Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Rich Swann
Date: 06/04/19

Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the debut of Impact's debut on Fox Sports Net with the current X Division Champion!

Rich Swann is known for being the "No Limits Soldier" and for going "All Night Long", but today, we are debuting the current reigning and defending Impact Wrestling X Division Champion at High Noon eastern time! Join us as we welcome Rich back to the show after joining us nearly a year ago to the day where he earned our respect almost immediately by praising "Iceman" King Parsons as an influence. Since then, Swann has captured the hearts and minds of Impact Wrestling fans with his heartfelt and deeply personal feud with oVe, especially Sami Callihan. He also has recently been squaring off with Michael Elgin and, likely his challenger at Slammiversary, former Impact Wrestling champion Johnny Impact.

Enjoy a fun 15 minute spot with one of the most unique and intelligent wrestlers out there right here at the Wrestling Epicenter!

Impact Wrestling returns to the Melrose Ballroom in New York City for TV tapings on June 6th and 7th. Visit for remaining tickets and information.

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On his first year with Impact Wrestling:
"You know, Impact Wrestling has been great. It has some of the best talent on the roster. Brian Cage, all of oVe - Sami Callihan, Dave Christ, and Jake Christ, Michael Elgin - A new acquisition for Impact Wrestling, Willie Mack.... Lets talk about that Knockouts division with Tessa Blanchard, Su Young, Rosemary, you've got Jordynne Grace! Everything is stacked for Impact! And, right now, things are coming for the better!"

On if being the X Division Champion lives up to his expectations from last year:
"You know what? It does. It is a lot of hard work. It si going out there no matter what show you're on and putting on the best show you can. People expect that as they should. There has been great X Division Champions as I've named in the past. I'd just like to keep that legacy going."

On defending against a former World Champion in Johnny Impact:
"Johnny Impact is a guy I have grown up watching. You know what I'm saying? He is a guy who can go out there and literally do anything. To go out there with him again and possibly defend the X Division Championship, that is an honor to me. I feel we can go out there and do some things that have never been done just because of our athletic ability and what we can do in the ring."

On the smaller talent enjoying more success now than ever before in wrestling:
"I think now that everyone is coming up with all this insane stuff, it doesn't matter how big or small you are. This is being looked at as a sport. Everybody knows what professional wrestling is, of course. But, when you see guys going out there and throwing their bodies over the top rope and doing all these twists and flips... But, not only that. Lets throw Zack Sabler Jr. out there. Not one of the biggest guys. But, when you see that guy twist somebody's arm the way they do that British catch as catch can wrestling like he and Jonathan Gresham did, it is like, man! You know, it doesn't matter if you're like 300 pounds and 7 feet tall anymore. You know what I mean? This is a new gate! What I'm contributing to it is that passion. Just entertaining! I don't care that I'm 5'6 and 165 pounds. People are going to notice me!"

On the great match he had with Michael Elgin on Impact recently:
"Yes, sir! Thank you! Michael Elgin's wrestling IQ is crazy. I think he is one of the best wrestlers going in our industry today."

On the emotional, true to life story he just had with Sami Callihan:
"I thought it was very cool. I thought it was a fresh, not new but certainly fresh for professional wrestling to see such a personal angle like that which had so many truths to it. To go out there and perform with a guy like that and to have so much on the line. Everybody knowing all the personal aspects just draws people in and made it so much more intense and made it feel so much more real. I enjoyed it. I loved it!"

On the emotional promo he cut at the oVe Compound:
"I'm very comfortable with that. People don't expect me to be so articulate or be able to show that certain side that so many have been able to show. But, when you give Rich Swann the opportunity, I'm going to show you what I'm all about. I'm all about entertaining. I'm all about giving people the best show they could possibly watch. When I get those chances, I really pour out my heart and soul. You're definitely going to see more of that side of me."

On returning to the place he was concussed and got knocked out of Slammiversary last year, the Melrose Ballroom for Impact:
"Oh man, I love the Melrose Ballroom! Even though I had that unfortunate accident last year... I was going for a tope con hilo over the top rope and I missed my opponent... Well, I contacted DH Smith but I slid off his back and smashed my face on the guard rail. I got knocked out. I don't remember the ending of the match. But, apparently, I got a Canadian Destroyer and a Back Cracker or something from Teddy Hart. I'm gonna get him! (laughs) Man, the Melrose Ballroom is so special. It has held so many great events especially Bound for Glory."

On what we can expect from Rich Swann at the Impact tapings:
"I hope I get to go out and do something special. I hope I can go out and chat some stuff up with Johnny Impact!"

On Konnan recently saying Impact Wrestling will have a new TV home in the fall:
"I'm not sure but we're all going to have to wait and see. Pursuit and the Twitch simulcast has been good. But, if there is a new TV deal, hey, that's even better! But, Impact is definitely on the climb I believe. That is great news if they do get a new deal. It would be pretty awesome!"