August 8, 1956 – January 27, 2016

Wrestler: Taras Bulba
Real Name: Abel C. Reynosa
Birthday: August 8, 1956
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Debut: 1976
Previous Names: Juan Reynosa (Southwest)
Notable Feuds: Jerry Lawler


•1976: Able Reynosa began wrestling as Juan Reynosa, but later reinvented himself as “Taras Bulba” in 1984.
•Taras Bulba is most famous for upsetting Kerry Von Erich on Television with the Claw submission hold.
•The name “Taras Bulba” comes from Nikolai Gogol’s famous 19th century novel that detailed the life of the Cossack adventurer.


Responding to Juan Reynosa's son on facebook, in October 2011, Mick Foley remembered his father, by saying: " Oh sure I know him! I remember coming over to his house in San Antonio and eating some incredible Mexican food. I was at the Sportatorium in Dallas when he beat Kerry Von Erich with the Claw. Tell him I said hello!"

Madison Carters remembers Juan Reynosa, with a post saying: "Probably most famous for a match in which he defeated Kerry Von Erich with the iron claw, Bulba was part of one of my absolute favorite angles in Mid-South. When Sir Oliver Humperdink introduced his newest charge, SOH's second Eddie Gilbert revealed his long term plan and had Bulba destroy Humperdink, returning Eddie to his rightful place leading his own group of wrestlers."