Just a quick note to explain why I (CW) put together this section. Ever since I can remember I've watched wrestling. I was weened on the greats of the British wrestling scene, the likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki and Pat Roach, to name but a few. Only 1 of the wrestlers I mentioned is still with us. That got me to thinking whether we truely remember those who have preceeded the superstars we watch on TV today, as, without them, we wouldn't have today's superstars. I do hope that this section will serve, in some way, as a small tribute to them.


So, anyway, here below are the lists I have found of the wrestlers, promoters, valets, announcers and commentators who have gone from us. There are, no doubt, ommissions, for which I apologize. If there is anyone who doesn't appear on the lists then do please let me know and I'll add them. There are many people for which I haven't been able to find much (if any) information, if you know anything about them, please, again, let me know.


Each decade below contains links to biographies, where possible, which I have compiled from various sources. A lot of these could use additional information, for which we'd be very grateful.

Below are those for whom we need your help!