Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Former WWE Diva & Luchagors Vocalist "Lita" Amy Dumas
Date: 8/17/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

On the day the biggest party of the summer takes place, Summerslam, we decided to throw a little party ourselves! We've got

a band... Well, we've got the lead singer of one hell of a band anyway! And, she also happens to be one of the most wekk-known

female wrestlers in the history of the professional wrestling business. Of course, I'm speaking of Amy "Lita" Dumas of the


Check out this hour long interview! It is very real, very fun, and very much a pleasure for us to bring to you!

Amy "Lita" Dumas


- The Wrestling Epicenter welcomes a very special guest. Lita stops by to speak with us about her music career and her past in the WWE.


- We start by asking Lita about having to drop that identity and go by her real name, Amy Dumas, and go on tour with her band. She says not many of the wrestling fans have discovered the band yet.


- The name for her band came about with the interest of mixing her history with Lucha Libre & mixing it with a horror theme. The name “Luchagors” was sort of a joke name they came up with, but they decided to stick with it. The skeleton make up that Lita was seen dressed in was actually done for a few Halloween shows that they did. They had fun doing it, but it is not the regular look of the band.


- Being a former wrestler has given her some problems in trying to get the band’s name out there. She is very proud of her wrestling past, but doesn’t want to sell the band entirely off the fact that she used to be a wrestler.


- Her bands genre isn’t entirely exclusive to one type music. They have several inspirations. She describes it as “Punk rock with a metal drummer” She then says that several members of the band add their own inspirations to the band.


- The 1st record was produced by Rachel Bollan of Skid Row, and she really liked working with him. He was willing to accept her ideas while also offering his great knowledge. She says that=2 0now the band is capable of doing much more on their own.


- She was in some bands before she got into wrestling, but put it on hold once she got into wrestling saying that there is almost no time to fully dedicate to wrestling and also have a band. But having a music career is something she’s always been interested.


- She would love to get the distribution from a big record label, but says that it can complicate things a little bit, and she likes working with Independent labels.


- She wouldn’t be opposed to working with the WWE in some way, whether it be doing someone’s entrance theme or performing at a PPV. She says that some people would look down on the move, but also feels she would also be able to introduce her music to a new audience.


- Amy is asked about pirating music to things like Napster. She says it makes it hard to sell albums, but you can also use things like Myspace to advertise yourself. She also says that a lot of the money is made through touring on the road, which she enjoys.


- She wore a Luchagor T-shirt during her last match with the WWE, but she says nobody from the office really noticed and there were no sour grapes when she left.


- Trish got the storybook ending, and Lita says that she’s a little disappointed that she didn’t get the same thing. She says it hurt her feelings, and understands that she was a heel, but doesn’t understand what happened. She did show up at the 15th Anniversary Raw show, and had fun there.


- Lita then talks about her experiences with Maryland Championship Wrestling where she trained and did a few appearances after leaving the WWE. She really liked working there.


- She says that life on the road as a wrestler is harder than as a musician saying that there isn’t a lot of freedom as a wrestler.


- A story broke out that she was having throat problems, but she says that the story was kind of exaggerated. It was just a flu and she lost her voice, and it wasn’t anything more severe than that.


- Word Associations: Listen to Amy Dumas’ opinions on various figures from both wrestling and music like Vince McMahon, Trish Stratus, Iggy Pop, Shane Morton, Joan Jett, Lillian Garcia, Team Xtreme, and her former wrestler personality Miss Congeniality.


- The interview closes with a quick discussion about the media’s treatment of the Chris Benoit situation. She says that a lot of the guys that passed judgment and came down on wrestling were guys that didn’t have great success and were trying to get their name out there.


- She wrote a book for the WWE a few years ago, and when asked if she’d write another one, she says that she has become a very private person, especially after the situation with Edge & Matt Hardy. She said that it was uncomfortable to have people judge her.