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Team: The Klimaszewski Twins
Members: Elaine & Diane Klimaszewski
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Height & Weight: 5'3" - 115 lbs.
Debut: 2001
Finishing Move: The High Note
Previous Identities: Klimaszewski Twins (WWF), The WWF Twins (WWF), The Power Twins (UPW), The Miller Lite Twins


Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski (born September 13, 1971) are American models better known as the Coors Light Twins.


The twins made their first television appearance as teen dancers on Star Search in 1987 followed by appearances as models on the NBC

game show Let's Make a Deal in 1990. They started acting in 1991 in Problem Child 2. They have a modeling career that helped them model for Maxim magazine in 2002 and become the Coors Light Twins in 2004.


In 1998, they worked together for a magic trick performed by The Masked Magician in Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. In 2000, the girls were briefly members of World Championship Wrestling's Nitro Girls dance group: Diane as Nitro Girl Gold and Elaine as Nitro Girl Silver. The twins signed with the World Wrestling Federation later that year, although the role that they were to play was not made clear. They were sent to Ulimate Pro Wrestling, a developmental territory, where they competed as the Power Twins. The Klimaszewskis were released by the WWF in June 2001.


The sisters have appeared as regular cast members on Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge, as the Big Time Twins. They appeared in full makeup, and with CGI animated tongues, as aliens in the series premiere of Star Trek: Enterprise. They also had guest appearances in the movie Scary Movie 3 as the Coors Light Twins, and they run their own fashion line, ZipperGirl.


In 2006, Elaine was married in Utah and now has two children.