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Wrestler: Penelope Carwin
Real Name: Jemma Palmer
Birthday: 1986
Hometown: Tamworth, Staffordshire
Moved to Tampa, Florida
Previous Gimmicks: Inferno (UK Gladiators)


Jemma Palmer is an English model and professional wrestler. She is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, training in their

developmental facility Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). She is also known by the name Inferno, which she used in the 2008 British

television series Gladiators.


Palmer was always an active child and in addition training as a trampolinist she also joined army cadets in England. After wining a local

beauty contest, becoming Miss Midlands, and Miss Millennium and being selected as one of the top 3 winners of Maxims Little Black Book contest, Miss England, Miss Great Britain and being selected to be a Max Power Babe she was signed to a top UK agency and went on to appear in many popular magazines, newspapers and health and fitness related publications and contests including FHM, Maxim, Revs, Max Power, Rio Health and Fitness, Fabulous Magazine, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail, Loaded, Nuts , Zoo, was invited to cast for Playboy in the USA and appeared in WWE's magazine as a sexy superfan


Along with her other exploits Palmer also was a fan of wrestling, particularly the original incarnation of D-Generation X. In 2005, she began to appear for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) mainly as a valet for Doug Williams. This led to her having a try out match with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) alongside Katarina Waters who went on to become Katie Lea Burchill. Although she was not signed, she was later offered a scholarship to train at Ultimate Pro Wrestling. During her time on the circuit, Palmer filmed a reality television show based on pro wrestling as one of the three lead stars.


After much training, she was booked for her debut match against Jetta at Pro-Wrestling: Eve's first show on 8 May 2010 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Before her match with Jetta she suffered an injury in her hand but wrestled the match anyway, with a storyline written in that Jetta attacked her and goaded her into a match while she was explaining the injury to the crowd. The referee stopped the contest and awarded it to Jetta out of concern for Palmer's health.


Palmer Joined the British wrestling company UKW were on season 1 episode 22 she became the UKW Women's Champion, she was introduced to the crowd as "Inferno Jemma Palmer" and was accompanied to the ring by her sister Faye, you can watch the show on My Channel on Sky TV and watch Palmer's matches on youtube.


Internationally she has been featured in FHM Australia and has been successful in pageants competing in Hawaiian Tropic being invited to compete in California and regional finals, taking part in the Flex bikini model search and Miss Musclemania Bikini Great Britain with the finals being held in the USA. She was also a lookalike and bodydouble for Lara Croft and was featured in Nuts Magazine's top 50 hottest tv babes in 2008.


Palmer was previously on the 2008 return of Gladiators in the UK, a spin-off series based on the original American Gladiators TV Show and was known as Inferno on the show. Inferno was known for her fire red hair, large breasts, smouldering looks and flirty personality, on the show she fired breathed and was the only female to have an action figure made. Jemma was initially invited to tryout to be an American Gladiator however due to the lack of a Visa at the time could not complete the process, however Jemma appeared as Inferno on the US tv channel BBC America on the Gladiators series.


On June 29, 2009 it was announced that WWE had signed Palmer to a contract. On February 20, 2010 it was announced that Palmer is now scheduled to start at FCW after being granted her visa at the beginning of March. However, before arriving to FCW in March, she had another set back in Visa, making her FCW debut put back until late May, early June.


Palmer entered the UK Big Brother house part-way through the twelfth series in October 2011, joining her younger sister, Faye who had been part of the series since the beginning. Palmer voluntarily left the House on Day 48.


In October 2011, Palmer invested in a company called Buff Naked Butlers, which provides semi-naked butlers for events in Wales and England. Additionally, there is evidence of connections between Palmer and Palmer industries. She also part owns cocktail & events company


In November Jemma launched luxury fitness lifestyle brand & personal training company providing luxury sports and fitness wear, supplements & protein.


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