Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: The Beast
Date: 11/21/19
Your Host: James Walsh

The Beast is the perfect name for the young lady chasing Tessa Blanchard for that WOW Women of Wrestling Championship. She's big, strong, athletic, and bad to the bone! And, this Saturday night on the WOW Superheroes season finale on AXSTV, she finally gets her crack at Tessa Blanchard after a long time coming!

Hear all about what brought this unique person to pro wrestling, her recent exchange with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and more in this exclusive interview.





On her athletic background:
"People always ask me, "What do you do?" I always answer, "What don't I do?" Take a minute, sit back! I am a competitive professional bodybuilder. I'm a certified personal trainer. I have a black belt in Krag Maga which is a military created self defense system where they blend boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, and most importantly, street fighting. Not only do I have a black belt in that but I'm also an instructor. I've trained MMA, I've done boxing. What don't I do? What can't I do? Nothing! That's the answer."

On how she ended up in WOW Superheroes:
"It is a funny story. I saw WOW one day and I liked the fact that they featured different types of women from all different backgrounds, different shapes of women, all different make-ups! I felt I had to be a part of that and I had to prove myself. So, one day, honestly, I burst into (David) McLane's office and told him I would be his next champion and I would not leave until I was on his roster."

On being in "Beast Mode" and being named the Beast:
"It is just the way I live my life. Everything I do is at 150%! Everything that you've heard that I do, I'm also an EMT, I'm currently preparing for my paramedic course, I'm currently enrolled to get my degree in Fire Technology because I'm currently in the process of becoming a fire fighter. I'm in the hiring process right now. And, with all of that stuff that I do - Like, after I get off the phone here, I'm going to go volunteer for a girls group to help with self esteem. With all the stuff that I do, I still find time to go to the gym and to be the terror that you see in the ring. Beast is my lifestyle! It is not just a name, it is not a gimmick. It is how I live my life!"

On her husband being visable in the crowd as her biggest fan:
"He does. He's my biggest fan." She continues, "When I'm in the ring, it is tunnel vision. I'm in there to get that 1-2-3. I don't see anything else. Even after the match, I've got so much adrenaline pumping through my system... Here's how it is. When I get in that ring, I'm offended. No matter how good the other athlete is, how dare they get in the ring with me? When I say I'm the biggest, I'm the baddest, I mean it! I know I'm the best. So, when I'm in that ring, my only mission is to destroy that other person in the ring with me."

On Jungle Girrrl being a close physical amtch:
"I like it. She's not as big as me. She's trying - Bless her heart. And, lets be honest, her record speaks for itself. She had an 18 year streak of never being defeated. I have to respect that. But, on the flip side, for all those years she was the biggest thing WOW had going. But now I'm here and I'm bigger than her. (laughs) And, I can't help but notice that her 18 year streak is over."

On finally getting her match with Tessa Blanchard on Saturday night:
"Ooh! I cannot wait! She's been ducking, diving, and conniving to get away from me. That can only last for so long. I'm relentless. I will not stop. That is all going to end this Saturday because I'm going to catch her and what happens next is not going to be pretty. People accuse Tessa Blanchard of using her family name, her fathers, to get her foot in the door. But, I don't believe that. I think she's talented. I think she's one of the best female wrestlers around. But, this Saturday, I want her calling her daddies! I want her calling all 4 of the Horsemen! I want her to call the police. I want her to call anyone that can help her because when I catch her, I'm going to put her through the ring! I'm going to put her through the building! I am going to smash her so hard, I want Marvel lawyers to hit me with a cease and desist letter! Then, when, not if but when, I am the WOW Champion, we'll know who the biggest and best WOW wrestler really is."

On The Rock saying she would kick his ass:
"I was there! I was flexing right beside him. That is why he said it. I would love the opportunity to smash Rocky into the ground! (laughs) Like I said, anyone across from me, I'll destroy. It isn't cocky... I know how hard I work. I know how much I put in. I'm not saying my opponents don't too. But, they're not me. So, yes. If given the chance to face The Rock, I would be the first one in that ring ready to go! And, my challenge still stands!"

On Tessa Blanchard challenging for the traditionally male Impact Wrestling World Title:
"Here's the thing. I'm glad she's doing that. But, I don't have time to worry about what all these other ladies are doing. I'm working. I'm busy. Right now, I work for WOW Women of Wrestling. So, unless they change the name to "WOW Women of Wrestling and that one dude that they had to hire because Beast is dominating but she's probably going to smash him too even though he's 6'7 and 350 pounds", then, wrestling men probably isn't really on my radar."

On if Impact's parent company buying AXSTV will impact WOW:
"I think you just hit it on the head. THey do what they do - Which is great. And, we do what we do - Which is awesome! There is no reason there can't be room for everybody at the table. Just because one show shines doesn't mean the other is dimmer. But, at the end of the day, it is about Beast!"


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