Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Jim Ross
Date: 03/13/2023
Your Host: James Walsh


Madusa is a WWE Hall of Famer who literally made an impact in the world of pro wrestling that is still felt today in every aspect of the squared circle. A unique person, athlete, and trailblazer who broke down barriers!


Madusa's new book, "The Woman Who Would be King" is available now at all major book outlets via ECW Press!


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On finally getting her book out there after starting it 20 years ago:
"The book has been something in the making for 40 years and now thanks to ECW Press, it is here. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped to get this to come to fruition especially John Arezzi who introduced me to ECW Press and then Greg Oliver who co-wrote the book. Greg is a tremendous fact-checker. In today's environment, it is so important to have your facts straight because they want to fact-check your whole life! So, this book is sort of like pealing back an onion. It is slow, methodical, it is scary, it is dangerous, it is exciting and so fulfilling. After it is was written, the finished prduct is so amazing. It was so eloquently put!"

On the book having a lot of Madusa's own voice in it:
"This book does speak like I do! It is all over the place! I am ADHDUSA! (laughs) It really is. I go from chapter 8 to chapter 12 back to chapter 2. That is my life! It is how I speak. ANd, it is how the book is written! "

On WWE rejecting her request to use photos from her career 20 years ago but allowing it now:
"WWE has been so amazing. They allowed all the pictures you see in the finished product of the book. It is so amazing to be able to still have a working relationship with WWE and to be able to appear for them intermittently when I am on NXT or on WWE RAW. It is exciting because I am from an era that I call the "Lost Era." Before me, you had the "Golden Era" with your Fabulous Moolah's. Then, you had the peak era with your Glamour Girls, Jumping Bomb Angels, Wendi Richter, and Sherri Martel. And then, well, then there was my era. The "Lost Era". And then, it exploded into the "Attitude Era!" (laughs) What a whirlwind!"

On if it was difficult to open up as much as she did for this book:
"It was difficult at times. If you go back and you watch my old interviews, you will see that most of them are a lot alike. I say a lot of the same things and I do say them with a lot of different inflections and enthusiasms. But, I'm not an open book. So, being this open in the book, it wasn't difficult because I knew it could help people who want to be heard, seen, and want to be found. I think some of the stories about my personal life, some people will realy be able to relate to. Some might be able to relate to my stories about business, about relationships... I'm not just one note! I'm very colorful! (laughs) I was in two different businesses that are both very male dominated. But, I found a way. I was loud! I was determined! And, I wasn't going to take no for an answer!"

On her actually not being born in Milahn, italy surprising host James Walsh:
"(laughs) Hope! I was M-A-D in the U-S-A baby! I think people deserve to know the truth and not jsut what they've been told. You know?"

On how Paul Heyman impacted her career:
"Paul was one of the guys you just knew was going to be a star. Ahd, he, truly, was the one voice who truly believed in me as a woman in this industry. That i s why he's still one of my besties!"

On Paul writing the forward to her book and coming up with the title for her:
"That is why when I asked him, "Would you write the forward for my book?" He said, "I would be upset if you didn't ask me!" (laughs) You don't like to assume! But, he then asked, "Have you thought of a title?" I said, "Well, yeah. I've got a few ideas but nothing is really fitting." He goes, "The Woman Who Would be King. That's your title!" I was like, wait a minute, that is freaking amazing! And, it is so fitting. What a great title!"

On if Paul Heyman is a genius:
"Oh, he is! He is! I told him today that he is amazing and for him to be out there, in the forefront, continuing to do what you do and to be a mentor... It is historic."

On deciding to enter pro wrestling at a time wher eit was heavily male diminated:
"I didn't grow up wanting to be a wrestler. I was approached about entering the pro wrestling business. It was a hard approach because it was a hard no! (laughs) So, I did my due dilligence and showed up and once I was in, I was all in! Everything I do, I'm always all in! And, I do it hard and I do it well!"

On if her ex-husband Eddie Gilbert was ahead of his time:
"Absolutely. I often have wondered where he might be if he had lived and what he would be doing today. I have to think he would be working for WWE and would be one of the main writers, bookers, or agents working right alongside Paul. That is how much of a mechanical genius he was for this business."

On if she likes the Alundra Blayze or Madusa name better:
"It depends where I'm working. If I'm working for WWE, it is Alundra. But, when I'm there, everyone calls me Madusa! (laughs) Paul screams out, "Yo Deuce, get over here!" (laughs) So, a lot of people know me as Deuce. But, a lot of the newer talent know me better as Alundra. So, yeah, it is really cool! The smartest thing I ever did was trademarking that name, Madusa, 40 years ago. (laughs)"

On if she did a "Dumpster Dive" after tossing the WWE Women's Title in 1995 on WCW Nitro:
"Not at all. I told Eric Bischoff that if I was coming in and was going to do anything with that title, I needed it back right away so I could send it back to Vince because it isn't mine. Sure enough, when I dropped that belt in the trash, it came right back to me in 20 seconds flat so I could send it back to Vince."

