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Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

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    Once upon a time, Randy Piper and Blackie Lawless along with a few more maniacs hit the L. A. scene pitching raw meat at fans and serving up some raw and vicious heavy metal under the band name W.A.S.P. But, like 50% of our country's marriages, the partnership didn't last and Randy Piper went on without Blackie and W.A.S.P.

    While W.A.S.P. still tours, it is Randy Piper who has emerged back on the scene with a "Violent New Breed." This is the second album by Randy's new band called Animal, sometimes credited as Randy Piper's Animal. And, this album has a lot of metal heads talking.

    Some teasers have been put out for the release on Animal's official MySpace page at

    One of the reviews of the album claim it's the album that should have been W.A.S.P.'s third instead of "The Electric Circus." "I read that too," says Randy. "Some of the reviews say it kind of sounds like W.A.S.P. That wasn't the goal. I don't know. Maybe it's my influence... I mean, Velvet Revolver sounds a little like Guns N' Roses. Maybe it's just the way Slash plays." He later goes on to say, "Some say I'm trying to recapture W.A.S.P. That's not true at all. I've moved on a long-long time ago."

    Some feel the similarities don't end with Randy's signature way of playing guitar. Some even hear similar vocals between W.A.S.P.'s famed front man Blackie Lawless and Rich Lewis, the lead vocalist for Animal. Randy has heard that as well but feels the comparisons are made because both have raspy voices. "But, I've always kind of liked that. Steve Marriott from Humble Pie, Bon Scott, the guy from Nazareth all have raspy voices. But, Rich has a much deeper voice than Blackie. If you A B them (Rich and Blackie), they don't sound anything alike. Not to me."

    The new album sounds quite a bit heavier than the debut album for Animal titled "900Lbs Steam." Randy attributes that to the addition of a younger guitar player and producer from Stockholm, Sweeten named Chris Laney. Chris Laney, who seems to be a masterful producer and played in one of the best albums of 2005 (in my opinion) from the band Zan Clan, heard the first album and contacted Randy. Chris said, "I love the songs but the production sucks!" Randy said, "I knew that but rather than re-record it, we decided to make new material." As a result, Chris joined the band as a guitar player and producer and all of a sudden the two were exchanging WAVE files over the Internet as they began work on the new album. But, when Laney came to America and brought his lap top and hard drive, the ball was in motion.

    Randy says, "Chris is a little younger and might be a little more in tune with what's going on out there with how guitars sound these days. I think 900Lbs Steam was pretty heavy in its own right. But, a lot of those songs were really drug induced!" Cassie (one of the interviewers laughs) and Randy says, "Hey, I'm being honest! It kind if drudged along... I wanted faster songs. But, it is what it is!" And, the new album is very fast!

    In fact, Randy believes the album is so strong, he wouldn't be surprised if it was heard on the radio somewhere. "I think there are 6 songs on there that could potentially be played on the radio," says Randy. He then jokes saying he's never been able to figure out the reason some songs are played on the radio while others aren't even if the others are as good if not better.

    While we at the Metal Epicenter was honored to sit down and speak to Randy, a site we were created in the same vain of called Metal-Sludge ( seemed not exactly as honored. James from the Metal Epicenter joked that the guys at Sludge are great guys which Randy replied, "Not to me!" Randy then went on to say, "Neily from the Classic Metal Show was after me for 2 years to do that Metal-Sludge thing and I kept saying no because all they want you to do is to slam other people and bands. The questions they were asking me were, "Have you ever seen Blackie naked?" and "How long's his dick?" And all I could say was, "What the f*** is this? You guys are a bunch of fags!" I kind of know who's behind that whole Metal-Sludge deal. I kind of remember Tuff from L. A. but at the same time, I don't remember them. That's why I had no answer for Darrell Roberts. I don't think I ever saw him play!"

    Randy hasn't just been sitting on his ass eating cupcakes for the past 20 years since his departure from W.A.S.P. In fact, Animal started not long after he left W.A.S.P. "We did Animal for years and we came real close to getting a deal. Then the scene changed and we evolved into another band called King's Horses which I was in for years. Then I started working with a black recording artist from Ohio. She was really something. Real blues! She sang like Janis! We wrote an album together then this came back up and I said, "Okay! Lets do Animal again!" Here we go again!"

    "I put down the blues guitar and start doing metal again," says Randy. When asked which he'd rather do, he gets a little tight lipped and says he enjoys both. But, the main difference is, "When I get old enough, I can probably sit on a stool and keep playing blues!"

    With the success of Motley Crue's reunion, one would think more bands from the L. A. metal scene would try their hand at reuniting. Randy says, "I see what you're saying. And, the thought has crossed my mind. But, I don't think Blackie would ever even consider a reunion. And, I think Blackie and Chris have too much bad blood between them. Plus, I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now." He goes on to say he would feel like he was going backwards if he went back to playing in W.A.S.P. and playing songs like "I Wanna Be Somebody."

    If you are viewing this page with Internet Explorer, you are likely hearing Randy Piper's Animal perform the song "Salt" off the new album "Violent New Breed." If you like that, you'll love this album. Not one bad track on the thing!

    Special thanks to Mr. Randy Piper for giving us his time for this interview.

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