The Interactive Interview is back with another of today's biggest Indy wrestling superstars. This time, it's the "Fallen Angel"

Christopher Daniels!

In terms of quality, I, James Walsh, consider this one of TII�s best to date. If you listen to just one interview, this month,

listen to Christopher Daniels!



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    He graduated from a college in North Carolina with a degree in Theatre. He played some soccer, but wasn't a stand out.

    -- He liked wrestling growing up. Because he was raised in North Carolina, he got to see some classic NWA including guys like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and the original Four Horsemen.

    -- He was a little unsure what they wanted at first with the Curry Man. They just gave it to him and let him run with it. Eventually, he opened up and had fun with it. He feels the Japanese fans have a lot of fun with it. He does not feel it would work in the United States because it is based on a Japanese cartoon.

    -- He loves working for ECWA saying that Jim Ketna puts so much effort into the company, especially the Super 8 tournaments. That night always stands out to be something special. He was involved in one with the Hardy Boys and others one year and won it the next year with guys like Trent Acid, Ace Darling, and others. He feels ECWA really is what helped establish him on the East Coast.

    -- He did an angle with WCW in the summer of 2000 where he would be Vampiro's evil master of some kind. They shot a few takes of it, one was used on camera but the company didn't like the way it came out too much so it was dropped.

    -- The WCW Nitro match against Michael Modest was not his finest night. He still suffers injuries from that match. He was going for a top rope lionsault and landed on his neck and shoulders after slipping from the ropes. He wrestled the rest of that match with one arm going completely numb on him. It took him a month and a half to get his feeling back in his arm. He says it was not something he was too happy about but he got the contract despite that so he is happy.

    -- He has worked dark matches and television matches for the WWE but never had a try out match.

    -- In Japan, it is more emphasis on the athletics and not as much emphasis on gimmicks. He feels the action is a step faster.

    -- The monetary rewards of Japan is what keeps him and others going back.

    -- The FWA in England is fun to work with. He feels they always have treated him well.

    -- Being given the FWA belt was an experiment. He wishes his schedule would've worked better to have gone back and defended it more often.

    -- He had friends in the locker room at TNA that he made in WCW and during the WWA pay per view he appeared on. He worked in TNA for a few stays but couldn't commit a lot of time to it because of his schedule with Japan.

    -- When Triple X came to be, he didn't have many trips to Japan scheduled so it worked out well. He loves working with TNA and pledges his loyalty to the company and wants to be a part of the company as it expands and takes off.

    -- He feels that of all the locker rooms he's been in, be it ECW, WCW, or even WWE, the TNA locker room is the best. There is no ego with the stars they've got. He feels guys like Vampiro, Raven, and others have been all around the business but don't act any differently towards others. They're all putting their best foot forward to make this thing work. So far it's been pretty successful.

    -- He felt the concept of weekly pay per views was a gamble But, he feels it's working. He sees room for improvement, but so far so good.

    -- S. E. X. was a fun angle. He isn't sure it was given full closure but he enjoyed the stay. He wishes they could bring it around again.

    -- As a tag team, he tries to combine the styles. Example would be Donavan Morgan being his partner in Ring of Honor, they both were mat style wrestlers. But with Elix, Elix could can fly. So, he was the "ground guy" to set up for Elix's high flying.

    -- The cage match with America's Most Wanted is something he is proud of because of all the feedback he got from it. He feels it is early to call it the match of the year. He feels it is one to look back on, though. He was happy that they gave you the time.

    -- He always had the Fallen Angel name in his mind. He wanted to do something like a colt leader in the vain of David Koresh. Recently he has "pulled the trigger" on it.

    -- He got the Priest robe from a church in California. He told them that he needed the robe for a play about eight years ago. They let him use one but asked him to return it when he was done. Technically, he's not lied to the church because he is still using it.

    -- He's tried to stay away from offending any religious groups with his character and thus far hasn't.

    -- Christopher is and was raised Catholic.

    -- He enjoyed working with Jeff Jarrett. He hopes to work with him more in the future.

    -- With people like Test and Reno using his "Last Rights" finisher, he isn't crazy about it. He talks about telling guys about the move he would like to do backstage and they say "Oh yeah, the roll of the dice!" and he just grumbles and shakes his head. He does get peace of mind knowing that he created the move and didn't copy it from someone.

    -- The plan for right now is to use himself in TNA's X Division. He's not sure how long that will go, but either way he'll put his best foot forward.

    -- In terms of style, he doesn't consider himself a "high flyer," He feels Red is a "high flying" wrestler. He is glad that his own knees aren't damaged with moves like the moonsault. The major injury he suffered was from the match on Nitro.

    -- The guy from the Indy scene that he wants to see on TNA is Reckless Youth. He feels he'd fit in instantly.

    -- Working with MLW is great. He feels they treat him well.

    -- A question is brought up about differences in stories from TNA to MLW. He feels that in a perfect world, you would wrestle against the same guys on different shows. But, he feels the fans are smart enough with the Internet and things to realize what is going on and know the difference from company to company.

    Plus, our word associations with names like Vince McMahon, AJ Styles, Trinity, Chris Divine, Vince Russo, and a rather surprising response to the name Hulk Hogan!