He's the "Whole Fn' Show." He's been called "Mr. PPV," Mr. Monday Night," and "Mr. Thursday Night." His name is synonymous with 4:20.

And, for the first time since 2003, Rob joins The Interactive Interview again!

Fresh off our critically acclaimed "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff interviews which are still available for audio download on the

web site, the one and only, or perhaps I should say "One of a Kind," Rob Van Dam joined us over the weekend for an interview that will

air on the live radio broadcast on KASC "The Blaze" 1260 AM in Mesa/Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona. But, don't feel left out! You can catch the

Internet broadcast right now from!

We cover all the important bases with Rob in a topical interview as compared to our 46 minute interview with him conducted in 2003.

You can listen to that interview as well by going to But, in THIS edition, we cover everything from his

injury status, the upcoming ECW PPV, the Brock Lesnar lawsuit, Wrestlemania, Smackdown/RAW, and so much more!


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-- The show opens with "One of a Kind" playing and the Rob Van Dam promo he cut for us way back in October of 2003.

-- Erik introduces Rob Van Dam who is now with us. The first question Erik asks is, "How are you holding up." Rob gives the short answer of "I'm holding up, I'm holding up!"

-- Erik then asks Rob how his knee injury is progressing as most fans have missed RVD from TV and want an update. Rob says that he got surgery three weeks ago and that's been the major thing on his mind. So right now he's doing a lot of therapy and physical rehab which will take a long time because they had to do a lot of work in there.

-- RVD says he had a torn ACL and a torn meniscus. He had those injuries for quite some time yet he was working through the pain. He was trying to put off surgery or avoid it all together if that was an option. The last couple of years though, his knee has been bothering him with a few breaks here and there.

-- As far as what actually happened with his injury, he was in Chicago on January 6th. He was in the ring and on a simple landing the torn meniscus folded into his kneecap and it just locked out on him. So, he had no choice but to get the surgery.

-- James then mentions Rob was on a year ago. At that time, Rob was a World Tag Team Champion with Booker T on RAW and since then he has moved to SmackDown. James asks what the backstage climate of SmackDown is like compared to RAW and which he prefers. Rob says that some of the major differences are that on SmackDown there are a lot of younger guys -- Not necessarily younger in age, that are still trying to find their niche and their place in the company. He says that on SmackDown, there are more guys willing to work and be open as opposed to RAW.

-- Rob says he prefers SmackDown now but originally he was more set towards RAW because he enjoyed the live TV aspect of it. He really likes SmackDown because it's not the same type of game, to which he follows up, "and when I say game, I do mean game!"

-- Erik then talks about how RVD was the first big name that Brock Lesnar defeated during his ascension to the World Title. Erik then asks what Rob thinks of Brock's departure from the company and his decision to try to get back in the business now. Rob says he was surprised when Brock quit the company but says that Brock is a freak of nature with an incredible amount of athletic ability. Rob also says that he wouldn't be surprised to see Lesnar make it in football even though he hasn't already and everyone knows RVD isn't one to tell people they can't do things. Rob also says that Lesnar could come back to the WWE because everyone comes back whether you've sued them or talked trash, it's all about business.

-- James then brings up the subject everyone wants to ask RVD about. In June, the WWE will be running the ECW pay-per-view "One Night Stand." James asks Rob if he will be physically able to be active on that event. Rob replies with one word, "negative." Rob states he will be able to attend the event but will not be able to wrestle.

-- James also asks whether or not an ECW event run under the WWE banner could be a success. Rob says without him, it will be tough to replicate that old ECW energy but still thinks they'll have a hell of a show and possibly turn it into an annual pay-per-view. Rob says that a month ago when he was talking to people about it he was led to believe that it was going to be very authentic ECW and not the WWE version of ECW.

-- Rob says it breaks his heart that he can't compete at the event.

-- Erik then points out that RVD was one of the most over guys in ECW's history but in WWE, despite what the fans want, he has been kept away from that main event status. Erik asks Rob if he is happy with his position in WWE. Rob says that he's not as happy as he could be but he thinks he's well adjusted. Rob is by no means unhappy.

-- James mentions Internet reports stating that Rob "refused" to go to Iraq for Christmas in Iraq in December. Rob responds with the fact that refused is not the choice of word to use in this situation. He opted not to go because for one, he had no desire to visit that part of the world, but also because he had been on the road 51 weeks out of the year and was looking forward to spending an extra week for Christmas and his birthday with his family. When it became a voluntary choice and he had heard that the area may not have been as safe as they had previously been told it became a no brainer for him.

-- Rob is then asked if he will be involved in an outside role at WrestleMania 21. RVD says he has no idea but he will likely be at the building.

-- We head to word associations which Rob reminds us he hates doing. James says he knows but will never learn. Triple H, Vince McMahon, and The Undertaker are covered in this abbreviated version due to time issues. This is an interview you can't afford to miss!

-- The recap segment, designed for the Internet broadcast, covers the No Way Out pay per view as well as the recent goings on in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!