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Real Name: Alexandra Kane
Wrestling Name: Lady Alexandra
Hometown: DFW, Texas
Date of Birth: 1971
Marital Status: Married to Damien Kane (as far as we know)

Promotions Worked For: ECW (1995-1996)

Notable Feuds: Lori Fullington (Sandman's wife)

Alexandra Kane, perhaps best known for her work in Extreme Championship Wrestling as Lady Alexandra, burst on the wrestling scene

just when the ways of Extreme were starting to take shape. As one of the original ECW vixens, Lady Alexandra brought her own brand of sex

appeal to the ring mixed with ECW's willingness to abandon convention and allow the women to take bumps and be bullied by men as exemplified by her encounters with the Sandman's wife Lori Fullington.

As the wife of wrestler/manager Damien Kane, Alexandra survived in ECW throughout 1995 and 1996. But, in the latter part of 1996, Lady Alexandra seemed to no longer be a factor on ECW's Hardcore TV show. Consequently, Alexandra Kane became a mystery to wrestling fans as she went from being a staple in ECW to dropping off the face of the wrestling planet.

In recent years, Alexandra has stated that her departure from ECW, and wrestling as a whole, came from her dislike of some of the attention she was receiving which came with the stardom of pro wrestling.

After wrestling, Alexandra resumed a modeling career and enjoys world travel.