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Real Name: Amy Marie Zidan
Wrestling Names: Amy Zidan (WWE), "Supermodel" Amy Z (WEW)
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Date of Birth: 1986

Promotions Worked For:
WWE (2006)
WEW (2007)

If you blinked, you may have missed Amy's run in the WWE. She was brought in as part of the WWE Diva Search. Despite not winning,

she got a chance at being a WWE Diva. But, it did not turn out too well for her.

Amy was paired with cruiserweight Jimmy Wang Yang as his valet. The run was short.

Her departure from the WWE came with a blaze of glory as she seemed to make every mistake in the book including asking why Vickie Guerrero is a diva implying she was out of shape and not pretty, being rude to the other girls backstage, and asking Stephanie McMahon who she was to give her advise on a promo. This is all hearsay. But, it was reported by reputable media outlets.


Worked two shows for WEW in July 2007 with Bobcat, Annie Social and Roni Jonah.


If you know what Amy is doing now, please let us know.