SShow: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Jessica Darlin
Date: 06/12/2021
Your Host: James Walsh

A few months ago, I happened to see a post on Facebook about XPW commented on by Jessica Darlin. Because I, like most in my age group, was amazed by the involvement of adult film stars in pro wrestling, I reached out to her for an interview. I also made her aware of the upcoming Dark Side of the Ring on XPW and started the ball rolling for her involvement in the episode.

Though we tried to schedule a telephone and/or zoom chat for the interview, our schedules were virtually impossible to get straight. So, for the first time since 2003 when Low Ki refused to speak but accepted a text interview request, we bring you a text interview with Jessica Darlin! Hey, maybe an audio or video one could be in the works this fall?

Here we go!


Epicenter: How did you end up in the adult film industry?
Darlin: I got in the Business in 1997 by choice. I drove to LA from Florida to be in the porn business.

Epicenter: Rob Black had you with Extreme Associates. Is that how you ended up in XPW?
Darlin: Rob came to me to do wrestling after he started XPW I was already a contract for extreme so I said yes

Epicenter: Did you even like wrestling?
Darlin: I watched wrestling as a kid and I watched Raw on Monday nights

Epicenter: Was XPW's style a shock?
Darlin: I knew it would be extreme! It was Rob Black! He always pushes the limits!

Epicenter: XPW was considered the "West Coast ECW". Were you aware of the perceived rivalry?
Darlin: I’ve heard that too. To me, XPW was their own thing. We had the porn aspect!

Epicenter: You and Kristi Myst were both Extreme girls and in XPW.
Darlin: Kristi and I were very close. We always got along. Never fought! We were like sisters.

Epicenter: How did the wrestlers treat the Extreme Associates girls?
Darlin: They were always gentlemen. We were always one big family in XPW.

Epicenter: "Sunny" Tammy Sytch was not a fan of XPW and claims she was injured thre.
Darlin: I never really met Sunny. She was always doing her own thing with Chris (Candido) so I never was involved with her.

Epicenter: What did you think of Sunny's 2014 porn film?
Darlin: I heard she did and I think good for her

Epicenter: Any memories of the recently departed New Jack?
Darlin: I only ever met him a few times. He was as crazy in the ring as out! RIP

Epicenter: Who were some of your favorites to work with in XPW?
Darlin: I loved working with(Homeless) Jimmy, Dynamite D, Kronus, Koas, and, of course, Supreme and Pogo! Everyone was great!

Epicenter: You were on the Wrestling Vixxxens Wrestle Erotica DVD but did no original content for it.
Darlin: That was taken from Extreme I received nothing for that!

Epicenter: Thoughts on Missy Hyatt who begged people not to buy XPW DVD's?
Darlin: I was already gone from Extreme when Missy came

Epicenter: Jasmin St. Claire was another Extreme girl who joined wrestling.
Darlin: Jasmin St. Claire and I got along great! We're still friends to this day.

Epicenter: Reports were Rob Black had the Messiah seen to for fraternizing with his wife Lizzy Borden.
Darlin: I plead the fifth! Everyone wants me to comment on that one! I’ll stay quiet on that!

Epicenter: Any chance you'd consider a return to movies?
Darlin: I’ve done a scene since I retired. It is on my onlyfans as an exclusive. I put new and throwback photos up daily and I never up charge! 8.99 gets everything !

Epicenter: You were interviewed for Dark Side of the Ring's episode on XPW to air this Fall.
Darlin: Yes. I answered all their questions as openly and honestly as I could. I think it will be good!

Epicenter: You've changed physically since XPW. You're covered in tattoos! Why the change?
Darlin: I’ve always wanted a body suit but back in my time in the business, girls didn’t have tattoos. So, when I retired, I began my tattoo journey!

Epicenter: What does Jessica Darlin do now aside from OnlyFans?
Darlin: I’m a dancer and bartender/waitress at Treasures in Houston. I've done an adult scene since I retired. You can find that only on my onlyfans."