On Eric Bischoff remarking about the "view" on the bike ride down to Sturgis:
"I heard about that. I am not sure why he said that. I mean, I know I have a great ass. But, it was kind of disrespectful to my husband to mention that. I think that shows how far we still have to go even though we've come so far. I mean, I didn't ever discuss how his package looked on the bike. I'm glad you asked because I think it really shows how far we still have to go."

On finally getting an action figure:
"I had to fight so hard! (laughs) I had never had an action figure before. But, I finally got one in 2016 or 2017 and the action figure they made of ALundra was so amazing! I have gotten so many compliments on that action figure. But, again, I had to be packaged with half of Shawn Michaels' bed with my action figure from his Heartbreak Hotel thing. I just never understood that. That's another thing that... It just doesn't change, you know? (laughs) I had to fight to get that and fight Hot Wheels to get the Madusa Monster Truck when I was in Monster Jam. Just doing everything I could, paving the way for women as there were no other women in Monster Jam at that time,"

On if she would have been happy leaving WCW and going to nursing school again before finding Monster Jam:
"I think I would have. Wrestling isn't competitive except for the behind the scenes competition and trying to keep up with the Jones' to see how big I can get my boobs every 5 years. It was ridiculous! I was part of that and I'm so glad I'm not that anymore. So, I've gotten rid of everything that was fake. (laughs) You know? It didn't define me. I didn't need it. But, when I was retiring from wrestling, I was thinking of becoming a Nurse. I didn't know anything about Monster trucks then so I don't think I would have been bored."

On her role in Monster Jam:
"That was my job. My job was to get women and little girls in the seats and in line at Monster Jam and to create new fans. And I did it! And I did it very, very well!"

On if wrestling still puts too much focus on the physical appearance of the talent:
"There is nothing wrong with seeing a good looking woman or guy in the ring, no matter if it is a rock hard body or curvaceous. But, when we start to focus more on that than their ability and athleticism! But, lets talk about the story! But, I do think it is coming around. It was much harder back in the day. You had some people on commentary, you had your Jerry Lawler just spewing at the mouth about the bodies. I know the comeback for Jerry would be, "Well, I was a heel!" Well, there were other great, great heel commentators who didn't need to speak that way. You know what I mean? Bobby Heenan was a genius!"

On the idea of one more match:
"If I did have a retirement match, I would want it to be with WWE. And, if I did have a match, I would want it to be with someone who could carry my ass. (laughs) You know, just in case I bump my head and forget where I am for 10 seconds, they could help me out. So, it would have to be somebody who is a little bit seasoned. And, I've kind of got a little angle in my head. There are plenty of oopnents that come to mind. There's Natalya, there's Beth Phoenix. There is a handful of them. But, I kind of have rattled the cage with Rhea Ripley a little bit and said, "You'd be a great retirement ass beating!" (laughs) She said, "Yeah, that would be so great!" So, I said, "Well, you bring Judgment Day and I'll might just have to bring Paul (Heyman) and the new Dangerous Alliance with me! (laughs)"

On working with the NWA:
"Billy Corgan called me up and said, "Hey Deuce, what are you doing?" He said, "You're missing your calling. You should be here as an agent." I was like, "What!?" But, I went down and sure enough, he was right. I love it there. It is just about no drama... There is always a little something but any drama usually comes from the damn make-up room. (laughs) I don't know why that is but it is! And Billy Corgan, the owner, is so smart! He just blows you away by what he remembers. He'll just say something and I'll be like, "Wait a minute, I don't even remember that!" He's that cool! And, he's my boss! I used to jam out to the Smashing Pumpkins and now here he is, he's my boss! I love life! And, I love what life can bring you!"

On finally getting in the WWE Hall of Fame:
"I had given up on it ever happening. I was never expecting it. So, it was a great surprise. I was so nervous walking in because I didn't know what to expect. But, everyone was so welcoming, loving, and caring. Thank God for Nattie (Natalya) and her introduction speech because it really laid the table for what I was going to say in terms of my speech. It was the perfect vibe! My husband got the Ok to come home and be there because he was deployed. He got to come home just for my speech and the house rocked. They started chanting "USA, USA!" Mark Henry got up and saluted him and I thought I was going to faint! I was like, "Oh my God, this is incredible!" He (her husband) was like, "Go ahead, steal the show, baby!" He was in his uniform and people loved him! It was so organic! It was unbelievable and unplanned. It made everything, the whole thing, Nattie's introduction, the whole speech, my husband, the fans, and WWE having the fortitude to say "Lets do this!" You know?"

On what she hopes people take away from the book:
"I can't speak for everyone. But, I hope everyone who needs to be heard reads this book and takes something away from it. We're all so much alike in so many ways! Some will resonate with me as a child, some will resonate with me as a young adult going through tragedies and triumph... They're going to laugh, they're going to cry, and they're going to come back and just be happy! I wanted a book that is a feel good book in that I'm OK! And, if I can overcome this by doing it on my own. There is strength out there by not choosing the wrong path and not getting caught up in all the noise and all of the ruckus and not listening to everyone telling you what to do. You've got to find that space to decide on your own... You are always going to have that soundboard of your best friend or your spouse. But, at the end of the day, it is going to be your choice!"