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1930 - 'Professor' Toru Tanaka was born in Honolulu, Hawaii
1947 – Marshall Esteppe defeats Ken Fenelon to win the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title
1951 - Fishman (Lucha Wrestler) was born in Mexico
1952 - Moondog Spot was born in Louisiana, USA
1959 – Joe Christie wins a tournament to win the vacant Texas Brass Knuckles Title
1963 - Ludvig Borga is born in Helsinki, Finland
1964 - Former WWE, TNA and Memphis wrestling star Jacqueline Moore (aka Miss Texas in Memphis) is born in Dallas Texas.
1964 - Gorilla Monsoon defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via disqualification in Pittsburgh, PA.
1964 - Konnan was born in Santiago, Cuba
1964 - Jacqueline Moore was born in Dallas, Texas
1968 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Hans Mortier in a Texas Death Match in Philadelphia, PA.
1968 – Kintaro Ohki & Michiaki Yoshimura defeat Bill Miller & Rick Hunter to win the vacant JWA All Asia Tag Team Titles
1975 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino fought Bobby Duncum to a draw in Landover, MD at the Capital Centre.
1979 – The Assassin & Angel 1st defeat Terry Latham & Ricky Fields in the final of a tournament to win the vacant TSW Louisiana Tag Team Titles
1983 - WWC World Champion Carlos Colon pinned NWA World Champion Ric Flair in a non-title match with a backslide in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1983 - NWA US Champion Greg Valentine, Gene Anderson, & Dory Funk Jr. defeated Abdullah the Butcher, Jimmy Valiant, & Sweet Brown Sugar in a steel cage match in Norfolk, Virginia,
1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Fayetteville, NC at the Cumberland County Memorial Arena, headlined by NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA National Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes
1986 – Buddy Roberts defeats Mark Youngblood to win the WCCW Television Title
1993 - Cactus Jack became a babyface for the first time in Mick Foley's career following an angle taped for WCW Main Event in Montgomery, Alabama.  Cactus Jack fought Paul Orndorff to a no contest in a streetfight at around the 8-minute mark when Big Van Vader attacked Cactus after Cactus knocked down Harley Race, who was at ringside to scout which of the two men would replace injured WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude on Vader's team at the Clash of the Champion.  After the bout, Vader, Orndorff, and Race assaulted Cactus.  This would lead to Cactus attacking Orndorff and Vader with a shovel and having a run as a babyface for the remainder of his WCW career.  Foley would remain a babyface until turning heel against Tommy Dreamer in the summer of 1995.
1995 - Randy Savage makes his WCW debut, defeating Avalanche (John Tenta) in Birmingham, Alabama.
2003 – William Regal & Lance Storm defeat Booker T & Goldust to win the World Tag Team Titles
2006 - www.BlackAthlete.net named ECW World champion Bobby Lashley its 2006 Wrestler of the Year.
2006 - WWE released Juventud Guerrera.
2008 - Mickey Rourke appeared at a World Xtreme Wrestling event in Allentown, PA, filming "The Wrestler" for a scene where Randy the Ram wrestled Tommy Noxious, technically the "in ring debut" of the character.  Rourke would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for the film.
2008 - During a pre-show meeting at the Final Resolution PPV, TNA's Terry Taylor informed the wrestlers that the company would institute drug testing at the 1/21-1/22 Impact tapings in Orlando, Florida.  There was no discussion of punishment for offenses, just that the baseline testing would be taking place.
2008 - On the ECW website, Joey Styles named Stevie Richards his "Most Extreme Player" for the year of 2007, looking at the rash of recent surgeries Richards has undergone in the last several months to get full range of his breathing passages and vocal cords back.   Styles went into the background in long detail (and I suggest everyone check it out) but Richards has been suffering from issues with his voice for years stemming from a May 1997 broken neck suffered in the original ECW during a frightening spot where Terry Funk dropped a guard rail on his neck in Buffalo, New York. Styles wrote, "I expect Stevie to return to the ring in early 2008 with little fanfare, if any. However, Stevie himself, his family and his close friends will know what he endured to once again resume his dream of being a WWE Superstar. Win or lose, every match is a personal victory for Stevie Richards."
2009 - ECW on SciFi cleared Mun2, airing Friday evenings.   “We’re excited to expand our partnership with WWE with this new property,” says Alex Pels, General Manager for mun2 stated in a press release. “The popularity of WWE among young Latinos has prompted us to continue providing action-packed, WWE entertainment for our audience, all while building strategic partnerships for the network.”
2009 - WWE released "Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia" starring Mr. Kennedy (Ken Anderson) on DVD.
2010 - WWE launched a pretty unique promotion designed to reward viewers who order the first three PPV presentations of 2010, which had been raised $5 in price.  Fans who ordered the 2010 Royal Rumble PPV, the 2010 Elimination Chamber PPV and Wrestlemania 26 and send their cable bills in will be eligible to receive an official, limited edition Wrestlemania commemorative seat.