PCOShow: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: PCO
Date: 10/11/19
Your Host: James Walsh

Perfect Creation One, Pierre Carl Ouellet. However you get there, he's PCO! And, he's not human! He's one of the most amazing stories in wrestling. So, why not interview the man himself and tell a portion of that story?

We at the Wrestling Epicenter are sincerely honored to interview PCO to discuss his current run in ROH, his new Jim Johnston created theme song, getting the MSG moment he wanted at G1 Supercard that he felt he didn't get at WWE WrestleMania X, and even a little about the recent Bruce Prichard podcast discussing his refusal to put over Kevin Nash/Diesel in Montreal and his problems with the Kliq. We also discuss a few other things he and I, James, have in common as we both are legally blind. Lots of great stuff from a great guy who is making the most of his second... Maybe third chance at a run in the wrestling industry!

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On his near full year with Ring of Honor thus far:
"It's been an awesome journey! It has been almost a year now... Wow, what a year, huh? ROH World Tag Team Champions, ROH World 6 Man Champions, NWA World Tag Team Champions, NWA Crockett Cup, challenging Matt Taven for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Now, I'm a part of the Ring of Honor tournament coming up this weekend in New Orleans. Just incredible buzzing. I've got to write it up on my calendar as one of the best years of my life and of my entire career."


On his future plans:
"I think 2020 is going to explode. I don't think PCO, Perfect Creation One, the French Canadian Frankinstein has exploded like it is going to explode next year. Any time now... I can't put my finger on what is going to be the time, the date, or the event. But, I've got a huge, huge feeling on that."


On reports his ROH deal is coming up soon:
"Yeah, my contract is coming up soon. But, I just think they're going to do everything... You know, they've got great wrestlers here. Sinclair Broadcasting is huge. They've got all kinds of resources and talent in legal and marketing. I think there is a bright, bright future ahead for Ring of Honor. It is going to be very interesting going into 2020. There has been a lot of big moves that have been made lately. I can't really say too much. I can't predict the future that much. But, I can tell you that they (ROH) are going to be amazing in 2020! They're going to surprise a lot of people who think they know what they're talking about. They (ROH) are going to fight from under. I know what I'm talking about because there was a point that nobody believed in myself or what I could do. There was a point that I had to rebuild. I think I did pretty good. It would be super amazing. It would be a dream come true if ROH could pop off with PCO all together and the amazing talent and team that we've got. I know they're working on some things. It is going to be very, very interesting. Keep Ring of Honor on your radar."


On being happier with his ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard match than his WWE WrestleMania 10 match at MSG:
"Way, way happier with that match because, first of all, I'm in a way different state of mind than I was at WrestleMania 10. I am doing something that is myself. I am a monster. I walk kind of awkward. I have different sized body parts that don't fit. I've got a small head. That's me! That's who I am. I'm strong! I can bounce off the ring apron or the cement floor. I can get 17 stitches above my eye, finish my match, and go to the hospital telling the girl who is sewing me that she's doing a great job. She was so devistated that I was telling them to do it cold with no medication, just do it! But, walking the aisle at the best show, coming out of the electric chair and having 21,000 people chanting "He's Not Human", that will probably be one of the best entrances ever. What the company is telling me, that is one of the greatest entrances of Ring of Honor history period. I was watching the Undertaker entrance at Madison Square Garden a month ago. If I'm re-watching my entrance from G1 Supercard, it was very similar in terms of fan reaction. That's my best night at the Garden ever."


On his new Jim Johnston created ROH theme song:
"I love the tune! The whole story I'm not allowed to talk about because we have an agreement of what we can talk about when we do an interview. What I can say is I made my entrance at Death Before Dishonor in Las Vegas with it and the crowd was absolutely going nuts over it. I only had the song delivered a couple of days before. So, obviously there are going to be a couple of things tuned up and so forth. So, going forward, the energy is going to increase. The entrance is probably going to be one of the most spectacular in all of wrestling all together. I'm super positive about the future with the song. That's the song that I want. I get a vibe from it. There's nothing that I don't like about that song. It is a dream come true to have someone with such credibility and talent and work together and come up with something special for this period in my career."


On if he ever feels the sick bumps he takes later on:
"Traveling with Villain Enterprises and the rest of the guys from Ring of Honor, if I go after the show and have a glass of water with everybody - Because I can't sleep. I'm so full of energy. So, I hang out with the guys and they always ask me that question... "Are you OK?" (laughs) With the way I walk and the way I sit, that's pretty usual. Yeah, I am. I'm 100% I'm fully in shape. There's no restraining. No bruising. Just part of the regular life for PCO!"


