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Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

This is James and Cassie and we're pleased and honored to have Mr. Erik Turner, from Warrant, with us. How are you doing today?

ET. Life is good, still rocking and rolling. Living a life that leaves no regrets.

I guess we'll pull a Sludge and start out by asking you to talk about your current project which would be your current tour with Warrant and the new album �Born Again�. So, tell us a little something about both, if you could.

ET. Born Again is what we would like our band to be, both musically� and viably�I just invented to new words, damn that was easy, maybe not? The Goose is loose � Ha Ha! Inside joke for those suns-a-chicken-bitches who know me.

I must say that "Born Again" has been in my CD player since before it even was released in America, I had a friend pick a copy up for me from England because I just had to hear it! Why I love it so much is it's a new Warrant album that sounds like the Warrant we want to hear. Did you consciously want to make an album with a lot of the same techniques as D. R. F. S. R. and Cherry Pie?

ET. Dude, whoever you are, I fricking love you. This CD means so much to us, we are like proud parents of a bastard child! We set out to make a CD that our fans want to hear. For the last 10 years I have been hearing from Warrant fans saying, Belly to Belly, what the f*** is that? 10 years no Warrant CD from you guys, come on, get it together already! I love these people; they have been supporting us forever it seems like. This is your CD, you 80�s hair metal rock heads from hell. Crank the bitch up!

How has the reaction been from the Warrant fans towards the new album and new material when performed live?

ET. The reaction has been very good. We have been rotating the new songs in the set. We started with Good Times, and then we added Dirty Jack. We only play one or two new songs live in the set each night. People want to hear the hits, the classics, and the songs they lost their virginity to. We have played Roller Coaster, Bourbon County Line and Devils Juice live as well. Drunken people at a rock show love �em! So do we� it�s a kick in the ass playing our new material.

Were the Warrant family members at all worried when you split company with Jani Lane?

ET. We all new Mr. Lane had bigger and better plans for himself. He was always dropping hints about leaving Warrant. It was a bummer and very stressful when he left the second time around, the first time around too for that matter, but he has done what�s best for him and his family. All the best to Jani Lane and his camp. We had a lot of good times over the 17 years we spent together in a rock band. We left a black eye on rock n roll. I mean that in a good way!

Any comment at all about Jani Lane touring as "Jani Lane's Warrant" these days?

ET. Nope. That�s a buzz kill question. Thanks a f***ing lot!

How did Jaime St. James end up with Warrant?

ET. Long time friend, great singer, songwriter and front man. We got lucky with our first choice! Hear he, hear he, Long Live the Saint! Long live Rock n Roll!

As a musician, does it ever get under your skin when you turn on a rock radio station and hear a song that isn't as good as something you've recorded yet gets a lot more air play? For example, a song like "Glimmer" which seems to be custom made for radio rotation not getting the kind of play that half the relatively boring stuff that is hyped today gets?

ET. I�m over the whole �business� part of the music business. I have come full circle and I believe the band has too. We made this new CD for the pure buzz of creating music, the art of it. Just like when Jerry and I started this band 22 years ago. We love kick ass hard rock, no apologies, f*** off if you don�t like it.

Did you think you'd still be doing this, in 2006, back in '84?

ET. I hoped so, I believed so and I thought I would be rich by now? Ha ha! I mean yes, if I didn�t believe in this band, I wouldn�t be doing this interview now, 22 years later, now wood eye ;-)

Is it (life on the road) still as fun today as it was back then?

ET. It is still fricking great, just different. I love playing music with these rock bastards still, after all these years. We appreciate the fans more; we appreciate each other more and what each guy brings to the team. We appreciate the free booze more as well! We are stoked that we still get to do this Rock N Roll thing and have a few laughs at the same time.

How does a kid from Omaha wind up founding what would become one of the longest running metal bands, still around today?

ET. The family packed our shit up when I was a 1-year-old rocker and moved to the OC, as in the TV show I have never seen, but hear so much good things about. I f***ing love hard rock music, have I said that lately?

Here's a silly question... How painful was it to get those eye liner tattoos?

ET. I have 3 tattoos, none on my eyes. I�m old school sharpie under the eyes, with the shakes.

One of our complaints about rock bands in the current state is that few of the new bands seem to be having fun and nobody seems to have much by way of a personality. Do you think the "Rock Star" is an endangered species?

