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Wrestling Name: Sara Calloway
Birthday: January 1977
Hometown: Long Beach, California, Moved to Florida
Marital Status: Divorced from the Undertaker.
Debut: May 28th, 2001
Notable Feuds: Diamond Dallas Page


Sara Calaway worked for a woman whose grandchildren were big Undertaker fans. Sara explains "He was signing autographs in San

Diego, so I thought it'd be nice to take her grandkids to see him. He drove up in his limo and he got out. We looked at each other and

we've been together ever since."


Undertaker's "Sara" tattoo on his throat was his wedding gift to his wife, whom he married on July 21, 2000. Sara has "Mark" tattooed on the back of her neck as well as 3 other tattoos. In 2007, the tattoo was removed from all WWE photos showing Undertaker's throat, most notably on the cover of the November issue of WWE Magazine and in pictures throughout.


After getting married Sara would go on the occasional road trip with her husband - about once a month. "I wanted to spend more days with him because he's gone four days a week," Sara told "I only have three days a week, and the three days he gets home might get interrupted by an autograph session or whatever special appearance he has to do. "No matter how good your relationship is, you can't just survive on a couple days a week of seeing each other."


The blue-eyed Sara admits that she has quite the temper, which got her into trouble when she was younger. And today, more than ever, you wouldn't want to mess with her since the Undertaker has taught her some fighting techniques, including submission holds.


Eventually she was asked to participate in a high-profile storyline involving Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page. Sara agreed, but only if she didn't have to act like the proverbial "damsel in distress." "I didn't want to be portrayed as something I'm not," she said. "I am pretty tough and that's the way I wanted to be portrayed. I've never claimed to be a wrestler, but I do know how to fight." Sara said she's always been a tomboy and has worked as a furniture mover since she was 11. She made her WWF debut on May 28th, 2001 on a video clip shown during Raw. While enjoying the privacy of her home, she was combing her hair before being startled by something or someone moving outside her window. As video footage was shown over the next several weeks it became more Sara Calawayand more apparent that a "stalker" was following Sara, and that he was happy tormenting her husband with his off-color remarks


As the weeks went by, it became more and more apparent - via video footage - that she had attracted a "stalker" who had no regard for the fact that she was the Undertakers wife. Eventually it was disclosed that Diamond Dallas Page was her "stalker" which led to a number of matches that usually left DDP on the short end. The feud only lasted 3 months (until the end of August 2001) with Sara just "disappearing" from any storylines involving her husband.