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1917 - Wladek Zbyszko defeats B.F. Roller for the American Heavyweight Title in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Charlie Cutler had been recognized as champion in 1914 and began claiming the World Heavyweight Title in 1915, leaving the American title vacant.
1925 - Wayne Munn ends Ed "Strangler" Lewis' fourth reign as World Heavyweight Champion in Kansas City, Missouri.
1946 - Jim Casey defeats Dean Detton to win his second San Francisco NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in San Francisco, California, ending Detton's eighth reign.
1947 - Brian Wickens, better known as Bushwhacker Luke, is born in Auckland, New Zealand.
1951 - Bert Ruby defeats Jan Gotch for the Wolverine Wrestling Michigan Junior Heavyweight Title in Saginaw, Michigan, beginning his second reign.
1957 - Ivan and Karol Kalmikoff defeat Fritz Von Erich and Karl Von Schober in a tournament final to become the first Minneapolis NWA World Tag Team Champions in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The title would go on to become the AWA World Tag Team Title in 1960, when Verne Gagne left the NWA and founded the promotion.
1958 - Yvon Robert defeats Mario Galento to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama
1960 - Pete Managoff defeats Nick Kozak for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas.
1962 - Len Rossi wins the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title for the second time, defeating Don Greene in Memphis, Tennessee.
1965 - Pepper Martin defeats Pat Patterson for the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title, ending Patterson's second reign and beginning his third. Patterson defeated Martin for the title five days earlier.
1966 - Tim Woods defeats Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, Nebraska to win the AWA World Heavyweight Title, or so he thought. Six days later, AWA President Stanley Blackburn declared the match a no contest after reviewing footage of the match, and returned the title to Vachon. Woods had his feet on the ropes during the pinfall. Vachon defeated Woods that same day for the title.
1968 - Keiko "Bull" Nakano is born in Kawaguchi, Japan.
1971 - Karl and Kurt Von Steiger defeat Tony Borne and Moondog Mayne for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title. This ended Borne and Mayne's 10th reign and began the Von Steigers' sixth reign.
1972 - Albert Wall defeats George Gordienko in Hanley, England to win the British Empire Heavyweight Title.
1977 - Danny Giamondo is born in Lodi, New Jersey.
1978 - Leo Burke defeats Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin) for the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title in Edmonton, Alberta.
1980 - Ricky Marvin was born, in Veracruz, MX.
1983 - Moose Morowski and Al Tomko defeat Dean Ho and Moondog Moretti for the Vancouver NWA International Tag Team Title in Cloverdale, British Columbia. They were stripped of the title on January 25.
1983 - Kaoru Matsumoto defeats Lioness Asuka to win the AJW Singles Title in Kumaya, Japan.
1983 - Chris Masters is born in Santa Monica, CA.
1984 - Don Kernodle and Bob Orton, Jr. defeat Dory Funk, Jr. and Jimmy Valiant for the vacant Mid-Atlantic NWA World Tag Team title in Charlotte, North Carolina. The title was vacated when Ricky Steamboat, who held the title with Jay Youngblood, announced his retirement on Christmas, ending their fifth reign.
1984 - Chigusa Nagayo wins her second AJW Junior Title in Tokyo, defeating Noriyo Tateno.
1984 - Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. defeats Pirata Morgan to win the Mexican National Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.
1990 - Jerry Lawler defeats King Cobra for the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning his fourth reign.
1993 - Espectrito I defeats Mascarita Sagrada to win the Mexican National Mini-Estrella Title in Queretaro, Mexico.
1994 - Far 2 Wild (Chris Michaels and Todd Morton) defeat PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D) for the held up USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee. The title was held up after a match between the two teams on January 3 in Memphis. This began Far 2 Wild's second reign.
1995 - Arn Anderson defeats Johnny B. Badd to win the WCW World Television Title for the fourth time in Atlanta, Georgia during a live edition of "The Main Event".
1995 - Tatsutoshi Goto, Shiro Koshinaka and Michiyoshi Ohara defeat Hiromichi Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado to win the Pro Wrestling WAR Six-Man Tag Team Title in Nagano, Japan, ending Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado's second reign.
1995 - Hikari Fukuoka and Mayumi Ozaki defeat Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda for the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.