On his brief stint in TNA in 2003 under the mask as "X":
"I certainly did enjoy the beginning of it. Winning that super battle royal... Coming in as a heavyweight into a lightweight division. After a while, they kept on doing it but I think I was the first heavyweight to mix up with the lightweights back then. I had pretty good wind behind my back. But, I just think... Other than Jeff Jarrett, I didn't know anybody in that dressing room. I didn't get to know Dutch Mantell. He probably didn't even know who I was. I was around him when he was managing in WWE managing the Harris Brothers. When I left, I know they were having some financial difficulties. I know I was getting paid a pretty good amount of money. For a young company at that time, most guys were driving from Atlanta or Florida or living around that area. I was traveling in from Montreal. It didn't really bug me that much. I didn't really feel like I had any interactions that much. I didn't really come in with many ideas in terms of character and things like that. It was pretty much just waiting to see if they were going to do something great with me. (laughs) I was just in a very different state of mind. Now, I see success in a very different way. I take every little task I do with my day and I'm going through them with perfection, with fun, and with joy. It has just raised my concentration so when I have to be ready for that moment, it isn't like I've got to get ready for the moment. I'm in that moment all the time!"


On if refusing to job to Diesel in Montreal due to heat with the Kliq ended his WWE run:
"It was, actually! (laughs) It was a really bad move on my part! (laughs) I can say I take 100% of the blame on that. You know what? The Kliq, they weren't cool back then. They were all about themselves. They pretty much had control of the company. If Diesel wasn't World Champ then he and Shawn (Michaels) were the Tag Team Champs and then Razor Ramon was the Intercontinental Champ. Then ther ewas the (1-2-3) Kid and later, Triple H joined. They were the Kliq. I don't know... At that time, at that age, I was like 25 or 26 and I just felt it was time I put my foot down on the ground. I felt Vince didn't have control of the company anymore. The Kliq had control of the company. It made me kind of furious at the time. I was young and lacked experience while in a big company like that, pretty much alone with all my thoughts and problems. I think I created, you know, 99.9% of my problems. I confronted Shawn Michaels in 1994 and Diesel in 1995... I think I was my own worst enemy. The great thing about that whole thing is that I learned so much. Everything that I didn't like about the Kliq... I was writing down a list of what I didn't like about those guys and I was reading that piece of paper and looking at myself in the mirror and I realized it was a pretty good picture of myself. It made me change. At that point, and it took a long time for me to understand a lot of things. But, at that point, I stopped trying to change my outbound world and started to change myself inside out instead of outside in."


On being legally blind and Bruce Prichard being amazed he can catch a ball:
"(laughs) Yeah, of course. I'm completely blind in my right eye. I think he was just impressed that I could catch a baseball with one eye or play hockey with one eye. Or, that I could do a seated senton from the top rope and aim for the apron. (laughs) Or, that I could go on the top rope and do a moonsault and hit it right on the spot. I'm pretty good with one eye because I've been like it since I was 12 years old. I know Bruce pretty well. We met at the Pro Wrestling Tees shop last year in Chicago and worked together for MLW for most of 2018. He was at Gorilla. But, that ball thing! (laughs) That comes up every now and again and people make fun of Bruce for it. "Oh, PCO can catch a ball!" (laughs) It is a funny thing to me!"


On Ring of Honor going into 2020:
"When you have syndications like they do... They have 217. They've got a great legal department. Like other companies have stepped up their game, Ring of Honor will have to adjust. I think it will be very interesting. The thing that is happening with Ring of Honor is a lot of the fans that were the Elite fans are now the AEW fans. But, most of the fans of Ring of Honor are new fans. I don't know the percentage. But, when I'm at a show or something or I do a meet and greet, I get a lot of, "That was a great show! I'm going to keep watching it." There's a new audience growing. No matter if it is kids or older people. I remember doing the signing before the last Las Vegas show with Brody King and there were 2 or 3 kids in a row about 4 or 5 years old and they were asked, "Who is your favorite wrestler?" And they said, "PCO!" To have that kind of thing is a thrill. For them to watch a monster, that's pretty awesome! I feel like I'm touching every generation. The kids like the whole thing - Probably the electricity. The kids really love the whole thing. But, the older people, they tell me "You make me feel good and you make me feel bad at the same time. You make me feel good because you can do amazing things that a 30 year old is doing and you're my age but you make me feel bad because I can't do those things. But, anyway, I'm proud of you, man!" (laughs) The future is going to be great for PCO and for ROH, there are a lot of new fans that are going to add the bank of the ROH solid fans."