Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Gail Kim
Date: 04/26/19
Your Host: James Walsh


Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim joins the Wrestling Epicenter for the first time for an exclusive since October of 2005. In this new interview conducted April 26th, 2019, Gail discusses her decision to come out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard at Impact Wrestling's Rebellion PPV, her incredible matches with Awesome Kong, her active opinionated social media presence, and even throwing out the first pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game tonight!

Be sure and check out Impact Wrestling's Rebellion PPV LIVE from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this Sunday night, April 28th!

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On her much talked about match with Tessa Blanchard at Rebellion:
"I"m really prepared. I went over, above, and beyond anything anything I thought heading into this match because taking a year and a half off, you come to realize even being in shape is not the same as being in ring shape. You feel everything again! (laughs) Before, you felt invincible. But, I had to train in terms of making sure my back was OK and strong enough and to be ready for someone, to be honest, who is the cream of the crop, premium athlete at 23 years old. You know, I'm 42. But, I still think I have what it takes to keep up with her. That is one of the reasons I came out of retirement. Well, 1, she pushed my buttons. And 2, I saw a girl that really reminded me of myself. That girl is so passionate about this business and being the best."


On what made her want to step back in the ring:
"It was the opponent (Tessa Blanchard). It really was. I'm truly grateful to have a retirement that is a dream come true. But, for me, as a performer, and I think those who know me know I'm always striving for magical momts. You never know, I might not even have one on Sunday. But, that is what I want and feel like Tessa is an opponent where we could create that. Obviously, I have a problem with her attitude lately. But, I have a lot of respect for her work and her work ethic. I want to have that moment and prove to the world that Gail Kim at 42 and a year plus out (from retirement) can hang with one of the best in the world right now."


On seeing herself in Tessa Blanchard:
"It is weird. I have told a lot of people in the company that I see a lot of myself in Tessa. I think it is age. That's why I think, like I said on Impact Wrestling, charging her for what she did at the restaurant, that's not going to teach her anything. For me, it is like getting to her heart and what matters to her which is wrestling."


On how celebrity chef husband Robert Irvine likes her getting back in the ring:
"He thinks I'm crazy! (laughs) But, he supports me 100%. Even with my nerves - I always had nerves to be the best. But, having this time off has almost trippled my anxiety level in terms of performance. He has been nothing but supportive. "Gail, You're the best. I believe in you and I know you're going to kill it!" He's going to be there! He's flying in just for the event and flying out the next morning. People always think I would be more nervous with him there. He brings me peace when he is there. He's been there for some of my biggest matches so I consider him my good luck charm."


On the current state of Impact Wrestling:
"Oh my Gosh! We went through a phase where it was almost like people who didn't even watch the product were wanting to hate it no matter what. It lasted a couple of years there. It can be discouraging because you're there and you know how hard the roster works and how much you want it (the product) to work. Ultimately, it comes down to a lot of the creative and the talent coming together. I think it has really turned around in the past year. If you walked into this company and you saw who the management was and how they handle things, There is no egos. They just want this company to be better and I think it has truly, truly showed. A huge difference is Jimmy Jacobs coming in to the fold. I did not know him before. I just had heard of him because he has been around as long as I have. But, I'll tell you, this guy is a genius! But, I think it has been a collaborative effort especially with people coming and, especially lately, leave eithe going to WWE or AEW. So, we've had to adjust and I think we've done a great job at it."


On Awesome Kong being one of her favorite opponents:
"Yes! Even back then when I was invincible, I felt like I got hit by a truck! I told her this straight to her face, "I"m pretty sure you took a couple of years off my career but I would never take back one moment, one secod, one bump from what we created." To this day, to have people come up to me and say, "I loved your stuff with Kong!" To have that mentioned and not stuff on other platforms such as WWE mentioned, that means so much to us. We did create magic! We're so proud of that time and TNA, at that time, gave us that ball, that opportunity to do something different. At that time, women's wrestling was basically dead. And, at that time, women's wrestling had not seen a character like Awesome Kong. Everything, everything that comes along with that. The first time that I wrestled her is the first time that I saw her work. And, let me just tell you, I was terrified! (laughs) It turned out to be great. To this day, we are special friends and have a special relationship because of that."


On what type of match she plans to have with Tessa Blanchard:
"I think you're going to see a little bit of my generation's style. I think you're going to see a little bit of her generation's style. I think it is going to be a very physical match. She's a physical, strong girl. I feel like I'm... I'm not going to lie. With my back, I'm a little bit weaker. But, I'm still quick! So, now the true test is can the 42 year old keep up with the 23 year old. I'm intending to show the world that I can."


On if her social media presense has been a blessing or a curse for her:
"I think a blessing because people get to see the real me. I think those that know me know I won't make up stuff, I won't lie. I'm, fortunately, able to speak up for other wrestlers because I have no desire to go back to WWE and I don't like the way they handle some things. So, I'm able to speak up for those who aren't able or cant. So, in that regard, I think it is a good thing! But, the more opinionated you are, the more hate you're going to get especially on Twitter because it is such an annonymous thing. But, that's not going to change. I'm going to speak the truth. If people don't like it, they don't have to follow me."


On throwing out the first pitch for the Toronto BLue Jays:
"I am throwing out the first pitch at their game tonight. I am nervous. I haven't thrown a baseballl since college! Traci Brooks... She follows them to a T! Major fan right now. She is sending me all these people throwing out these awesome pitches. I'm like, "Well, I kind of practiced but they all kind of go in a different spot!" (laughs) Plus, Vladimir Guerrero just got called up. It is all over the news! He's the next coming of I don't know what. Every media that I've done today has mentioned it. So, a lot of pressure for tonight AND Sunday!"


On if this will be her final match:
"Honestly, it took a lot for me to even do this one. They always say "Never say Never" but honestly, it is a "no" for me! (laughs)"