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Wrestler: Mickie James
Birthday: August 31, 1979
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 124 lbs
Trained by: The Funkin' Dojo, KYDA Pro Training School
Debut: 1999
Previous Gimmicks: "Queen Alexis", "Princess Alexis", "Superball", Alexis Laree (Indy), Vicki Adams (WWE)
Finishing Move: Laree DDT (Tornado DDT)
Favorite Moves: Victory Roll
Notable Feuds: Devin Sturgis, Allison Danger, The Prophecy, The New Church, Nikita Fink, The Bombshell,
Mike Mondo, Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro, Beth Phoenix, Lita, Melina Perez, Katie Lea Burchill, Santino Marella, Maryse Ouellet, Alicia Fox,

Michelle McCool, Layla El, Vickie Guerrero


Mickie Laree James (born August 31, 1979), better known simply as Mickie James, is an American professional wrestler and singer of mixed Native American-Caucasian descent. James is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).


After a suggestion from a friend, James attended a professional wrestling school in the Washington, D.C. area. She made her professional debut on the independent circuit in 1999 as a valet for KYDA Pro Wrestling under the ring name Alexis Laree, a name created as the result of a combination of her stage name from when she was a dancer and her middle name. As Laree, she managed several male wrestlers, including managing Tommy Dreamer to win the KYDA Pro Heavyweight Championship. In March, she wrestled in her first match, an intergender tag team match with Jake Damian against American Mike Brown and Candie. She trained to improve her wrestling abilities by attending training camps such as the Funking Conservatory, a workshop run by Dory Funk, Jr., and an Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) dojo. She also started competing for Maryland Championship Wrestling, where she trained at camps run by Ricky Morton and Bobby Eaton. Due to the low salary of the independent shows, James supplemented her income by working as a waitress at an Olive Garden restaurant.


While working in Ring of Honor for a year, James also debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) on the company's second ever weekly pay-per-view under her Alexis Laree gimmick as a participant in a lingerie battle royal. She was not prominently featured until March 26, 2003, when she teamed with Amazing Red as part of his feud against Kid Kash—the X Division Champion—and Trinity. Weeks later, she became the first member of the Gathering, a stable led by Raven in his feud against NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. On April 16, Laree became the first (and thus far, only) woman to compete in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match after the Gathering challenged and defeated Jarrett. She continued to wrestle with the stable when they feuded with The Disciples of the New Church, taking part in an angle with Father James Mitchell kayfabe burning her with a fireball and wrestling in another Clockwork Orange House of Fun match before leaving the company.


After two years of sending tapes and making phone calls, as well as wrestling a tryout match with Dawn Marie, James was signed to a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, who sent her to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), their farm territory, in August. Still using the Alexis Laree name, she began making television appearances for OVW on January 29, 2004 and competed in several tag team matches throughout the year. She also won a Halloween Costume Contest on October 30 and defeated Jillian Hall in a $1,000 match on November 12.


On May 17, 2005, Laree was placed into a tournament for the OVW Television Championship. She defeated Mike Mondo in the first round, only to lose to Blaster Lashley in the next one. She began a feud with Beth Phoenix on July 20 after Phoenix interrupted Laree during an interview, setting up a match on July 29 which Laree lost. Their angle continued into September, with Shelly Martinez being added to the storyline to side with Phoenix against Laree. On October 12, she appeared in OVW under her real name and finished the year on the losing end of matches against Martinez and Jillian Hall.


James debuted in WWE on the October 10, 2005 episode of Raw, continuing to use her real name, under the gimmick of WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus' biggest fan. The angle had the two WWE Divas competing together in tag team matches, with James' character becoming increasingly obsessed with Stratus. The storyline included a Halloween Costume Contest in which James was dressed like Stratus and helped Stratus retain the Women's Championship in a Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday by eliminating herself and Victoria at the same time. She even began utilizing Stratus' signature finishing moves as her own during matches. James became the number one contender for the Women's Title on December 12 by defeating Victoria in a match to determine who would face Stratus at New Year's Revolution. Subsequently, the storyline between James and Stratus developed into a lesbian angle after James initiated an intimate kiss with Stratus under a sprig of mistletoe. In the championship match at the pay-per-view, James lost to Stratus but continued to be enamored of her the next night on Raw, and she confessed her love for Stratus at the Royal Rumble.


