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If you have any information on any of the following wrestlers, including a date of their death, please let us know. (we may have
information for a bio, but not necessarily any dates).

Pat Madden
Pat McKay
Pat O'Sullivan
Patsy Hagate
Paul Lortie
Paul Luty
Paul McClary
Paul Winkhaus
Peter Bates
Peter Cortez
Peter Gotz
Peter Kelly

Ralph Alexander
Ray Belec
Ray Clements
Ray Hunter
Ray Miller
Ray Schwartz
Ray St. Bernard
Reg Reynolds
Reg Yates
Rex Gable
Ricardo Moyan
Roberto Pico
Rocky Moran
Rocky Smith
Roger Wells
Romeo Joe Critchley
Ron Harrison
Ron "Bull" Johnson
Roy 'Bull' Davis
Ron Oakley
Rube Wright
Rudy Strongberg

Sailor Allen Parker
Sailor Moran
Sam Beal
Sam Price
Sammy King
Sammy Mack
Sandy Orford
Sergei Kalmikoff
Sheik Abdullah Abbas
Sheik Marella
Sid Marcus
Sky-Hi Lee
Stacy Hall
Stan Stone
Stan Zonishi
Steal McCree
Steve Brisno
Steve Brody
Steve Clements
Steve Nenoff
Steve Passes
Steve 'Gaylord' Peacock
Steve Strelish
Stocky Knielson
Strong Rogers

Ted Beresford
Ted Labelle
Ted Nathi
Terry Jowett
Terry O'Neil
Terry Ricardo
Tex Hager
Thiebaud Bauer
Tom 'Tug' Holton
Tom Marshall
Tom MaHoney
Tommy Dale
Tommy Lorne
Tommy Lusardi
Tommy Mann
Tommy Martindale
Tommy Peterson
Tony Angelo
Tony Fury
Tony Mancelli
Tony Mansi
Tony (Pasquale) Salvo
Tony Zale
Torbellino Blanco