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Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

You know, it's tough to think of a catchy name for
bands like Sonic X. See, Sludge has "Up and Sludgers" but we don't' really
have the kind of name that opens itself up for that. After all, "Up and
Epicenter's" just doesn't sound cool!

An epicenter has to do with an earthquake... Maybe
we can call them "Up and Quakers!" Hmm... Nah! I'm not sure if that presents
the wrong religious or historic emphasis on the band's. Plus, it gives me
a craving for Oat Bran.

"Up and Cummers" just sounds like a porno flick.

So, how about we just be lame and call this great
new band an "Up and Coming" band? Works for me!

That said, these guys are ANYTHING but boring and
this interview is sensational! So, lets go to the video tape! Or, text! Ah,
just go read the interview!

Q. It's James and Cassie here with Adam Troy, lead vocalist
with up and coming Toronto band Sonic X. How are you doing today?

A. Doin great, I just woke up!!!!

Q. First thing's first, tell us a little bit about the band. How did L.A.
evolve into the band today and what makes Sonic X tick?

A. L.A evolved by a lot of hard work and determination.
The band were doin well as L.A. , but just couldnt catch that needed break,
even after winning best band at the Toronto Music Awards. So after careful
consideration, they thought it was time for a change. And after lots of singer
auditons they finally settled on ME !!!!! With the new line up we wrote all
new songs and started shopping and showcasing to the labels.

Q. Youre currently working on your second studio relase. How will that differ,
at all, from your debut?

A. I think the new cd is edgeier than the last release,
better song writing...not to take anything away from our first disc, but
I like really like the vibe of this new disc. We did a acoustic tune this
time around which is in the vein of Zeppelin, Lawrence plays some ass kicking
slide guitar on a song called "Seeds Of Thunder"which is really cool, "Crawl"
and "Disgrace" will kick head in and "Wicked" is just
that....."Wicked"........And we purposly made every song on the new disc
sound different ....sometimes you listen to a cd and you cant tell one song
from the next......You wont get that here! Its diverse.....

Q. One of our major complaints is that new rock bands in the current state
of music just don't seen to be having any fun. Nobody wants to try anything
new and boring crap seems to be running rampart. Are you guys a return to
the fun and high energy rock 'n' roll band?

A. We are and have always been a very high energy
band.....(No shoe Gazers Here) Anyone who has seen us over the years will
agree.....Fun.....with out a doubt....we take the music seriously but not

Q. Have you guys had occasion to open for any big acts? If so, has anyone
of note given you guys a thumbs up or thumbs down for what you do?

A. We plan to get out there with the release of the
new cd.....after the last disc was put together we went right back into the
studio to work on this new disc....So no celebrity endorsements here.....we
stand alone.....LOL

Q. By the same token, what band do you want to open for to show the audience,
"See, there is kick ass new rock 'n' roll!"

A. Any audience that will listen.........

Q. Any road stories you can share?

A. I could write a book!!!!!!

Tequila in Toronto, Jagermister in Key West, Girls, Girls, Girls in Dayton,
and white sandy beaches in Panama City........."Wine, Women, and
Song"........need I say more

Q. What does the future hold for Adam Troy and Sonic X?

A. Finish mixing the new cd, shows, and back to the
studio as we already have some solid ideas for the next Sonic X cd.......No
rest for the wicked my brother!!!!!!

Q. Word Associations:

You can give a 1 word answer if you have 1 word to sum the person up or you
can share a story if one pops in mind.

- Lawrence Falcomer ~ Amazing~

- David Lee Roth ~Showman~

- Michael Marquez ~Thundergod~

- Bon Scott ~Pioneer~

- Joseph Cumbo ~J.P.J~

- David Coverdale ~God~

- And, without being a pompous wind bag of an interviewer (thats from James),
how about Adam Troy, yourself..... ~Rockstar Baby!!!!!!!

We'd like to thank Adam for spending this time with us at the Metal Epicenter.
Do you have any closing words you'd like to share with your fans, site links,
or anything like that?

"Shameless Plug Time"......Check us out at for the
latest info, we are also on iTunes for all you ipod folks......the new cd
will be coming out in July-August, west coast can hear us on

KQRP 106.1 and check out we live there........and last
but not least........Thanx to James And Cassie and of course our fans



Once again, thank you for doing this.

Thanks you guys



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