On March 6, 2006 the storyline had Stratus confronting James, telling her that they needed time apart from each other. The duo teamed together at the March 18, 2006 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event to defeat Candice Michelle and Victoria. After the match, James agreed to honor Stratus' wishes and attempted to kiss her. After Stratus pushed her away, James' character made a complete heel turn by attacking Stratus in the ring and later vowing to destroy her. The two women wrestled each other at WrestleMania 22, where James won the match to claim her first reign as Women's Champion. During the match, despite the fact that James was playing the heel character, the fans frequently cheered James and booed Stratus whenever Stratus hit an offensive maneuver. Her win at WrestleMania made her the first Diva ever to win their first Women's Championship at their debut WrestleMania. The angle continued into Backlash during a rematch after Stratus legitimately dislocated her shoulder when James threw her out of the ring.


James dropped the Women's Title on August 14 to Lita after Lita hit James with the title belt while Lita's on-screen boyfriend Edge distracted the referee, resulting in a face turn for James' on-screen persona. After the Women's Championship was vacated due to the legit retirement of Trish Stratus, James entered a tournament to determine the new champion. She defeated Victoria and Melina in the qualifying rounds before making it to the finals at Cyber Sunday, where she lost to Lita. The two Divas wrestled in a series of matches, all of which were scripted to hinder James' wrestling ability as they were chosen by Lita. The storyline feud ended at Survivor Series, where James defeated Lita, in a retirement match, to win her second Women's Championship.


An angle was then created between James and Melina, beginning on January 29, 2007, when Melina became the number one contender for the Women's Title. Following a successful title defense on February 5, James teamed with Super Crazy in a mixed tag team match against Melina and Johnny Nitro. After Melina pinned James for the victory, she challenged her to a rematch for the title. James dropped the Women's Championship to Melina on February 19 and, in continuation of their storyline feud, failed to regain the title during WWE's first women's Falls Count Anywhere match. The match saw both James and Melina fight backstage for a majority of the match. This represented a rare moment in the WWE where Divas would compete in stipulation based matches. During the finish of the match James fell from the turnbuckle and landed on her neck, which resulted in a rushed finish. James, however, was not seriously injured.


The scripted feud between James and Melina re-started on April 2 when James interrupted and attacked Melina during a photo op on Raw. At a house show in Paris, France on April 24, James won her third Women's Championship during a Triple Threat match that also involved Victoria. Since James pinned Victoria, however, and not Melina, Jonathan Coachman announced that a rematch would take place immediately. James dropped the title back to Melina preze,giving her the shortest Women’s Championship reign in WWE history. James later got rematch for the title at Backlash but was unsuccessful. After Backlash, James would make sporadic appearances on television wrestling occasionally in tag-matches and rarely in singles competition. At SummerSlam James competed in a 12-Divas battle royal to determine a number-one contender for the Women's Championship, however she was eliminated by Melina preze. Throughout the month of September James was involved in a rivalry with Jillian Hall. On the November 26 edition of Raw, James defeated Melina in a number one contenders match for Beth Phoenix's Women's Championship, setting up a title match between the two at Armageddon, a match in which Phoenix successfully defended her Women's title.


