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Wrestler/Valet: Bobcat
Real Name: Cynthia Lynch
Birthday: May 18, 1971
Hometown: Born in New Jersey, New York City, NY
Marital Status: Married to Al Snow
Trained by: Steven Regal, Dawn Marie, Axl Rotten, Tom Prichard
Height & Weight: 5 8" - 128
Debut: December 1996
Previous Gimmicks: Principal Lazarus (WEW)
Finishing Move: Barroom Stunner, Cameltoe Clutch (Reverse Boston Crab)
Favorite Moves: Tarantula, The Dropkick
Notable Feuds: Little Jeanne, Ariel, The Kat, Jasmin St. Claire, Molly Holly, Victoria


After being a wrestling fan as a child, Lynch made her debut in wrestling as a valet in December 1996 on the Northeastern independent circuit with help from her childhood friend Dawn Marie Psaltis. She managed many popular wrestlers in that area including Steve Corino, Rik Ratchet, Pat Kenney and The Inferno Kid. Soon after that, she began training to wrestle, and participated in many mixed tag matches. She had her first singles match in February 1998 where she lost to Little Jeanne, then known as Sweet Destiny. On July 24, 1999, she won the NWA New Jersey Junior Heavyweight Championship from Kevin Knight.


In 1999, she caught the eye of Tom Prichard, who was then a talent scout/trainer for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and in July 1999 signed a developmental contract with WWF. She began training with Prichard soon after. In October 1999, she made an appearance on Raw as one of The Godfather's Hos and was attacked by Viscera. Soon after that, she was sent to WWF's then developmental territory Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW) for further training and development. While there she had feuds with The Kat, Jasmin St. Claire, Molly Holly and Victoria. In May 2000, she made three more televised appearances in the WWF as one of The Godfather's Hos, briefly winning the Hardcore Championship from Crash Holly. Holly, however, quickly re-pinned her to regain the title. When the WWF dropped MCW as one of their developmental territories in December 2000, she (along with some of the others training there) was released from her contract.


In the summer of 2002, she worked briefly as a TNA Knockout for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as David Young's valet.


Afterward, she returned to working for several other independent feds on the east coast, including Glory, GLOOW/DWOW, WEW, among others. On July 12, 2007, Lynch, as Principal Lazarus teamed with Roni Jonah to capture the Women Extreme Wrestling Tag Team Championship at their event "Red, White, Black and Blue". On December 14, 2007 Lazarus and Roni successfully defended their tag team titles against Becky Bayless and Lucy Furr at the WEW event "Tit For Tat".


In 2012, Lynch joined Ohio Valley Wrestling, and unsuccessfully challenged Taeler Hendrix for the OVW Women's Championship. At Saturday Night Special on February 4, she teamed with C.J. Lane to lose to Aleida Ortiz and Taeler Hendrix. On February 8, she lost a six-person mixed tag team match with Bull Bronson and Epiphany to Paredyse, C.J. Lane and Taeler Hendrix. In March 2012, Lynch became a valet of X2C (Sean Casey and Raphael Constantine), along with Miss Cinnamon Twist, SoulFire Bay and Terri Kendall.


Cynthia had been residing in Louisville, Kentucky, with her then husband, Allen Sarven, better known by his ringname "Al Snow".


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