Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest(s): Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Debra McMichael
Date: 4/1/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Additional Commentary: Ben Benya & Erik Clancy

For 6 and a half years, The Interactive Interview has been asked to get an interview with Bret "The Hitman" Hart. For 6 and a half years,

The Interactive Interview has tried to meet those requests. And, for 6 and a half years, The Interactive Interview fell short of meeting

those requests. But now, after 6 and a half years, The Interactive Interview delivers Bret "The Hitman" Hart! And, you can listen to it right

now, free of charge, just by clicking the link below!


Former WWE Diva Debra McMichael stops by for her first time in the Epicenter as well This 40 minute interview packs a punch and really covers a lot of great ground! You'll be impressed what Debra has to say!

And, as if that wasn't enough, former hosts Ben Benya and Erik Clancy stop by again for some more fun times in Epicenter high as we discuss RAW and a myriad of off topic nonsense that is a hoot to listen to!


- The Best There Is...The Best There Was....& The Best There Ever Will Be joins TII and the interview begins with James welcoming Bret on and letting him know this interview has been a long time in the making.

- Bret is taking part in a fanfest for "Big Time Wrestling" in California. He enjoys doing events like this because he gets to meet the fans and he gets to catch up with old friends that he hasn't seen in a while.

- When asked if there are any confrontations at the fanfests, he says most wrestlers don't pay too much attention to what other wrestlers say.

- Recently, Shawn Michaels said in an interview that he would like for Bret Hart to induct him into the Hall of Fame when the moment happens. When asked if he'd do it, Bret said "I don't think so...thats quite a stretch right now" Bret says that he will not be at the Hall of Fame this year. Dory Funk asked Bret to induct The Funks, but Bret opted not to. He heard that Dusty would be inducting them and expects he would do a great job.

- When asked about a possible follow up to his book, Bret says that he'd have to go back and check to see which stories got cut from the 1st book and see if there is enough material to make a second book. He was very happy with how his book turned out and says it was a good representation of his career, but there were some nice stories that got left out.

- When asked if there will be another Best Of DVD release from the WWE, he says that Vince & him talked about potential 2nd or 3rd releases, but they haven't talked about it.

- Bret was recently featured on TMZ where they tried to get him to say something bad about Hulk Hogan. He says that some people will try and do thing to create headlines, and guys have different ways of reacting to it.

- In a recent interview, he said that if he could wrestle one more match, it would be with either Curt Hennig or Owen Hart. He says that they were good and safe workers and there wasn't anything he couldn't do with them.

- Bret is then asked about the current wrestling products, he says that interviews come across as way too scripted. He specifically states Piper, Austin, & himself as examples of natural promo guys because they made it up as they went, but today it seems like "bad acting" because its overly scripted. He also feels like some of the stories either move took quickly or come off as hokey and he feels that the show is selling itself as Entertainment rather than Wrestling. He really likes alot of the wrestlers, and he would like to see the titles get more meaning behind them (although he does say he's glad to see the IC Title on Mania this year)

- When asked about WWE's PG direction, he says that wrestling is always evolving and the WWE knows more than he does about the decision . He really enjoyed being a part of the cartoon era of the 1980s, and then talks about how he made the show all about the wrestling when he became the champion. He says that "people don't necessarily remember Bret Hart as much as they remember Bret Hart's matches"

- In the discussion about Bret's wrestling, James references a match that Bret had with the 123 Kid that is featured on the Best of Raw DVD. He says the next day, several wrestlers from WCW congratulated Sean Waltman for the work in that match.

- When asked about his favorite wrestlers today, he puts over Randy Orton. He puts Randy's dad over as one of the best and says that he might be even better than his dad. He says he would have loved to work with him. Bret also says that he'd have fun working with Cena & Batista and says that even though people think they are limited, he thinks he could have fun working matches out with them. Unfortunately, he says the concussion he suffered prevents him from every stepping foot in the ring again.

- Bret is then asked about the recent passing of Andrew "Test" Martin. He says its sad because he thought that he had beaten his drug addiction. He saw him now too long ago and it seemed like everything was great. He has a lot of friends & family and this really caught people by surprise.

- James then talks about the new DVD releases of his famous "Wrestling with Shadows" documentary, and another release detailing hte life of Owen Hart and Bret says its a nice story about his brother.

- Vince McMahon is brought up and Bret says that he wishes Vince the best. He thanks Vince for the best years of his career. He doesn't agree with the way that everything went down, but that can't be changed.