On the April 14, 2008 edition of Raw, held in London, James defeated Phoenix to win her fourth Women's Championship. This win made her the fourth woman to have held the Women's Championship four or more times (the other three being The Fabulous Moolah, Trish Stratus and Lita). After the match, James was in tears and even ended up planting a kiss on Raw interviewer Todd Grisham. At Judgment Day James successfully defended her title against Melina and Beth Phoenix in a triple-threat match. James would then enter a feud with Katie Lea Burchill. She successfully defended the championship against Burchill at Night of Champions and on an edition of Raw. James re-entered into a feud against Beth Phoenix in mid year 2008 where she and Kofi Kingston teamed up against Phoenix and Santino Marella. At SummerSlam in a Winner Take All tag team match for both the Women's and Intercontinental Championships, James and Kingston lost their titles to Phoenix and Marella. After James lost her Women's Championship, she had two rematches for the championship but was unsuccessful in regaining the title.


Following an appearance in the 25-Diva battle royal at WrestleMania XXV, James began feuding with WWE Divas Champion Maryse going into Night of Champions on July 26, 2009. At the event, James defeated Maryse to win her first Divas Championship, becoming only the second Diva in history to have held both the Women's and Divas titles. Throughout the summer, James successfully defended the title against Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix on editions of Raw, and against Alicia Fox at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4. The following week on Raw, James dropped the belt to Jillian Hall after an approximate three month title reign. After the show, James was moved to the SmackDown brand for the first time in her career due to a Diva trade made by Raw guest host Nancy O'Dell.


James made her SmackDown debut on October 23 by defeating Layla. The next week, a controversial angle began that saw Team Lay-Cool bully James, resulting in a five-on-five elimination tag team match at the November pay-per-view event Survivor Series, where James' team prevailed over WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool's team. On the December 3 edition of SmackDown, James became the number one contender for McCool's title by defeating Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a triple threat match. The following week, James challenged McCool for the Women's Championship at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, but was unsuccessful after interference from Layla. The storyline feud continued into the Royal Rumble on January 31, 2010 where James finally defeated McCool to win her fifth Women's Championship. Over the next couple of weeks, SmackDown consultant Vickie Guerrero was introduced into the rivalry, choosing to side with Team Lay-Cool after James accidentally doused her with cottage cheese. On the February 26 edition of SmackDown, McCool used her rematch clause to face James for the Women's Championship, with Guerrero acting as special guest referee. After Guerrero slapped James in the face, McCool pinned her to regain the title.


On March 9, announced that James was diagnosed with a staph infection on her right knee. She returned on the March 22 edition of Raw, where alongside Kelly Kelly, she accompanied Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim in their losing effort against Michelle McCool, Maryse and Layla, who had Vickie Guerrero and Alicia Fox in their corner. This set up a 10-Diva tag team match at WrestleMania XXVI in which James made an unsuccessful in-ring return after Guerrero pinned Kelly following a "hog" splash. James' final match in WWE was aired on the April 23 edition of SmackDown, teaming with former rival Beth Phoenix against Team Lay-Cool in a losing effort.


On September 22, 2010, it was reported that James had signed a contract with TNA Wrestling and would return to the promotion on the October 7 live episode of Impact!. James returned to TNA on October 7's Before The Glory special episode of Impact!, announcing that she would be the special guest referee for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship match between Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Tara at Bound for Glory. At the pay-per-view, James counted the pinfall which made Tara the new Women's Knockout Champion, prompting Rayne to shove James amidst an argument with Tara, and James replying with a punch. On the following episode of Impact!, Tara lost the title to Rayne while James made her intentions for the Women's Knockout title clear, after a confrontation with the new champion. James wrestled her first match the following week, defeating Sarita, before being attacked by Rayne's ally, Tara. James wrestled her first TNA pay-per-view match at Turning Point, where she battled Tara to a double disqualification.


