I truly feel bad that I sat on my hands when I conducted this interview and attempted to leave the promotional work to an intoxicated poker

obsessed lazy partner like, well, our English friend. Sherri deserved better. Hopefully, in time, this section on this website will get her

and this interview the exposure it truly deserves.

This interview truly is amazing. Sherri is so candid. I call her "one of a kind" in my private life wen asked about her character and I think it fits.

She's funny, truthful, but always polite. Just simply a true class act.


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-- The show opens with a little Harlem Heat music to remind people of the Sister Sherri days. Just then, James introduces the show reminding the listeners to stay tuned after the Sherri Martel interview for a recap featuring the return of Daniel Edler to discuss Daniel's first show his new promotion IPW UK. James then sets the stage for Sherri to join the show.

-- Randy "Macho Man" Savage leads us in to the Sherri interview with a little Pomp & Circumstance. James then introduces Sherri to the show officially.

-- Sherri is doing okay. She then asks where James is from. James says Arizona. Sherri says she is up in the Tennessee Mountains these days. They then discuss the weather in their respective areas. It's a fun monotonous free change for TII to be so relaxed with a guest.

-- Sherri wasn't really a wrestling fan growing up. She explains it was either going to the wrestling matches or taking her sister roller skating. She didn't like baby-sitting and neither her sister or her were enjoying it so they started going with their mother to the matches.

-- Some of her favorites were Ric Flair, Blackjack Lanza, The Monroes, and several others. Everybody in the Mississippi area was what she grew up watching. Bill Watts ran that territory.

-- When James asks how she decided to get involved in wrestling, Sherri says she thought the interview was to promote her web site. James promises her they would get there. Sherri laughs and answers his question. She remembers thinking, "I can do this." She then goes on to say it was a lot of fun and it still is a lot of fun. She mentions loving the crowd reaction she gets be it positive or negative. She then manages to throw in a quick plug of

-- James opens the lines for Sherri to plug the site. Sherri, laughing, talks about the site with pleasure. She says it is the first time she opened a web site of her own. Adam York, who runs and also makes her wrestling attire and where she invites everyone to get their attire from, is helping her run the site. She goes on to say how amazing the Internet is for everyone and how it has changed the world.

-- "Lots of blasts from the past," says Sherri when questioned on what her site has on it. She goes on to say they have tons of pictures on there from 1979 through today, pictures of people one might be surprised to find on the site, friends and foes, and a diary where you can keep up with her regularly. Sherri mentions she is nicer in her diary than she would've been because she's older and a little less mean. There also is a store for those looking to get their holiday shopping done with great photos and items for sale.

-- Fabulous Moolah was a big part of training her. She was there from August 1979 until 1980. She gives her credit for training her for 6 to 8 months. She explains all the different styles she learned and how Japan is different from the States.

-- Larry Zbyszko helped get her in the AWA. He felt she had a little bit of potential and thought she just needed to learn how to do wrestling interviews. She feels wrestling was still a male dominated profession then so getting a chance was important.

-- "Larry was wonderful," said Sherri when James asks how they got along. She says they used to hang out a lot. She credits Larry for helping her with her interviews. She then tells a story about when she and Larry were close, he had just bought a beautiful new car. On the road, they stopped to get a cup of coffee. Well, Sherri was putting sugar in the coffee and Larry took off quickly and Sherri spilled the coffee all over his brand new car. "Oh, he was so mad at me!"

-- Sherri then goes on to say Cathy Gagne always loved Larry and one night she put a "lip lock on him like you would not believe." She says it must have been true love because Larry and Cathy are still married after all these years.

-- Sherri briefly explains her history in how she got to be Buddy Rose and Doug Sommers' manager. She then goes in to saying how she used to have a 2 and a half minute interview scheduled and she'd go for 2 minutes and forget what she was to say at the end. Sherri then does an impression of Doug saying, "Sherri, can't you get your interviews right? We're going to be here all day long!" She also mentions the "Sherri Martel Blow Away Diet" when talking about Buddy Rose. She mentions how she just saw Buddy in New Jersey recently and how great it was. She regrets not having a chance to talk with him more that night.

-- Sherri explains how the boys, Buddy and Doug included, were like her big brothers and kept her out of trouble though she admits to doing some stupid things most people in their 20's and 30's do. She explains how words cannot explain how much people who see you at your worst as well as your best end up meaning to you.

-- Sherri then goes on to talk about the Midnight Rockers -- Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. She mentions when the marquee reads, "Buddy Rose & Doug Sommers with Sherri Martel VS The Midnight Rockers," everybody involved had to be there. She explains the fans paid to see all 5 involved and without a piece of the puzzle, something was missing. But, when talking about everybody involved in that marquee, Sherri says, "My life is much better having known them."

-- "Money." That is Sherri's answer to why she left the AWA to go to the WWF. She explains how Vince, in the wake of his father's passing, was thinking about tomorrow for the wrestling business and was changing the game by having people like Cindy Lauper involved. She wanted to be there and whatever went on with Wendy Richter, which she doesn't get into, opened the door for her to come in.

-- "It didn't matter to me one way or the other as long as I had a job," was Sherri's response to if she wanted to be a manager or still wrestle at that point.

-- Sherri feels she came in with a lot to offer. She felt she had the total package and just needed someone to mold her. She credits Vince McMahon for being the one who molded her. She then goes on to say how Vince always gave her the leeway to do what she wanted with the character which was great for her because it was her doing what he wanted but in a way that was still her own.

