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KISS Vocalist/Guitarist PAUL STANLEY
Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

This is James and Cassie and, as life long KISS fans ourselves, we're pleased and honored to have Mr. Paul Stanley, with us. How are you doing today?

Well I am doing pretty good.

We would love to, if we may, concentrate more on Paul Stanley, rather than KISS. So, I guess we'll pull a Sludge and start out by asking you to talk about your current project, which would be your forthcoming solo album titled "Live to Win". So, tell us a little something about it, if you could.

Well to make a long story short, Gene had his 2nd solo album (asshole) about 2 years ago, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a 2nd solo album too.

I love the title. How do you think this record will be received by KISS fans?

If they loved Gene Simmons' Asshole, I'm quite sure they'll like this one.

Do you have any plans to promote the album with some solo dates?

No, not yet.

Leading on from the above, weve heard that you have had to have two surgeries to replace your hip, how is it holding up?

It's holding up pretty good.

We sometimes don't feel that KISS, or yourself, is given enough credit for being great musicians with great songs. But, recently KISS was honored properly at VH1's Rock Honors. So, to play on words, were you "honored" at this special event?

Yes, I was because alot of people watch VH1 nowadays, and so all the young and older people who don't get in touch with KISS these days saw us and now I noticed that the albums, movies, documetaries, etc. are being purchased alot, and the majority is the younger people, and Kids.

In watching a lot of the "History of Rock" style shows, so many complain about when yourself and KISS removed the make-up. Both Cassie and myself became KISS fans during the "unmasked" days with great records like "Crazy Nights," "Hot in the Shade," and - our favorite - "Revenge." Do you feel that some of the KISS material from this time period is not appreciated like it should be?

I totally agree with that, of course.

One of our complaints about rock bands in the current state is that few of the new bands seem to be having fun and nobody seems to have much by way of a personality. Do you think the "Rock Star" is an endangered species?

Yes, it is, because hip-hop, rap, and all the other crap is becoming popular, for example, I was in Southern Illinois visiting my relatives and I didn't hear any Classic Rock music anywhere, I only heard white people (who in fact should be listing to any kind of rock) listing to rap.

What's next for Paul Stanley the man and Paul Stanley the musician?

After touring, nothing but relaxation at home.

Word Associations:

If you have a one word answer that sums the person up, that will do. If you'd like to share a thought or memory, we welcome that as well!

Gene Simmons

loves women

Eric Carr

great drummer

Bruce Kulick

great guitar player

Wicked Lester

the original KISS

Vinnie Vincent

filled with Demons


awesome guitar company

Peter Criss

the original Catman

I'd like to thank Mr. Paul Stanley for spending this time with us at the Metal Epicenter. Do you have any closing words you'd like to share with your fans, site links, or anything like that?


Thank you for the interview, you and the questions were awesome.


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