On the November 18 episode of Impact! James defeated Angelina Love to become the number one contender to the championship. At Final Resolution James was defeated by Tara in a Falls Count Anywhere match, following interference from Rayne after she sprayed a fire extinguisher and hit James with the Knockout Title belt. On the following episode of Impact! James defeated Tara in a Steel Cage match. On January 9, 2011 at Genesis, James lost her match against Rayne for the Women's Knockout Championship due to interference by Tara. The following month at Against All Odds James once again failed to win the Women's Knockout Championship, this time losing to Rayne in a Last Knockout Standing match, after another interference by Tara. On the March 17 episode of Impact!, Rayne agreed to give James one last title match at Lockdown with the added stipulation that should James fail to win the title, she would have her hair shaved off. On March 18, James separated her shoulder at a house show in Jacksonville, Florida. James's injury was put into a storyline, where it was caused by Rayne and Tara running over her in a motorcycle.


On April 17 at Lockdown, Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne in a steel cage match, which lasted less than a minute to win the TNA Women's Knockout Championship for the first time. James became the first woman to have held the WWE Women's Championship, the WWE Divas Championship, and the TNA Women's Knockouts Championship. On the May 5 episode of Impact!, James made her first successful title defense against Ms. Tessmacher. On May 15 at Sacrifice, James successfully defended her title against Rayne and in the process helped Tara get a release from her exclusive contract with Rayne. The following month at Slammiversary IX, James successfully defended her title against Angelina Love, however after the match both Love and Winter attacked her. On the June 23 episode of Impact Wrestling, James was defeated by Winter in a non-title Street Fight, following outside interference from Love. This led to a match on August 7 at Hardcore Justice, where James lost the Women's Knockout Championship to Winter, following multiple interference from Love and a red mist from Winter. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Madison Rayne to earn a rematch for the title. On August 25 at the tapings of the September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Winter to regain the Women's Knockout Championship. On September 11 at No Surrender, James lost the title back to Winter. On the September 22 episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Brooke Tessmacher to earn a shot at the TNA Women's Knockout Championship at Bound for Glory, in a four-way match with champion Winter, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky, who would eventually leave the pay-per-view as the new champion.


On the November 17 episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated nine other knockouts in a gauntlet match to earn a match with the new Women's Knockout Champion, Gail Kim. On December 11 at Final Resolution, Gail defeated Mickie to retain the Women's Knockout Championship, following a distraction from Madison Rayne. In the main event of the December 29 episode of Impact Wrestling, James challenged Kim for the Women's Knockout Championship, but was defeated following interference from Madison Rayne. On the January 5, 2012, episode of Impact Wrestling, James and Traci Brooks failed to capture the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship from Kim and Rayne. Three days later at Genesis, James failed in her Women's Knockout Championship challenge against Kim, after being disqualified for using the brass knuckles that were thrown into the ring by Rayne, who was locked in a cage hung in the air during the match. On the January 19 episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Rayne in a steel cage match. On the January 26 episode of Impact Wrestling, James and Velvet Sky were defeated by Tara in a triple-threat #1 Contender's Match for the Knockouts Championship. Two nights later at the tapings of the February 9 edition of Impact, James was defeated by Velvet Sky in a match where James portrayed a villainous persona. On the April 5 episode of Impact Wrestling, James was defeated by Sky in a six-way number one contenders match, also involving Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Tara, and Winter. On the June 7 episode of Impact Wrestling, James again failed to earn a shot at the Knockouts Championship in a four-way match, during which she started showing signs of a villainous turn due to jealousy towards Sky. On the June 21 episode of Impact Wrestling, James was chosen over Sky as the next challenger for the Women's Knockout Championship, but failed to recapture the title from Miss Tessmacher. James' storyline with Sky ended abruptly the following month, when Sky was granted her release from TNA. On the August 2 episode of Impact Wrestling, Mickie James unsuccessfully competed in a four-way number one contenders match involving Gail Kim, Tara and the eventual winner Madison Rayne. After a three month absence, James returned to in-ring action on the November 15 episode of Impact Wrestling, winning a Knockouts battle royal to become the number one contender to the Women's Knockouts Championship. On December 9 at Final Resolution, James was unsuccessful in winning the championship from Tara after a distraction by her boyfriend Jesse. James received another shot at the Women's Knockouts Championship on the December 20 episode of Impact Wrestling, but was again defeated by Tara. On January 13, 2013, at the Genesis pay-per-view, James competed in a five woman gauntlet match to determine the number one contender to the TNA Women's Knockout Championship, but was eliminated by Gail Kim.