ET. No, too many cool bands coming out. More and more nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick on MTV. Dare I say Hairspray? The kids are into it. Piercing, tattoos, rainbow parties� that�s rock!

Any words of advice for any aspiring musicians trying to get into the business? And, are there any "newer" artists out there that you like and think are doing good things for rock 'n' roll?

ET. Just Say No! And yes I�m backing AX7 these days. Dark New Day kick ass. I�m excited about a lot of new bands. I�m excited about New Warrant, LA Guns and Beautiful Creatures too.

After Metallica blew the whistle on music downloads, a lot of bands came out both for and against the ability of downloading music on the Internet. Do you think that the ability to download music has hurt the music industry?

ET. Has it hurt the industry, f*** yes, would stealing a hundred thousand cars a month hurt the auto industry or any other industry? I happen to dislike the big record companies right now. So I�m neutral, what comes around goes around. The same knife you stab people in the back with will eventually find your back. Downloading is cool when the artist gives a song or video out for free, that is cool marketing.

The genre of music you're known for, and which we love, is sometimes called "sleaze rock" thanks to the over-the-top party lifestyle. In fact, Motley Crue made a fortune off a book talking about their exploits called "The Dirt" which some people compare in greatness to the Bible! Do you have one wild road story you would be willing to share with us?

ET. No, my stories are the same you have heard a million times from other rock bands. Same shit different names. It is boring when your 42, I want to get high off different experiences now and challenges, ventures and creations. Does that sound very fullashitacle?

If you were to put one song you performed on in a time capsule to be preserved for people to hear 1,000 years from now, what song would you pick to sum up your contribution to rock 'n' roll?

ET. f***, I don�t know. �Bourbon County Line� is pretty cool off the new CD. I have to pick a song I co wrote damn it. Cherry Pie is already in the time capsule of rock n roll forever. That�s what people think of when they think of Warrant to date. Maybe some day we can change that to a new song! I�m cool with the Cherry Pie thing too though; throw in some Uncle Toms Cabin for goofs please.

By the same token, what song, if any, do you wish you hadn't performed and wish you could erase from your catalog?

ET. I would never erase any of the songs we recorded. Just the white leather from the Heaven video ;-) Our videos sucked for the most part looking back on them now. Or should I say they could have been much better?

What's next for Erik Turner the man and Erik Turner the musician?

ET. Another interview, another beer and hopefully a tee time sometime soon. More shows and a vacation in Hawaii. We, the Turner clan love Hawaii for some reason? More Warrant shows and more songwriting. A new DVD and a BBQ or three with friends, strangers and family. I love flesh on the fire!

Word Associations:

If you have a one word answer that sums the person up, that will do. If you'd like to share a thought or memory, we welcome that as well!

- Steven Tyler �

I�m 13 years old in a movie theater and girls are screaming at Tyler on the screen in Sergeant Pepper�s remake or something. Wow, I have to be in a band, I want all this �

- Jimmy Page �

The coolest freaking guitar player ever. What a f***ing monster band he created! f***, I love Led Zeppelin.

- Jerry Dixon �

Karma Twin, Rock n Roll Brother, The best bass player I know or have ever known. 22 years we have been spreading this Warrant rock virus around the globe together.

- Joey Allen �

The Squealer, pure blood rock n roll guitarist, from the fret board to the electronics. My boy knows his shiat!

- Steven Sweet �

Slamming Drummer, with his very own style, Funny mutha fu�ker too. The boy has serious voice talent! More Cowbell, I got a fever in my pants ;-)

- Jani Lane �

Dude, he�s not in the band anymore, but there is still a part of me that cares for the guy. Go write some great songs Lane, that�s what you do best. Ask Butch for some tips, he�s slaying it and you should be too!

- Jaime St James �

We love this big-hearted lion head rocker. Sings great, writes great and is great. Deal or No Deal? DEAL! He has brought fresh new Blood, Sweat and Beers to the band, positive energy and we like it that way!

I'd like to thank Mr. Erik Turner for spending this time with us at the Metal Epicenter. Do you have any closing words you'd like to share with your fans, site links, or anything like that?

ET. Check out our new Music, steal it or buy it, just go f***ing get it and spread it around like the flu or something, crank the shit loud & proud, Like a drunken peacock, peeing hair metal all over the neighbors rose bushes. God Bless America, where an everyday working musician can spit out a bunch of bull-puckee (shit) and call it promotion! I love this country, lets not f*** it up, OK?

Once again, thank you for doing this.


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