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Strong and intimidating, it didn't take long for bodybuilder-turned-wrestler Rio Storm to become a force on the West Coast indy scene.

With her gothic vampire personna and her brawling ring style, most opponents consider it a victory if they merely survive to the final

bell against this powerful wrestler. Rio Storm has wrestled against WWE stars John Cena and Ivory.


Rio Storm (Cindy Taylor), who is Native American (Ojibway) and French, was born on May 4th and raised in St. Johns, Michigan by

her single mother. Co-existing with a sister and two brothers, she gained a strong survival attitude which carried over to her enlisting in

the Army right out of Arenac Eastern High School.


She went to Basic Training in Fort Dix, NJ, Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, VA. and then continued her military training at the

Fort Benning, GA Jump School. She eventually was attached to the 82nd Airborne (the highest a women could go in the military at that time)

in Fort Bragg, NC.


Cindy became interested in weight lifting during her Army years, and after becoming a 'civilian', she started competing in bodybuilding. She soon discovered that she was not fully satisfied being a bodybuilder, and that she wanted more excitement in her life. Watching wrestling with her son one day she decided "I can do that".


Living in Los Angeles CA, it was a natural for Cindy to enter the Ultimate University that is part of UPW (Ultimate Professional Wrestling). Taking her stature (Height: 5' 9" Weight: 200 lbs.), and combining the mental toughness developed during her military career, Cindy adapted to the challenges that wrestling offered. She excelled in the ring and became a sports entertainer for the UPW and Glory Wrestling.