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"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Submitted By James Walsh on 12/01/05
Quite literally one of the biggest wrestling names ever to step into the squared circle was this week's guest on The Interactive Interview.

Answering quite literally up to 10 questions that won't
be heard on any other interview he's done since the closure of WCW, including the famed quote he made to 'somebody' on his last appearance in WCW - on a Monday Nitro broadcast - this interview is definately one for the history books!


-- The 'Macho Man' name came from when he was playing pro baseball. He was involved in a fight with a member of the other team, and since it went on for month's people were all saying did he think he was some kind of Macho Man? People kept calling him it as a rib, and it stuck.

-- Working in Memphis under the Jerry's (Lawler and Jarrett) was a crazy experience for him.

-- He feels his infamous piledriver through the table on Ricky Morton possibly influenced the current 'hardcore generation'.

-- He left to join WWE because he wanted to be a big fish in a big pond, not a big fish in a little pond.

-- Macho had 100% creative control over his outfits, and owned every one of them.

-- Winning his first Intercontinental title was crazy since he won it in Boston, taking it from Tito Santana. Losing it to Ricky Steamboat was a real rush with so many people, the world indoor record, at the Pontiac Silverdome.

-- Mach says he never was much of a good babyface, so his run in the 80's was definitely interesting. His character is a 'love him or hate him' style, so whether fans hated him or liked him, they did it fully.

-- Losing the belt to Hogan at WMania 5 wasn't a problem. It was just business, and McMahon's decision in doing that was right. Anybody who gets too excited or upset about winning/losing, doesn't know much about the business.

-- Vince had to really talk Macho into the "Macho King" angle. One of his biggest feuds was against Dusty Rhodes, who he thinks could've got a better shake of the action. He's a legend, and putting poker dots all over him was a rib from backstage.

-- Mach says that he and The Ultimate Warrior get along really well. It's strange because Warrior is nuts, and Macho is nuts, so they find that they both understand each other most of the time. Never any problems between them.

-- 12 days after Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' snake bit him, the snake died. Roberts came to Savage and said "you killed my snake", to which Macho just said "I told him to back off…".

-- Ric Flair is a great wrestler, but you have to wrestle Ric's style.

-- He feels Pat Patterson and Vince were going for the 'new generation' of wrestlers. That's why he moved over to WCW.

-- Randy feels that WCW was one of the worst run businesses ever - not just wrestling businesses, any business. They stumbled over big things like the nWo. When the nWo came to be, ratings went up, but the boys didn't like it. Savage personally enjoyed joining the nWo though.

-- In 1998 Savage had 3 operations on his knee, operations which meant that he'll never be 100% again.

-- Hogan plays 'little kid games', and will always be involved in the backstage politics of a federation.

-- Nash is a good friend, and hysterical to work with. He has a tremendous mind and head for the business, and really caught onto it.

-- The quote 'the bullets are out of your gun' from Savage's last appearance on Nitro was directed at Hulk Hogan, who he was trying to sucker into a match.

-- In 2000 Savage made an appearance to aid the Millionaires Club. That was just a show of good faith to WCW, and there was no plan for anything long term.

-- If people didn't see the demise of WCW coming, then they were 'blind and deaf'. They weren't listening to the people and he feels that Hogan was very influential in that.

-- MachoMan.com is now up and running. It is going to have crazy interviews; crazy matches; wrestling like never seen before. If you want to be a part of the website, email them to machomanmail@aol.com.

-- Macho mentions Curt Hennig, and how it is a tragic loss to the company. Bob Seiger the musician drew a picture of Hennig, and Macho's upcoming World Wide Web wrestling federation will have that hanging as the wrestlers come to the ring.

-- Savage's challenge to Hogan was then brought up. Randy gave Hogan 2 weeks to accept the challenge, but Hogan avoided it, and the money that could've been raised was never to be. Himself and Andrew McManus of WWA both then gave $10,000 to the children, but Savage feels it could've been much more.

-- WWA promoted Savage as being on a tour of theirs; everything from just saying his name to including him on the commercials - but there never was a deal! They came close, but nothing ever came of it.

-- Some of the talent from his MachoMan.com promotion will definitely be big in the business, so watch out for them.

-- Word associations now come up, with names such as Angelo Poffo, Lanny Poffo (his father and brother), Road Warrior Hawk, Elizabeth (his ex-wife) Hulk Hogan (a 'punk') and Gorgeous George aka George Franekstein (his ex-girlfriend).

-- And finally, don't forget to check out MachoMan.com. Savage's message to the fans is 'thanks for the run'.


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