-- Sherri says she liked Randy Savage a lot. She mentions that both Randy and Elizabeth were scorpios and both very intense and jealous of one another yet still very much in love with each other.

-- "She should be here. She's another one of those people that made my life better by being a part of it," said Sherri about the passing of Elizabeth. She goes on to say she still has a locket Randy and Elizabeth gave her the night their program ended -- Wrestlemania VII.

-- Still on Elizabeth, Sherri mentions having to sneak her through airports and such to keep people from her. She says above all else, she knows she was her friend. "I miss her. I miss her so very much."

-- When asked if she thinks Lex Luger was involved, Sherri says she doesn't know. "He knows, she knows, God knows."

-- "Ted was exceptional," says Sherri about Ted DiBiase. "He was a gentleman through and through."

--Sherri enjoyed working with Shawn Michaels. She feels he is the total package. She goes on to talk about some of the things he and Marty used to do that annoyed everyone like pull the hotel fire alarm and make everyone evacuate at 4 in the morning. She chalks that behavior as being a part of growing up.

-- She mentions how fortunate was to work with those who would let her get her spots on.

-- Sherri loved her time in ECW. She feels ECW was more lenient with what they would let the women do and she liked that. She says Terry Funk can slap her around anytime and Paul Heyman has a great wrestling mind.

-- The show then breaks to a commercial informing you of the archives where you can hear interviews with Ric Flair, Marty Jannetty, Randy Savage, Bruno Sammartino, Ted DiBiase, Rob Van Dam, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Madusa, Missy Hyatt, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Francine, Sting, and countless other top level wrestling superstars right now for free. All at

-- "There's no comparison Once you worked for Vince, there's no comparison working for somebody else," says Sherri comparing the WWF and WCW. She thinks WCW did the best they could with what they had but doesn't know what they were thinking at times.

-- Sherri considered it an honor to work with Ric Flair. She considers him a friend and says she learned a lot from him.

-- "My two big brothers," said Sherri about Harlem Heat. She is still friends with Stevie Ray and Booker T. She goes on to tell the story behind her being their valet. When she went to WCW, Kevin Sullivan wanted her to be the manager of Ron Simmons. But, this was the time of Nicole Brown and OJ Simpson so they thought that might be pushing it a little. So, after Flair, "instead of putting me with one big old black guy they put me with two big old black guys!"

-- Sherri said it was great working with them because nobody ever messed with her or even said anything about her. They were like her big brothers protecting her.

-- When asked why she left WCW in 1997, she says "I got fired." James asks if it was something she had done and she says it was and says, "I pissed Eric Bischoff off and he pissed me off and that was just it."

-- "That's another one of those golden pretty boys that gets an idea in his head that he wants to be a wrestling promoter and thinks he is God's gift to Vince McMahon," says Sherri about the owner of the now failed South Eastern Championship Wrestling.

-- The show then roll into some word associations. In most cases, I don't transcribe any word associations but I'll make an exception in this case for a few names that received first class answers.

-- Missy Hyatt: She really wants to read Missy Hyatt's book. She can't find it anywhere. Anybody want to give it to Sherri as a gift?

-- Shane Douglas: When she worked with Shane in ECW, she used to always picture herself on the operating table and having "Dr. Martin" walk in wearing wrestling boots, tights, and getting ready to operate. She then tells a story about Shane at a buffet they went to where when Sherri went to go fill her plate, Shane put spaghetti sauce on her seat to embarrass her. "I got him back a couple times, though!"

-- Marty Jannetty: He and Shawn did a lot of mischievous things of late. She says she is happy she can pick up the telephone and call guys like him.

-- Curt Hennig: She remembers him from when Buddy and Doug the AWA tag titles. Back then, she remembers Curt Hennig and Scott Hall pulling a major rib by hiding Nick Bockwinkel's AWA championship belt in the snow making him the champion without a belt. The belt was found in the Spring time when the snow melted right where they had left it. "The world was a nicer place with him in it."

-- Road Warrior Hawk: "Oh God. They have a hell of a card up there, you know?" Sherri remembers a tape they made as a part of South Eastern Championship Wrestling where Hawk went around and was making fun of people in the wrestling business. James mentions having this video as well and how Larry Zbyszko said something about Hawk surprised Hawk was alive. Sherri replies quickly by saying he is still alive as long as we keep him in our hearts. The video we are speaking of is available on as well as a fantastic even longer shoot style interview with Sherri available there as well.

-- Plus word associations such as Candi Divine, Eric Bischoff, and Vince McMahon. Want to know what she said? You'll just have to listen!

-- Jake "The Snake" Roberts brings James back as he is joined by Daniel Edler for the first time. Daniel discusses his experiences running IPW UK located at and gives us a taste of the card. Coincidentally, both Daniel and James have a photograph a piece up on the "Hosts" section of the official TII website -- See the handsome faces behind the sexy voices!

-- After the IPW UK talk, Daniel and James then run down the upcoming No Mercy pay per view giving their predictions. They then talk about the horrible blue ropes of WCW in 2000 and explain James self destruction over the past day or so in a fun segment. The show wraps up with "No Mercy" by LA Guns off their self titled record.

-- A special TII thank you to Sherri for this interview and an invitation to all TII fans to check out for all things Sherri related as well as an invitation to check out for all your wrestling attire needs!