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Melissa Anne Grill Petersen (née Grill, formerly Bellin born May 29, 1973), also known by her ring name Spice, is a former member of World

Championship Wrestling's Nitro Girls dance team. She also worked for WCW as a valet and wrestler.


She attended classes at Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, Georgia and West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Before joining World

Championship Wrestling, she was a waitress, bartender, model, aerobics instructor and personal trainer.


On July 14, 1997 she joined the WCW Nitro Girls as Nitro Girl Spice.


On November 1, 1999, she began feuding with fellow Nitro Girl A.C. Jazz over control of the group after founder Kimberly left the group.

Jazz soon left WCW and was replaced in the feud by Tygress, who began challenging Spice. On the November 22, 1999 edition of WCW

Monday Nitro, Spice and Tygress wrestled to a no-contest. After the match, Tygress and Skye painted Spice's face with make-up.


On the December 13, 1999 edition of Nitro, Madusa caught Evan Karagias flirting with Spice. This led to a match between the two women

later in the show that ended with Spice pinning Madusa. Spice then began managing Evan Karagias. At the 1999 Starrcade pay-per-view, Spice accompanied Karagias for his WCW Cruiserweight Championship match against Madusa. Late into the match, Spice distracted and low-blowed Karagias, allowing Madusa to win the match and the title. Spice left the ring with Madusa and managed her for about one month before returning to the Nitro Girls as a dancer.


WCW also used her extensively for publicity and promotional work. Before leaving WCW in 2000, she appeared in the non-nude Nitro Girls pictorial in Penthouse magazine.
Recent activities


After leaving WCW Bellin became a member of the pop music group Diversity 5 with other ex-Nitro Girls. She has formal training in ballet, modern and jazz dancing, but found a love for hip hop/street dancing in her teens. She has danced for many teams, including Reebok's national performance team. She also danced in several music videos, for artists such as R. Kelly and The Graveyards. She choreographed for many groups like the WCW Nitro Girls, D.C. Dancers, Reebok, Miss Fitness USA competitors and various other production companies.


She now works as a chiropractor in Atlanta. She is married and has a son. She is the owner and developer of Flow Unlimited, a Living Wellness Coaching and Consulting Company dedicated to energizing, educating, and enlightening people on their journey of optimal healthy living.