On the April 18 of Impact Wrestling, Mickie James defeated Miss Tessmacher to become the number one contender to the Women's Knockouts Championship. James received her title shot the following week, but was defeated by defending champion Velvet Sky. On the May 23 episode of Impact Wrestling, James defeated Sky after attacking her injured knee to win her third Women's Knockout Championship. The following week, James began showing signs of a heel turn when she called out Velvet Sky, seemingly acting sarcastic and pompous towards her, and also did not help Sky when she was attacked by Gail Kim. James solidified her villainous turn on the June 13 episode of Impact Wrestling, when she attacked Sky after Sky announced that she was ready for a rematch. James also debuted a new submission move that night, a variation of the Cross-legged STF move created by James herself. James and Sky finally had their rematch on the June 27 episode of Impact Wrestling, where James retained her championship after forcing Sky to submit to her new Cross-legged STF hold. On the July 4 episode of Impact Wrestling, James justified her recent actions by claiming that getting to the top of the Knockouts Division requires clawing and scratching your way to the top; James also claimed that no woman would ever be as great as her and she'll stand atop the division as the greatest Knockouts Champion of all time. On the July 25 episode of Impact Wrestling, James successfully defended the Women's Knockout Championship against Gail Kim. At the September 6 airing of Knockout Knockdown, James overcame the villainous Serena Deeb in a singles match to qualify for the gauntlet battle royal final. Gail Kim and James were left as the sole survivors in the final. Kim then pinned James after feigning injury to be crowned "Queen of the Knockouts". James lost the Women's Knockout Championship on September 12 tapings of the September 19 episode of Impact Wrestling to ODB. Four days later, James failed to come to terms on a new contract. James later stated in an interview that she technically wasn't under contract with TNA, but she did not confirm that she was gone. On November 15, 2013, James appeared in an interview on, discussing her history and the possibility of a return to the WWE. At the December 6 airing of World Cup of Wrestling, James was announced as a member of Team USA along with James Storm, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Kenny King. James was defeated by Team Aces & Eights' Ivelisse in a singles match following interference from Aces & Eights. Team USA defeated Team Aces & Eights in a tie-breaker in which James gained a measure of retribution by eliminating Velez during the match. 5-on-5 elimination tag team match. Storm and James were presented with the trophy afterwards.

James made her in-ring return in April as part of World Wrestling Council (WWC), teaming with Carlito to defeat the team of ODB and Christopher Daniels. James won the bout, pinning Daniels after a Mickie-DT. On July 11 as part of their Anniversary weekend, she defeated ODB in a singles match. On the last day of that month, James returned to one of her early promotions, Maryland Championship Wrestling, to wrestle Mia Yim in a winning effort. The following month she contested for the Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Championship against Mercedes Martinez but lost. She also returned to Dory Funk's promotion, recording a tag team match for !Bang! TV. James also accompanied Dory Funk, Jr. during his match, and sung the "Star Sprangled Banner" during !Bang! TV's tribute to the troops. On September 18, 2010, James served as a special guest referee for a three-way ladies match between ODB vs Persephone vs Kristin Flake for the SCWA Ladie's Title during Southern California Wrestling Association's (SCWA) "CAGED" event in Wentworth, North Carolina where all matches were set in a cage.


