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Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

Q. It's James and Cassie here with Rich, from the up and coming band Stereovega. How are you doing today?

A: Hi James and Cassie! I'm doin' fantastic... thanks.

Q. First thing's first, tell us a little bit about the band. How did 58fury evolve into the band today and how does Stereovega tick?

A: Actually, the evolution from 58fury to Stereovega was born out of the need for a new identity. There apparently was a different band with the same name on the East Coast. That created a bunch of cyber-confusion between our friends & fans and we had concerns for being mistaken for them. Then we had a few "important industry people" that didn't taken us seriously because they listened to songs on the other band's site. Those guys looked like total rookies and their songwriting hadn't quite "matured" yet. They were nice enough guys, but we weren't intested in having that hinder us any longer.

After a winter with some personnel changes for us, we decided a new name was the right answer... thus Stereovega was born and we just love rockin!

Q. One of our major complaints is that new rock bands in the current state of music just don't seen to be having any fun. Nobody wants to try anything new and boring crap seems to be running rampart. Are you guys a return to the fun and high energy rock 'n' roll band?

A: We have the same complaints about the current state of rock, too. We have a lotta fun and in fact... we live for it. We try to do different stuff and somtimes it works out and sometimes it fails miserably. But it's more satisfying to us to try and fail in a blaze of fury rather than play it safe and never evolve... yawn.

Q. Have you guys had occasion to open for any bands from the melodic rock genre or any big acts? If so, has anyone of note given you guys a thumbs up or thumbs down for what you do?

A: Yeah, we've been lucky enough to play with some big bands that'll come to Portland and pack one of the big rooms.

Puddle of Mudd were real cool to us and their fans were super responsive to our songs. We had fun playing with them.

Pat Travers said nice things to us but notably singled out Steve, our bassist and gave him big compliments on his tone and his chops. Pat's an incredible guitar player and still really puts on quite a show.

Q. By the same token, what band(s) do you want to open for to show the audience, "See, there is kick ass new rock 'n' roll!"

A: We'd love to open up for some of the great bands that we grew up on like Aerosmith or AC/DC and show their fans that there is modern quality rock coming out that's worth checking out.

Q. Any road stories you can share?

A: ...uh... not really not that I'm at liberty to share anyway.

According to "the code" established by pirates long ago and still faithfully honored to this day...

Arrgh! What happens on the road stays on the road.

Q. What does the future hold for Stereovega?

A: Not sure what the future holds for Stereovega. Hopefully we'll continue to create the music that we like & enjoy playing. With any luck we'll be able to be exposed to bigger markets and find more people that dig our gig and become fans. The internet has certainly been quite helpful in helping us reach new people.

Q. Word Associations:

You can give a 1 word answer if you have 1 word to sum the person up or you can share a story if one pops in mind.

- Dave


- Steve


- Sevin


- Bon Scott


- Freddie Mercury


- Pat Travers


- And, without being a pompous wind bag of an interviewer (thats from James), how about you, yourself

I'd have to say:


We'd like to thank Stereovega for spending this time with us at the Metal Epicenter. Do you have any closing words you'd like to share with your fans, site links, or anything like that?

A: It's been my pleasure, thanks for having us.

As for closing words of wisdom here's four things to know that may improve your day.

1. Be positive.

2. Remember, what comes around goes around is totally true.

3. "W" is an idiot. (I thought I'd state the obvious)

4. Check us out at &

also make us your myspace friend at and help spread the word!

Once again, thank you for doing this.

A: Thank you James and thank you Cassie.

And thank you everyone out there keep rockin' it!




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