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Missy's Manor: Promoters Take Her Article Seriously Concerning Dave Meltzer

Submitted By James Walsh on 04/30/08
The interest in "Big Dave" VS. "Super Chico" might have reawaken the post Ric Flair depression for many fans. Many prominant wrestling promoters emailed me inquiring about having the match take place for their promotions. The articles started off as a joke. Too bad the industry is clamouring for this match. Lets hook em' up!

I would love to have "Big Dave" VS. Super Chico in a barbed wire-bed of hypodermic needles-loser must burn a newsletter down the opponents throat death match. My hatred for "Big Dave" is for the lack of coverage he provides to CZW. My crew has been put on fire, bled, and almost died for the business. In return "Big Dave" provides us with two sentences in comparison to 5 pages of MMA coverage. Bryan Alvarez rather cover 'The Karate Kid' and 'Human Weapon'. I hope they bleed big time in exchange for no coverage.
John Zandig-CZW

"Big Dave" VS. Super Chico can have the semi main event slot on my next UXW show. In exchange they must sell 20 tickets each to their friends and family or hand out 2,000 flyers. Did I also mention that you guys will also be selling concessions?
Masked Maniac-UXW

I appreciate "Big Dave's" unbias opinion on my personal character and career. IWA would love to have "Big Dave" wrestle for us. After the match, I would love to meet with "Big Dave" in the shower and talk with him about how many stars I gave his match.
Jose Gonzalez-IWA

WSU would be honored to have Super Chico VS. "Big Dave" on our all womens shows. We are willing to put their gender on the side in exchange for making $$$. All of our women wrestlers gave us their approval, since they said "Big Dave and Super Chico are "bigger bitches" than our roster. Thanks "Big Dave", for not putting us in the result section. Thanks for no coverage Super Chico. We understand Derby City Wrestling takes priority. BTW, don't forget your ring gear. None of our women are lending you any gear.
WSU Roster

I would put this match together. I can buy tons of TV spots with no day and time. Than I can air it off of TV, despite our ads that don't list the channel. Than I can buy tons of ad space in NY at the last minute. This helps me draw from the public that doesn't even know my promotion even existed to begin with.
Bodog Fighting

Hopefully "Big Dave" can use his prize purse to pay back rent for his old apartment. By the way "Big Dave", I found a box of old Japanese video tapes, pay stubs, and steroids in your old place. Maybe Bryan Alvarez can cover it in his next newsletter.
Angry Landlord

I wish I promoted "Big Dave" VS. Super Chico during my XPW years. We could have had a "Loser Must Mop Up The Ring, After Kristi Myst Used It For Her Gang Bang Video". It probably wouldn't have worked out, they never even watched my television shows. Can't give us a thumbs down, if you don't have a thumb.
Rob Black-Extreme Associates

Sweet And Sour Inc. would love to represent Bryan Alvarez for this match. Thanks for to "doing the time honored tradition" in dropping the the Texerana Title to me. We couldn't risk the title going in to a enemy territory in Campbell, California.
Larry Sweeney

Would you gringos like to work for me in Tijuana in a bull ring? I can pay you in cervezas and underage hookers. When you cross the border, just tell them your visit to Tijuana is to see a donkey show. For $10 you can get a prescription to buy any precription drugs you want, that includes steroids.
Tijuana Nacho Libre Inc.

I can't stand hearing about "Big Dave". I'll book this match. But if "Big Dave" loses, he must retire. There will be no Hall Of Fame Induction, DVD, T-Shirt, or Shawn Michaels crying to commemorate Dave's career.
Vinnie Mac

I'll be back later in the week with my real article. Unless Bryan and Dave black list me from this site. Don't forget to stop by at www.missyhyatt.net for all of your Missy needs. I have new videos and pictures added to the site constantly. I have live chats and answer my boards constantly. I also have new merchandise available for sale.

Missy Hyatt
#7 contender for the Texerana Women's Title




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