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Former WWE/WCW Diva Torrie Wilson

Submitted By James Walsh on 09/05/08
Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of www.WrestlingEpicenter.com
Guest(s): Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie
Date: 9/5/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

We have a big show this week. But, this show isn't about promoting a big pay-per-view or someone's new book... This is to promote something that I feel is more real... More genuine... More worthy of promoting than perhaps anything we've promoted in the past. This is to promote Wrestlers Rescue.

Wrestlers Rescue is a concept to help retired pro wrestlers get health care coverage. It is designed to provide us fans with the ability to give back to the people who gave their bodies for our entertainment. It is designed to do something good, decent, and honest in a business that sometimes is known for none of the above. It is a selfless and wonderful idea and one I am proud to promote.

On to promote it? Torrie Wilson! The former WWE and WCW Diva comes on to talk about her career and her involvement with the concept.

Then, the concept's creator comes on... Dawn Marie herself as we touch base with her once again and really get emotional discussing how Wrestlers Rescue works!

Tune in! You'll be glad that you did!


- The interview beings with James pointing out that he originally asked Torrie a question on WCW Live! years ago, but now she’s on our show for this special interview!

- She had back surgery a few months back, and is doing better now. She’s not a 100% better year, but she’s getting there. When asked if she’d ever return to wrestling, she’s not interested in actual in ring wrestling, but would be interested in doing something for special occasions.

- Torrie began as a fitness model and had no idea what she was getting into. When she came to WCW, the trainers were very tough with her and the other girls that came in. When she went to WWE, Vince asked her if she was interested in wrestling and gave her the opportunity to train and improve and she came to love it.

- Some wrestlers didn’t like her when she came into WCW because she didn’t really know anything about wrestling and felt she was taking up TV time, but in WWE, that was not really the case and feels like WWE was more of a family.

- She liked working with David Flair because he was new to wrestling at the time as well and was comfortable with him. Making the transition to working with Shane Douglas was a good way for her to learn.

- She felt that throughout her career in both WCW & WWE that she would be used for a while and then they wouldn’t know what to do with her, which meant she’d be taken off for a few weeks before doing something new. There were never any backstage problems that caused that.

- There was talk in 2005 that she would leave WWE, and she says that it was because there were personal problems with her husband that needed to be addressed. She learned from somebody that WWE was not happy with her decision to do this and they considered letting her go, but that decision wasn’t made.

- When asked about her feud with Sable, she enjoyed it and was honored that a big star like Sable would work with her.

- She does not regret posing for Playboy, saying that she had fun doing it and loved going to the Playboy Mansion. She jokingly says that “My mother might regret it, but I don’t”

- From what she could tell, the WCW backstage scene was pretty crazy. She tried to stay out of it, but saw a lot of drama go on in the locker room.

- The angle with Dawn Marie and Torrie’s father Al Wilson was Paul Heyman’s idea. Paul gave her the idea over the phone while she was visiting with her family, and she suggested using her real dad for the angle. She says the net talked poorly about the angle and some of the wrestlers weren’t happy that he was taking up air time, but she points out that he had some of the highest rated segments. She also says she enjoyed the angle and said her dad was funny in the role.

- When asked about the internet fans of wrestling, she says she tries to avoid it because there is so much negativity and can’t understand why people who have never been in wrestling before can talk about it like they are experts. Of the stories she’s heard on the net, she says its about half & half over whether they are true or not.

- Next was a joke question, Who was the better kisser Hulk Hogan & Dawn Marie? She says Dawn because when she kissed Hogan he was all bloody and it was gross. She had fun doing the angle with Dawn and is amazed that it is still so well remembered (its all over Youtube and she says it’s the 1st picture of her that pops up on Google)

- The interview then shifts over to Dawn Marie’s Wrestlers Rescue project and how she got involved. Dawn called her up and asked if she’d want to get involved. Torrie says she respects Dawn greatly for setting this amazing project up because it’s a great benefit to the wrestlers, and she was honored to be asked to be a part of it. Torrie would also like to be a regular at repeat events.

- The interview shifts towards a discussion about the Chris Benoit tragedy, Torrie says that it is very hard to keep the physical appearance with the schedule wrestlers work and that is what matters most, especially for the women (“If you’re fat, you’re not over”) James then points out more of the negativity from the net who say that Mickie James is fat. Torrie is shocked by the comment, but says that its when people aren’t talking about you is when you should worry.

- She doesn’t watch much of the WWE. Towards the end, she kind of got frustrated because she would pitch storylines and nothing would come of it, and says its frustrating for all the girls. She also says its hard for her to watch because she had to leave because of injury and she wasn’t ready to give it up.

- There was a little bit of talk of holding the new Diva’s Championship, but nothing ever came of it. She says that she felt she had really worked hard and improved in the ring, but some of her opponents would go out of their way to make her look bad.

- When asked about Victoria and her recent role of “Enhancement Talent”, Torrie says she was surprised when she watched Victoria the last time, and she lost to one of the new girls. Torrie then says that Victoria will do whatever is asked of her and will try to make anybody she is with look good.

- She’s amazed at how much time has passed by since her first debut. Time certainly flies by. She tells a story (that unfortunately got cut from the audio) where a guy in his 20s told her that he grew up watching her!

- On the prospect of working with TNA, she says “never say never” and that she likes Jeff Jarrett & Gail Kim had pitched a few ideas to her about coming in (obviously before Gail’s recent departure) But for right now, Torrie wants to focus on her clothing store in Texas, which is going very well right now.

- This fun interview closes with word associations. Listen to the interview for her opinions on Stacy, her dog Chloe, Tylene Buck, Raven, Billy Kidman, Ric Flair, Stephanie McMahon, & Vince McMahon

- One last plug for Wrestler’s Rescue officially ends the interview, and James asks one more silly question about a possible repeat performance with Dawn Marie.





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