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If you have any information on any of the following wrestlers, including a date of their death, please let us know. (we may have
information for a bio, but not necessarily any dates).

Kazuro Huriguchi
Ken Cadman
Ken Joyce
Ken Lasenby
Kenny Ackles

Leo Demetral
Leo Lightbody
Leo Voss
Leo Wallick
Les Martin
Lloyd Carter
Lord Bertie Topham
Lord Patrick Lansdowne
Lou Kelly
Lou Marco
Lou Spandle
Lucky Roberts
Lyman Brown

Madero Leon
Marin Plestina
Marvin Jones
Marvin Strohado
Matros Kirilenko
Maurice Lachapelle
Maurice Lapointe
Maurice Robert
Max Clayton
Max Martin Shultz
Max Ward
Melvin Riss
Michael Sullivan
Mick Casey
Mickey Flack
Mike Brendell
Mike Demitri
Mike Howley
Mike 'Flash' Jordan
Mike Nazarian
Mile High Ross
Milo Popocopolous
Milt Olsen
Mitchell Gill

Nanjo Singh
Nat Rabin
Neal "Swede" Olson
Nick Billings
Nick Harris
Nick Kolonis
Norman Walsh
Norton B. Jackson
Nouroulah the Terrible Turk

Otto Kuss