1996 - The Monday Night War continued. WWF Monday Night RAW 3.0 rating defeated WCW Monday Nitro's 2.8 rating.
1998 - WCW holds "Thunder" at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. At this show, WCW Executive Committee Chairman J.J. Dillon vacated the WCW World Title due to controversial finishes in matches between Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Sting for the title on December 28 at Starrcade and December 29's Nitro.
1998 - Iron Man defeats Bobby Collins for the Canadian Wrestling Federation Light Heavyweight Title, ending Collins' second reign.
1998 – Juventud Guerrera defeats Ultimo Dragon to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title
2000 - Ray Gonzalez defeats Carlos Colón to win the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. This began Gonzalez's 10th reign and ended Colón's 25th.
2001 - The Monday Night War continued in its final months. WWF RAW is WAR's 4.8 rating more than doubled WCW Monday Nitro's 2.1 rating, its second-lowest in nine months (1.8 on April 3 and December 11, 2000).
2002 - CIMA, Big Fuji and TARU defeat Darkness Dragon, Maasaki Mochizuki and Susumu Mochizuki for the UWA World Trios Title in Tokyo, Japan.
2003 - B-Boy and Funky Billy Kim defeat The Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard) for the UPW Tag Team Title in Santa Ana, California, ending the Ballards' fifth reign.
2005 - Jimmy Jacobs defeats Ryan Boz to win the NWA Iowa Heavyweight Title in Muscatine, Iowa.
2005 - The CyberSpace Wrestling Federation renames itself as NWA Cyberspace after joining the National Wrestling Alliance, and a title changes hands in Wayne, New Jersey. Sonjay Dutt defeats Grim Reefer by forfeit to win the NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Title.
2005 - L.A. Player defeats Mike Woods in Columbia, Tennessee for the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title, ending Woods' fourth reign.
2005 - Handsome Johnny and Psycho defeat Billy Bax and Rob Eckos in a ladder match in Lowell, Massachusetts for the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Title, beginning their second reign.
2005 - Devin Devine defeats Brandon K. to win the NWA Pro Wrestling eXpress Heavyweight Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, ending Brandon's third reign and beginning his own second.
2005 - Jesse Ortega defeats Mikael Yamaha for the Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic Television Title in Burlington, North Carolina, ending Yamaha's second reign.
2006 - Corvo Bianco defeats Psycho Mike for the Italian Championship Wrestling Interregional Heavyweight Title in San Giorgio Canavese, Italy.
2007 - The World Class Championship Wrestling documentary "Heroes of World Class" by director Brian Harrison, was officially released on DVD.
2009 - WPXI  in Pittsburgh, PA listed former WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino as #36 in the top 50 figures in Pittsburgh history.  
2009 - Former ROH champion Low Ki was backstage at a FCW TV Taping in advance of signing with WWE.  Ki would announce his WWE signing the following day.  He would go on to win the second season of NXT under the Kaval ring name.
2009 - As part of cutbacks within World Wrestling Entertainment, a number of staff at Titan Tower in Stamford, CT were laid off. One source described the layoffs as "close to 10% of the staff."  Those working within WWE HQ began referring to the week as the "Titan Tower Massacre" as employees from the TV production, office staff and WWE.com areas of the site were fired while those remaining all began handling greater responsibilities.
2009 - Former ECW referee Keenan Quinn, who had been sent back down to WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling when the decision was made to use a singular crew of referees for a loop, as opposed to a separate collection of referees for each brand as part of the WWE's economic cutbacks, was released
2010 - World Wrestling Entertainment released former ECW brand star Steve "DJ Gabriel" Lewington. After his dancing duo with Alicia Fox was split up and she headed to Raw, Lewington had been down in WWE developmental in FCW for some time.
2010 - Ludvig Borga passes away in Helsinki, Finland.
2011 - The Philadelphia Daily News featured an interview with CZW's Nick Gage, who is currently in a Camden, NJ jail cell on $150,000 bail after allegedly robbing a New Jersey bank.  To his credit, Gage said that he doesn't blame the wrestling fans that turned him to authorities after seeing his picture.  He commented that he was out in plain sight, going to Atlantic City to play roulette after leaving the bank with a score that was said to be $3,000.  Gage admitted he was dealing with a painkiller addiction, but said that the business was not to blame for his issues.
2012 - Kitty Burke passes away.