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WWE Hall of Famer "El Matidor" Tito Santana

Submitted By James Walsh on 06/30/08
Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of www.WrestlingEpicenter.com
Guest: WWE Hall of Famer "El Matidor" Tito Santana
Date: 7/1/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick "Griffin" Noel

"El Matidor" Tito Santana is a novelty in professional wrestling. In an age where even the man who won Father of the Year a few years back is being raked against the coals for his family, Tito Santana is one of the few wrestlers who truly was and remains a family man who retired and meant it. For that, I have an incredible amount of admiration for Tito Santana. That is without even mentioning the fact that he was among if not indeed the finest performer of his era in terms of in ring action.

Now, for the second time, Tito Santana gets Interactive on the Interactive Interview in an interview we are so honored and proud to bring to you. It is to promote his sensational new book called "Tales from the Ring" which is now available in bookstores nation wide and in the Epicenter store at WrestlingEpicenter.com.

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- Tito is welcomed to the show and it begins with him plugging his book “Tales from the Ring” It was originally going to be called “Tales from the WWF”, but Tito was told that there might be a problem with the World Wildlife Fund, so the name was changed. He said that all the pictures in the book came from the WWE and he has a good relationship with them.

- He loves working the Indy scene. He is appreciative of the fans that still cheer for him, and he’s been told by the promoters that he is the hardest working legend. As far as being in shape, Tito says he can do just about everything he used to and will continue as long as the fans love seeing him.

- He feels that a lot of the young wrestlers do not understand timing or having an ear for the crowd, which is where a lot of the problems today come in. Tito learned those kind of things by working with experienced wrestlers night after night. He agrees with Hulk Hogan’s comment that “wrestlers today learn the moves, but not what they mean” and says that he respects Hogan.

- There was a possibility that Tito might have won the World Title in the early 90s when Hogan left in order to appeal to Southern American markets, but that didn’t work out, and they opted to go with Bret Hart.

- He worked with Shawn Michaels when he first got the singles push. According to Tito, Shawn had a lot of charisma and was a very good worker already. The only problem with Shawn was his attitude, but Tito has a lot of respect for him, and feels he is one of the best today.

- Tito is not interested in working matches for the WWE. He doesn’t have the time since he’s a school teacher and he does not want to go back on the road. He’s been asked a few times, but he’s turned them down, and Vince respects his decisions.

- He talks about his experience as a school teacher and how his book is a way to reach younger kids, and he talks about how a football coach from his youth helped him to become what he is today.

- In his early wrestling days, he wrestled under the name “Richard Blood” and he was told to use wrestling as a stepping stone and to save your money, and Tito did that, and has never been in a position where he might have to go back to WWE just to support his family.

- He has never read another wrestling book, but has heard some of the negative comments made in them. His inspiration for writing his book was simply because he had a story that he wanted to tell and some experiences that he wanted to share.

- So far the responses have been positive. Wrestlers, his fellow teachers, and fans alike have all praised the book.

- When asked about Jesse Ventura calling him “chico” and Bobby Heenan’s comments, he said that he never took it as racist, but it was just them trying to get over as heels on commentary. He said that he was great friends with both of them, but interestingly, some of the fans used to call him chico as he was coming out of the building.

- To him, it feels great knowing that the fans still remember him and how fans today compare him and the wrestlers he worked with the wrestlers of today.

- James then tells Tito the story of how he was at the Grand Opening of Tito’s family Hair Salon and Tito says that it is still going well today as its going on 11 years. He says that it was a good start after leaving the WWE because it was something he was worried about. James then caps off the story saying that he still has the picture of him and Tito at the grand opening of the hair salon.

- When asked about the coverage of the Chris Benoit situation, Tito says that steroids & drugs have been a problem in wrestling for a while. Tito says that he never got involved with steroids, but the guys back in the day led the party life and that kind of stuff was going on. He doesn’t blame Vince for it at all, and feels it unfortunate to see all the guys from his era that passed away.

- The interview ends with Tito thanking the fnas giving us a nice "Arriba!" to sign off.





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