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Missy Hyatt is back with Brand New Article

Submitted By James Walsh on 04/24/08
Thanks to Missy Hyatt for the following:

WSU threw another show on 4/20. There was some decent stuff on the show. Some green workers getting their first exposure. Some hits. Some Misses. But a fun show overall. I got to the show 5 minutes late [damn Pope caused traffic over the weekend in N.Y]. When I got upstairs to the announcing booth, I didn't see my usual partner in crime in Ref Hansen [he was at his real job]. Monster Mack was his replacement. Mack was decent, but he was no Ref Hansen [partner loyalty].

Angel Orisini opened the show and continues to impress me. Angel fought Kacee Carlisle. Angel can have a decent match against anybody. I have no idea why Angel doesn't have a career in TNA. She can carry and teach almost any wrestler in the ring. I ran in to her outside the show during intermission [I don't get to interact with the talent very much, since I'm doing commentary]. I told Angel how she is sooooo impressive. Yes, I acted like a total mark to Angel [a big sign of respect by me]. Angel also does Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and MMA which is quite a impressive resume. Why doesn't this girl work for TNA again?

Mistress Belmont VS. Discord was a mix bag. Both girls tried. They are green, but show potential. Belmont plays a Marilyn Manson/dominatrix type character. Discord also plays a goth character. Two goth/EMO chicks is a clash of the same characters. This show was more designed to display new talent. Everybody has to start somewhere. They did O.K.

The 10 person elimination match [can't be Survivor Series style for copywrited reasons]. The match was total comedy. Amy Lee said "MISSY GOT THE BEST TITS IN WRESTLING AND IF SHE WAS A GUY I WOULD F*CK HER". Perhaps the greatest compliment in wrestling or ammunition for my sexual harrasment lawsuit against WSU? The faces dominated the chicken shit heels and won. The crowd ate up everybody's sthtick.

Reyna Fire made her debut against Becky. Reyna showed potential and has a decent look. Becky looked great as usual in the ring as a heel.

Nikki Roxx had a great match against Alexa Thatcher and Cindy Rogers. Nikki is a cute girl. I can't understand why TNA gave her that lame voodoo gimmick. At least they are correcting the mistake and toning it down. Also TNA is giving her more wrestling time. Nikki showed why she is picking up steam and being noticed on the indie scene and TNA in being a great wrestler. Alexa continues to impress me. Cindy is a decent wrestler. Nikki won. The challengers did decent enough that they didn't lose any steam. Great matches and clean finishes protects the champion and can still keep the challenger over.

Amy Lee won the Uncensored Rumble Match. Typical Royal Rumble match. It was a fun match that sets up Amy Lee VS. Nikki Roxx for the next show [logical]. Nikki joined Ref Hansen and myself on the commentary. Amy is always a great character and awesome promo. Amy should cut back on the cursing! Amy can cut a five star promo without threatening to skull f*ck somebody and using f' bombs. Congratulations to Amy Lee on her recent marriage. Amy Lee is also a bi N.Y. Mets mark. You had to see Amy all decked out in a Mets Jersey, pants, and cap. It looked like she beat up a Mets merchandise vendor [she probably did].

We cut some wild promos for the DVD. Some of the workers had never cut a promo before. Some shined. Some didn't. Amy Lee, Mercedes Martinez, & Becky cut their usual great promos. The reason is that they know their characters and know what they are trying to get over. My advice is to have a idea on what you are going to talk about. I can carry a promo and come up with ideas for some wrestlers [if I know the story line and the wrestler]. I can't do it for everybody. I can't come up with a promo if I never met you before, never seen you wrestle, and don't know your character. My advice is to get a camcorder and practice promos at home. Watch the promos and try to see what works and doesn't work for your character. Getting to a wrestling show and trying to wing your first promos is not the best career path. I'm always available for advice. But for the love of god, have a idea on what you are trying to get over before you do your promo.

A few suggestions that everybody will ignore on the indie scene is wrestling gear. Actual ring gear makes any indie wrestler look more professional. Hot Topic clothing, mall clothes, and cargo pants can make a decent wrestler look like a backyard wrestler. Ring boots and ring gear are a great investment in being taken seriously and making a professional appearance in my opinion. I know Raven was the guy who pioneerred the look of heavy metal shirts and jean shorts. But every indie wrestler had copied that look to death. Why do you think Raven updates his look every so often? Baggy pants were big when the Hardy's hit it big in '99. Too bad many indie wrestler made those pants look low rent. If you are going to wear street clothes, be original.

On my way out, the promoter asked me if I wanted to join the crew for Sushi. I turned down the offer, since its Passover and I celebrate it. The promoter than thought I was ribbing him. Unfortunantly I will have to add this to my lawsuit. Sexual harassment, religious persecution, and working in a hostile work environment is not conducive for me. I'm getting in touch with Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz, and Rabinowitz attorneys at law. Look for me to be owning WSU and being champion real soon as a result. I will settle for a appologie and the WSU belt on the next show. I'm not asking for millions the [promotion doesn't have it]. I just want compensation.

On April 26, I'll be working for NYWC in Deer Park, Long Island. I will be arm wrestling Nicole Bass. Most people think I'm taking this challenge lightly. Hell no! I might have injured my hand playing Guitar Hero on my quest for rock star stardom, but I will be ready on Saturday. If I can beat Paul Heyman at a Clash Of Champions in arm wrestling, than I can definitely beat Nicole. I beenl sitting on my couch and watching 'Over The Top' to get me motivated. The arm wrestling match is the first round to a multiple show tournament. You know I'm going to find a way to win, because multiple shows=multiple pay days. I hope they have a big trophy ready for me, since I already cleared room in my china closet. I will also be debuting my new wrestler that I will be managing. Could it be U-Gene, Mikey Whipwreck, or Prince Nana? Come by and find out. I heard good things about the NYWC product. I can't wait to watch some of the matches to get familiar with the talent. Whipwreck has a decent reputation in cranking out future WWE wrestlers so far

I watched the "Rock Of Love" reunion special. Bret Michaels is weirder than I thought. He uses a eye liner that any girl would die for. It never runs, even when he sweats or cries. Don't tell me he has natural hair. When you wear a bandanna that is secured by a cowboy hat, you are very self conscious about your bald spot. I'm still calling Bret out on his hair. I'm more interested in knowing what's going on under the hat and bandannas than his love life.

I watched Celebrity Boot Camp. Don't tell me that none of the d-list celebrities didn't go on the show for a pay day. Erin Moran [washed up Happy Days chick] was at least honest enough to admit that she came for $$$. This pisses off the board of a nutritionist [your 50 pounds, get over yourself], a psychiatrist [people eat because they are hungry, not due to mental problems], and the annoying drill Sgt [his own biggest mark]. Nobody rolls in mud, gets beaten up, carries heavy items, etc to lose 2 pounds without a pay day. I can lose 10 pounds just by cutting down on my junk and eating less process foods with cardio. Beats getting screamed at.

Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net. I add new videos and pictures constantly to the site. I have weekly video chats, where you can ask me questions live. My message boards are updated constantly. You won't be disapointed. I got tons of exclusive merchandise for sale that can autographed at www.misshyatt.net. I can be booked for autograph sessions, wrestling bookings, seminars, and Passover dinners at missyhyatt@live.com

Missy Hyatt
1st. Lady Of Wrestling
WSU Sexual Harassment Plaintiff
WSU Champion [when the lawsuit gets settled]
Guitar Hero [Level Beginner]
NYWC Arm Wrestling Champion




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