In early 2011, James began appearing for Covey Promotions. At All or Nothing 5 on April 30, James defeated Hannah Blossom to become their first Women's Champion. On June 18, 2011, James made her debut for the Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) at Triplemanía XIX, where she teamed with Angelina Love, Sexy Star and Velvet Sky to defeat Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache, Lolita and Mari Apache in an eight woman tag team match. James returned to AAA on July 9, teaming with Sexy Star to defeat the Apaches in a tag team match, after which she challenged Mari to a match for her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. On July 31 at Verano de Escándalo, James competed in an eight–way match for the Reina de Reinas Championship, becoming the last person eliminated by the new champion, Pimpinela Escarlata. During her time with TNA, James has also made several appearances for independent wrestling promotions such as Pro Championship Wrestling, Legends of the Ring, Northeast Wrestling Show and National Wrestling Superstars. On November 11, 2011,James lost the Covey Pro Women's Championship to the debuting Jessie Belle Smothers.


James made her debut for Pro Wrestling Elite (PWE) in Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland on September 15, 2012 at History Is Born, where she fought Kay Lee Ray to a no contest. After the match, James teamed up with Ray in a winning effort against Carmel and Nikki Storm. The following night, James competed against Carmel in a winning effort. James made a return for Pro Wrestling Elite at their two year anniversary event Elite Bro, on July 20, 2013, in a winning effort against Nikki Storm via a Mickie-DT. On September 21, 2013, Mickie James made an appearance at Wrestling Spectacular 2 all-female event in Edison, New Jersey alongside many former WWE and TNA female talent such as Angelina Love, Katarina Waters, Rosita and Brooke Adams. Mickie and Angelina fought in the main event, with Candice Michelle as a guest referee, where Angelina pinned Mickie after an interference from Velvet Sky. James was advertised appear once again in Big Time Wrestling in August 2013, wrestling Reby Sky a few times in different dates and locations, winning in all bouts against Sky. On October 12, 2013, Mickie again appeared for the promotion, beating Quebec's Midianne in Bristol, Connecticut. On February 8th 2014, James returned to Maryland Championship Wrestling for the Anniversary 2014 event in Joppa, Maryland to face Angelina Love, promoted as "Battle of the Bombshells". Although originally promoted as a singles match, interferences by MCW's Renee Michelles' and Jessie Kayes' rivalry occurred in the middle of the match, which resulted in the match being turned into a tag team match with Mickie and Renee facing Angelina and Jessie. Mickie and Renee won the bout.


In November 2013, James received a phone call from WWE Talent Relations, asking James whether she was interested in working with NXT developmental female talent. James took the offer and became a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for a week, training the NXT Divas. James also attended that week's live NXT event in Tampa, Florida.


On April 25, 2014 at the Berkeley Springs High School Theater, West Virginia, James headlined the 3rd Annual Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony as she was inducted into the Covey Pro Hall Of Hame "Class of 2014" ceremony. The next day, during the "All or Nothing 8!" event which was aired on May 17th as the 154th episode of Covey Pro TV, James was interrupted during an interview by Amber Rodriguez, who mocked Mickie on her pregnancy and gave her a pie as a tease. In turn, James shoved the pie in Amber's face. Jessie Belle Smothers came to the rescue and battled Rodriguez as James, who was 5 months pregnant was escorted out by security. Later in the episode, James promoted the video game trading centre, Timewarp Media. It was announced on October 9th that James would be returning to the ring at "Queens Of Combat 3" on November 11th facing off against Tessa Blanchard


In 2000, James appeared on an episode of The Jenny Jones Show titled "From Nerd To Knockout". James, along with Mr. Kennedy and Josh Mathews, represented WWE at the 2008 Republican National Convention in an effort to persuade fans to register to vote in the 2008 Presidential election.


On April 13, 2008, James, along with Layla, Melina and Kelly Kelly, appeared in an episode of Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. On September 5 of that same year, James appeared on the USA Network show Psych, playing a roller derby girl called Rita "Lethal Weapon" Westwood. James made a special appearance on Redemption Song which is hosted by Chris Jericho along with Candice Michelle, Maryse, and Eve Torres. It was originally aired on November 12, 2008.


