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Nitro Girl/Valet/Wrestler: Nitro Girl Tygress
Real Name: Vanessa Sanchez
Birthday: January 21, 1971
Hometown: Syosset, New York
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 120 lbs
Trained by: WCW Powerplant
Debut: June 1998
Previous Gimmicks: Tygress (WCW), Venessa Sanchez (Wildside)
Finishing Move: Stuff-buster (Facebuster)
Favorite Moves: Face Full of Stuff
Notable Feuds: Nitro Girl Spice, Major Gunns, Natural Born Thrillers, Torrie Wilson


Vanessa Sanchez (born January 21, 1971 in Syosset, New York) is a retired professional wrestler and valet. She also was a member of WCW's Nitro Girls


Sanchez began dancing at age two, and by age sixteen she was doing some professional dancing with bands in local clubs. She also appeared in videos on MTV.


She left New York after high school and enrolled at Atlanta's Oglethorpe University, where she studied accounting. She also started her own dance company. After graduation she worked as an assistant controller with J.W. Marriott in Atlanta, and two years later passed the CPA exam before going to work for an accounting firm in Atlanta.


She eventually learned from her dance instructor about World Championship Wrestling looking to hire Nitro Girls as dancers for their weekly television series WCW Monday Nitro. She contacted Melissa Bellin, whom she had worked with in the past, and received an audition with the company.


She joined WCW's Nitro Girls dance troupe in 1997 as Nitro Girl Tygress but left them in 2000 to become a wrestler and valet for The Filthy Animals stable. She also began training at the WCW Power Plant under the tutelage of Madusa to become a wrestler.


She had notable feuds with Misfits in Action valet Major Gunns and Torrie Wilson. At the 2000 Halloween Havoc pay-per-view, she and Konnan defeated Wilson and Shane Douglas.


After the demise of WCW in 2001, she became a member of the pop music group Diversity 5 with other former Nitro Girls Fyre, Spice, Chae, and Storm.