First, he's the Coach of TNA's Team Canada. He's also a TNA creative team member and an all around great guy. He's Scott D'Amore.

Up next we have a blast from the past. The man formerly known as Tugboat, Typhoon, and the Shockmaster. None other than Fred Ottman

and we cover a lot with this great big man.

All of this plus the "Queen of Extreme" Francine of and so much more. Check it out!

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-- Show opens with Chuck & James welcoming Scott to the show.

-- To start off with James just brings up today's internet headline rumors of Jeff Jarrett replacing Scott D'Amore as TNAs head booker. As always, 'if you hear it on the internet it must be true', joke Scott & James, obviously Scott denies the rumors.

-- To open on a more positive note, Chuck and Scott hype this upcoming Sundays GENESIS PPV, Scott mentions Team Canada's Petey Williams will face AJ Styles for the X division championship in what will be a phenomenal athletic contest with great storytelling as only TNA can deliver. Scott praises both mens ability to bring out the best of one another. Also in action, Team Canada members Bobby Roode, Eric Young and A1 will square off with the 3 Live Kru in a 6 man street fight with 6 hockey sticks in the six respective corners, featuring Kip James as the special referee. Once again D'Amore praises both teams for having great chemistry and pushing each other to the limit each and every time they are in the ring.

-- D'Amore feels the crowd doesn't truly understand how physically draining the Ultimate X matches are on the competitors. Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley & Petey Williams put their bodies through hell in a hard hitting match at Bound for Glory, then went out there and did it all again and more just two days later- the matches beat you down and wear you out.

-- Scott says the TNA superstars and matches are unbelievable to watch, and despite the fact that over the last three and a half years they have always given it their all in the ring, over the past few weeks their momentum has sky-rocketed them into stepping up their game yet again since the debut on Spike, D'Amore feels the products good, the talents great, the shows action packed, they are hitting on all cylinders, and if you're looking for a wrestling alternative, then they are it.

-- Chuck asks for D'Amores views on the importance of managers/valets in professional wrestling. Scott feels WWE just doesn't understand or grasp the concept of managers, but he feels where WWEs loss is TNAs gain, as they have capitalized on that. He's honored to have the opportunity to be an onscreen manager for Team Canada; using little bits of Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart in his act to add that spice of something different to a match. With TNA being on national TV now, D'Amore thinks managers will be due for a comeback; TNA currently has a number of them including James Mitchell, who Scott has a great deal of respect for and is happy to have him as apart of their product.

-- On his return to the ring in June 2004 against Jerry Lynn, Scott describes it as a satisfying night for him personally. Their match went a little longer than originally intended, and they had a good old fashioned old-school match. Upon getting back through the curtain, Jerry Jarrett pulled him aside & congratulated him on a great match. Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race also congratulated him on his performance. D'Amore jokingly thanks Jerry Lynn for carrying him in the match, and despite what the internet fans may've said about the match, he will always treasure that night and consider it one of the better matches of his career.

-- Scott goes on to tell us a little about his home-grown promotion: Border City Wrestling in Canada. It has been around for 12 years, and is one of the older & more successful independent promotions in North America. Over the years it has been the launching pad for many great stars we see today such as Rhino, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, A1, Alex Shelly and Christian. They also now have a training center with a lot of great young talent waiting to be discovered. He says how BCW is a group effort, and that is what has contributed to the companies' success.

-- James asks the million dollar question- whether or not Christian is the big superstar debuting this Sunday at TNA GENESIS. Scott tells us to tune in and see because anything can happen, something big is happening in TNA and it's all apart of the excited as we move forward. 'Where there's smoke, there's fire'

-- D'Amore doesn't think there is a problem with TNA bringing in a lot of ex-WWE superstars, anybody who deserves to be on the roster should be, it shouldn't be judged on whether they have been with WWE in the past, just like in the olden days, it shouldn't be held against somebody if they used to work for WCW or ECW. There's a lot of talent out there, and TNA is a new exciting place to work, so no WWE stars should be excluded, if they can perform and contribute to the roster, then they should be there.

-- Scott praises the current creative booking team consisting of himself, Mike Tenay, Dutch Mantell, Bill Banks and Jeremy Borash. The superstars also contribute their ideas to the product and the higher ups will listen, TNA is a team effort, and it's working for them because that's what sets them apart from their competition.

-- On the cursed PPV known as Bound for Glory, Scott feels when your dealt chicken sh!t, you've got to turn it into chicken salad. He wishes Kevin Nash the best of luck and hope he lives a long healthy life. Everyone from top to bottom contributed to the re-booking of Bound for Glory, once again he praises the team effort and work ethic of TNA for turning the show around and saving it from disaster

-- Reminder that TNA GENESIS is live this Sunday on Pay Per View. And be sure to catch TNA IMPACT every Saturday at 11 and every Monday night at Midnight.

-- Chuck & James thank Scott for his time.