick. At least TNA finally realized what all the WSU regulars have known for awhile in recognizing Nikki's talent.

The main event is Nikki Roxx/Cindy Rogers/Alexa Thatcher in a 3 Way [get your minds out of the gutter]. Alexa Thatcher keeps impressing me. I saw her on a Big Time Wrestling show in Danbury, CT last month. She got no problems working long matches. Her kicks are awesome. A heel turn would be awesome in WSU. But she's cute, so no guy is going to boo her [I'll boo her]. Cindy Rogers is decent and well respected by being compatible enough to work with almost anybody. This can be one of the best WSU matches. If the match sucks, get a refund [after I get paid and don't say I sent you]. I'm kidding.

I was about to put this article to rest a few days ago. I checked the WSU web site and they added a WSU Uncensored Rumble, since Royal Rumble is trade marked. Damn! I thought I could be in and out of the show in 2 hours for the first day of Passover. Now I got to stick it out for another hour to determine the new #1 contender for the WSU belt. Since the match is anything goes, you can expect it to be wild. I'm going with one of the losers of the 3 Way [Alexa/Cindy/Nikki] to win the match. I change my mind, Amy Lee is going to kill everybody. This would also be a good opportunity to move a new contender to the main event mix. Mercedes Martinez or Angel Orisini would be great contenders for the belt.

I like how I had to find out the show is now a double taping on the internet. WWE wouldn't do this to Jim Ross. I'm a future WSU Hall Of Famer and I'm getting over worked. Talk about no respect. Why can't they just give me the WSU belt with no logical explanation [wait, could have happened in WCW in 2000-2001]. I can than forfeit the belt, since I lost my smile. I just want the honors of being listed as a champion. It will look good when I get inducted for the HOF as the only undefeated WSU champion. That's why I should be the booker. I know how to get myself over. Regardless, Rumble/Bunk House style matches are always fun. Maybe the "Midnight Missy" will enter with her mask and loaded cow girl boot and win the #1 contender spot. You never know?

The bottom line is this can be the best womens show at such a low price. The $$$$ you save by coming to WSU can be well spent at my merchandise table. Did I mention that polaroid proceeds will be going to buy heart worm medicine for my dogs. That's a great tax write off for next year's taxes.

I'lll be working for NYWC on 4/26. I'll be arm wrestling Nicole Bass. "The Wrestler Formerly Known As Eugene" is on the show as well. This will be my first NYWC show, so I'm keeping my eyes open on their presentation and talent. I have heard great things about Mikey [I attended his retirement show in '01] Whipwreck students. I'll preview the show next week.

I just started playing "Guitar Hero" this week. This is so sad for me on so many levels. I can't get past beginner, while playing "Rock & Roll All Night". When I finally master the game, I will than be taking auditions for my Diva Guitar Hero Band. Unlike Christy Hemme, we will actually be playing our Guitar Hero Guitars. Any possible members can take it up with me on the WSU show.

Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net I added new pictures and video to the best reality site [voted by Missy's Militia]. I got tons of new merchandise available and it can be personally autographed. I can also be booked for wrestling appearances, autograph signings, seminars, and being inducted in to Hall Of Fames [got to start early] at missyhyatt@live.com.

Missy Hyatt
1st. Lady Of Wrestling
WSU Hall Of Famer [year yet to be determined]
Uncensored Rumble Champion
Guitar Hero [Level Beginner]




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