Becoming the second ever two time TII guest, Macho Man Randy Savage is back by tremendous demand.

Talking about his new career diversification as a Rap Star, Randy mentions all of the reasons for his new career path choice,

as well as speaking out on his role in Spiderman, and emotionally talking about the death of his ex-wife, Miss Elizabeth.

A rather short interview, lasting 25 minutes for the entire show.

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    -- Macho is welcomed to the show as the second two-time guest on TII. He then speaks on what he's been doing since the last time we spoke.

    -- Randy says that his online wrestling idea is currently on hold on the back burner due to the whole music project he's working on now.

    -- He said he loved playing the Bonesaw character in Spiderman, and that the other stars like Kirsten Dunst and Toby McGuire were amazing to work with.

    -- Savage says that the only man he's singling out on his CD is Hulk Hogan - comparing it to the whole 50 Cent/Ja Rule situation. He's not about the "east/west thing", and isn't taking himself too seriously about the whole project idea.

    -- Eminem, Run DMC and Guns and Roses were three of his musical idols. He was born into Rock and Roll music, but has grown into rap, and that's what it's all about for him now.

    -- Aside from "Be a Man" (the title track from the CD) and the Curt Hennig tribute he has on the CD, he really enjoys some of the other songs such as a love song and some club style music. His favourite lyric is just the "Be a Man" song in its entirety"

    -- There has already been two live shows to "test out the waters". They performed a few songs and did a skit with a Hulk Hogan lookalike, where Savage "punked him out" on stage.

    -- There are plans for a tour, and his tour manager Ron Harris (of the Harris Brothers fame) is in talks to take Savage's tour national.

    -- Randy said he shared John Cena's love for music, and after hearing some positive comments from Cena to Savage, he'd like to "return the flavor" and credit Cena for the work he's doing, especially travelling such a high percentage of the year.

    -- On the topic of Jim Ross recently saying that he wouldn't be interested in seeing Savage vs. Hogan in the WWE, Savage says that Ross isn't the owner of WWE. He feels that Ross should realised that JR is always just a pink slip away from being just a member of the crowd.

    -- He'd prefer to do the deal with Hogan at WrestleMania 20 in the WWE, but he knows that he has other options - TNA is interested, Japan is interested in having it done in the Tokyo Dome, and he wouldn't mind an independent promoter doing it if somebody (such as a radio station or a charity) came in as a backer.

    -- When he mentions a fight with Hogan, he means a real fight - "not a work, but a shoot".

    -- Savage is on Big 3 Records, and his crew is Da Raskalls (a crew of 5 guys, one of which is a former New England Patriots Linebacker, plus Brian Adams as his bodyguard).

    -- If you want to pick up a copy of the "Be a Man" CD, by Randy Savage, you can do so by going to your local distributions or by going over to The CD's release date is Tuesday 7th October 2003.

    -- The final question is where Savage speaks emotionally about the death of his ex-wife, Miss Elizabeth. To hear the emotionally response, click the link to listen.