James, along with Ken Anderson, represented WWE at the 2008 Republican National Convention in an effort to persuade fans to register to vote in the 2008 Presidential election. On April 13, 2008, James, along with Layla, Melina and Kelly Kelly, appeared in an episode of Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. On September 5 of that same year, James appeared on the USA Network show Psych, playing a roller derby girl called Rita "Lethal Weapon" Westwood in a Season 3 episode titled Talk Derby to Me. James made a special appearance on Redemption Song which is hosted by Chris Jericho along with Candice Michelle, Maryse, and Eve Torres. It was originally aired on November 12, 2008. In 2012, James was featured in Bucky Covington's music video for his song "Drinking Side of Country". In June 2013, James starred in a Dr Pepper advert, which was part of the company's new advertising program. It featured "One of a Kind" individuals talking about the role of Dr Pepper in their lives.


James' first country music album, Strangers & Angels, was released on May 18, 2010 on iTunes. The album was self-released with an independent team. On December 2, 2010, James released a new country single called, "Hardcore Country" which is also used as her TNA theme song. A music video for the single was first shown during Mickie's first appearance on TNA Spin Cycle. For her second album, James joined a Kickstarter campaign in order to partially fund the album. Fans who contributed donations will receive special items from the campaign. The online campaign was a success, with a total pledge of $16,500 out of a $5,000 goal. The funds helped to produce the first six songs off the album. The album, called "Somebody's Gonna Pay" was released on May 7, 2013 under the label Entertainment One (eOne) Music and debuted on the music charts at #15 on the Billboards Heatseekers charts. James has also filmed a music video for her new single called "Somebody's Gonna Pay" off her second album of the same name. The video features former WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus and fellow TNA Superstar Magnus. TNA founder, Jeff Jarrett was also on set of the video in Nashville. Jarrett did not appear in the video but taught James how to swing a guitar. While she worked for TNA, James also toured around the country holding small concerts in various venues.


James has opened shows for Montgomery Gentry, Randy Houser, Gretchen Wilson and Rascal Flatts. James has also performed at the popular CMA Music Festival in 2011. James has again performed at the CMA Fest in 2013, where Eric Young and James Storm made an appearance at the event as well. Other musical appearances James has made are the 2013 Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association (ECAA) benefit concert on August 24, 2013 and World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky on September 28, 2013. In 2014, James collaborated with country artist Cowboy Troy and TNA wrestler James Storm on a song called "Is Everybody Doing OK", which is featured on Cowboy Troy's album, King of Clubs.


James owns three Morgan horses named Rhapsody, Bunny and Casanova. After she has finished her wrestling career, James plans to own a farm and be an equine trainer. James also owns a dog named Butch.


Outside of wrestling, James has received her Associate of Arts degree in business administration and is studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in operations management.

She was previously engaged to wrestler Kenny Dykstra. She was previously in a relationship with Adam Birch, better known by his ring name "Joey Mercury".


James made a surprise return to TNA as a fan favorite, after a year and a half absence from the company, on January 30, 2015, during the tapings of Impact Wrestling in Glasgow, Scotland. James would then have several confrontations with Bram over his actions towards her real life fiancé, Magnus. On the April 24 episode of Impact Wrestling, James retired from wrestling to focus on becoming a full-time mother, but James Storm talked her into having one more match. On the June 3 episode of Impact Wrestling, James declined an offer by Storm to join The Revolution, which resulted in him intentionally shoving her onto a train track in the storyline, which sparked controversy. This was done to write off James from television, as she had no more dates set with the company at the time. James made her return on the July 1 episode of Impact Wrestling, confronting Storm and challenging him to a mixed tag team match. On the July 29 episode of Impact Wrestling, James and Magnus defeated Storm and his partner Serena, when James pinned Serena.


