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BIG COCK (Ex-Lynch Mob) Vocalist ROBERT MASON
Submitted By Caroline Walsh on 09/06/08

This is James and Cassie here at the Metal Epicenter, joined by our special guests, Big Cock. How are you guys doing?

Feeling huge, thank you.

We'll start out with a Sludge. What do you have out there that's new for us to buy? This is your chance to shamelessly plug your stuff!

We have a brand new, just released CD, the self-titled Big Cock. It's chock full of barn-burning and panty-moistening rock and roll.

How was Big Cock erected? By that I mean, how did you come together... By that I mean... Ah hell, you get the point.

Big Cock was always meant to be. We have been planning this our whole lives and finally had the balls to make it a reality...or a reality with balls - you get the picture.

Why did you settle on the name Big Cock?

The name "Rolling Stones" was taken and Little Cock just didn't have the right ring.

Do you think Big Cock is too suggestive of a name to get a shot at being played on radio? I mean, might the regular folks out there find the name Big Cock hard to swallow?

Most do find Big Cock "Hard to Swallow". In the end, though, they must admit we are "Rock Hard". Actually, we put the "hard" in Hard Rock.

The next few questions are spacific to Robert Mason. We just interviewed Mr. Jeff Pilson formerly of Dokken and currently of Foreigner. You guys worked together on Wicked Underground. I just recently picked it up... Wow, that album is awesome. How did you enjoy working with 1/2 of Dokken in George Lynch and Jeff Pilson?

These guys are true pros. I admire everything they have done musically and are happy to call them my friends.

Did you join up with Ratt for a time?

Not really. Just jammed with Warren a few times, but it never really turned into anything.

It seems like yourself and Jizzy Pearl are 2 "guns for hire" vocally. Jizzy's fronted bands like L.A. Guns and Ratt while you've fronted bands like Lynch Mob and Cry of Love. Jizzy's now doing a band called "Hookers N Blow" and you're now doing "Big Cock." That'd be one hell of a marquee if you guys toured together, wouldn't it?

All you need now is to add Nashville Pussy to the bill.

Lynch Mob did an album covering classic Dokken songs called Revolution. We're big Dokken fans so we enjoyed it. But, being fair, how do you think your versions of the songs compare to Don's?

Don is Don and Robert Mason is Robert Mason - let's leave it at that.

Getting back to Big Cock, your sound is so freakin' cool. It is, for lack of a more tactful term, "cock rock." Why is a relatively new band in 2006 doing great "cock rock" when everyone else is singing about buying their girlfriends some Starbucks in the mall, and she doesn't appreciate it, in an annoying whiney voice?

We just play and sing what we feel and we don't feel like whining. Life is short - so party hard.

Does Big Cock think the world of rock has become too pussy?

To be honost, Big Cock is looking for as much pussy as possible.

I've got a Big Cock... self titled album in front of me and am listening to some songs as I write these brilliant questions. Don't take this personally but are any of you guys bonified, I mean certified, nymphomaniacs?

Mostly Dave, who writes the lyrics. I feel sorry for his poor wife. She probably doesn't have a minute's rest.

I really like the album art for the self titled record. It reminds me a little bit of the Motley Crue "Too Fast for Love" cover. Was that in mind when you created it?

Motley Crue? Check back a few years to the Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers" album. We steal from the best.

It says on your MySpace page that you are from Scottsdale. I (James) am only about 10 minutes away in steamy Mesa. Do you find the scene around here is open to bands like yourself? I notice a lot of the "metal" bars and such have the Cookie Monster bands growling with generic death metal music in the background...

Phoenix (and surrounding areas) don't really have an original music scene. Tempe had a bit of a heyday back in the nineties with the Gin Blossoms, Refreshments, Dead Hot Workshop, etc., but it's mostly cover bands.

After 2 real good records in the self titled and last year's "Year of the Cock," what's next for Big Cock?

World domination and a 3rd album to start with.

You mentioned in another interview that the Internet assist in promotion. But, what do you think of the "illegal" download sites/programs like Napster? Do you think they are the downfall of the music business as some do or do you think record sales are down because the music that is hyped blows?

Most of what you read is record industry hype. People are still buying records or there would be no music business. The truth is that people vote with their wallets, and what they want is hip hop, pop and rap. If you want to see a rock and roll comeback, people are going to have to start buying rock and roll records. Illegal downloading isn't the problem.

With a band such as yours that has former members of great bands like Lynch Mob, Lizzy Borden, and several others just to name a few... Do you guys have any advice for up and coming bands?

Go with your gut. Write and play with uncompromising integrity and don't follow trends. Talk about fighting the system - try naming your band Big Cock!

Thanks for joining us for this interview. One last time, do you have any web sites or MySpace pages to hype?

...and check out our video on YouTube for the first single "Real Man".

Rock hard - rock often!


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