On June 19, 2015, at Maryland Championship Wrestling's Ladies Night event, James defeated Amber Rodriguez (with Lisa Marie Varon as the special guest referee) to win the MCW Women's Championship, despite being attacked by the villainous enforcer, Melina, during the match. On November 13, Kimber Lee defeated James to win the MCW Women's Championship after interference from Amber Rodriguez. The following night, James gained a measure of revenge by defeating Rodriguez in a Loser Leaves MCW match, causing Rodriguez to leave the company. On February 2, 2016, James made an appearance for Chikara in a losing effort against Grand Champion Princess Kimber Lee. On April 1, 2016, James returned to Queens of Combat and defeated LuFisto at Queens of Combat 10.


On September 2, 2016, James made her debut for Chikara, when she entered the 2016 King of Trios tournament as part of Team Original Divas Revolution, alongside Jazz and Victoria. They defeated Team Shimmer (Candice LeRae, Crazy Mary Dobson and Solo Darling) in their first round match. The following day, Team Original Divas Revolution was eliminated from the tournament by The Warriors Three (Oleg the Usurper, Princess KimberLee and ThunderFrog).


On July 7, 2015, James signed with Global Force Wrestling (GFW). On July 24, at GFW's inaugural tapings in Las Vegas, Nevada, James lost a three-way GFW Women's Championship tournament qualifying match that also included Lei'D Tapa and the ultimate winner, Christina Von Eerie. At the September 3 event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, James defeated ODB. On October 28, during the GFW UK Invasion Tour, James defeated Nikki Storm in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and Toni Storm on October 30 in King's Lynn, Norfolk. On January 22, Christina Von Eerie defeated James and Kimber Lee to retain the GFW Women's Championship.


On October 13, 2016, it was announced that James would return to WWE's developmental brand NXT at the NXT TakeOver: Toronto event on November 19, where she would compete on a match against the NXT Women's Champion Asuka for the title. On the October 26 episode of NXT, James cut a promo where she formally re–introduced herself and challenged Asuka for the championship. At the event, James was defeated, afterwards, Asuka refused to shake her hand as a sign of disrespect. On December 8, it was announced that James had signed a multi–year contract with WWE.


On the January 17, 2017 episode of SmackDown Live, James made her return by helping Alexa Bliss retain her SmackDown Women's Championship against Becky Lynch in a steel cage match, revealing herself as the woman under the "La Luchadora" mask and establishing herself as a villainess in the process. She competed in her first match in nearly seven years in a WWE ring on January 29, 2017 at the Royal Rumble pay–per–view, teaming with Bliss and Natalya against Lynch, Naomi, and Nikki Bella in a losing effort. James went on to face Lynch at the Elimination Chamber pay–per–view in a losing effort. She then went on to defeat Lynch in a rematch on the February 14 episode of SmackDown Live. On the March 7 episode of SmackDown Live, James attacked Bliss after the two defeated Lynch and Natalya in a tag team match, turning face in the process. The following week, James secured a victory over Bliss in a non–title match. On April 2, James took part in a six–pack challenge for the title at WrestleMania 33, which was won by Naomi.


On April 10, James made her debut on the Raw brand as part of the Superstar Shake–up. On April 17, she competed in a fatal four–way match to become the number one contender for the Raw Women's Championship, which was won by Bliss. On the June 26 episode of Raw, James competed in the first gauntlet match to become the number one contender for Alexa Bliss's Raw Women's Championship, which was won by Sasha Banks. On the August 14 episode of Raw, James defeated Emma in singles competition. On the October 3 edition of Raw, James wrestled Nia Jax only to have Alexa Bliss interrupt and throw the match, James would however earn an opportunity for Bliss' Raw Women's Championship at TLC


On November 19, 2016, James released a new song entitled Shooting Blanks.


She is currently in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Nick Aldis. The two welcomed their first child, Donovan Patrick Aldis born on September 25, 2014. James and Aldis got engaged in December 2014 and married on December 31, 2015. James is part Native American of the Powhatan tribe. James has two tattoos: a symbol meaning 'love' on her ankle, a dragon that wraps around it. James is a fan of Equine Sports and American Football, and is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.


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