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Pornstar Jasmin St. Claire

Submitted By James Walsh on 12/01/05
Show: The Interactive Interview
Guest: Jasmin St. Claire
Date: 6/03
Your Hosts: Daniel Edler & James Walsh
Transcript By: James Walsh

The 100% owner of Pro Pain Pro Wrestling (www.3pwrestling.com), Jasmin St Claire, holds nothing back during this one on one interview with The Interactive Interview's James Walsh.

From pornographic films to pro wrestling... This lady has a knack for picking businesses where you're sure to get screwed!

We spend 20 minutes of listening to Jasmin St. Claire give us oral pleasure... I mean, answer every question we have to ask! And, boy does she ever lay into fellow former ECW alumni Francine... You've got to hear this!


-- Jasmin was a wrestling fan growing up. Though she was born in the Virgin Islands, she moved to New York City when she was 3. She loved to see the wrestling at the Garden. Her favourites were Miss Elizabeth, Macho Man, the Rockers, Hulk Hogan, and all of the late 80's early 90's WWF era.

-- "Me, myself, and I" is whom she credits for getting involved in wrestling. She said the chance in ECW was what gave her the opportunity. Bubba Ray Dudley is responsible for it.

-- She had a lot of fun doing the initial catfight in ECW with Francine. She said she would have liked to have continued her career right then and there but she had obligations to Rob Black in adult films.

-- She feels the locker room respects her because she takes it seriously. She says she's not what people might expect her to be.

-- She is trained to wrestle. She says she's trained quite well, as a matter of fact. She claims that she should be given the opportunity to wrestle to show people but because of her looks, she is used as a valet.

-- She feels that the reason the "Blue Boy Management Company" was used more as a promo angle and not allowed to be out in front of the crowd to work is because of a woman in the locker room badmouthing them to Heyman. She says it wasn't Dawn Marie or Elektra. This doesn't leave much for us to guess at, does it? She says she thinks this woman did it to others too.

-- She says the last shows ECW ran were a shame because everybody was "bitching and complaining." She feels it is a privilege to be on TV and be in front of a crowd and they just didn't remember that. She says they were pleasant.

-- She "didn't care" that ECW was closing. She says she cared because a lot of people lost their jobs but she says a lot of guys were owed a lot of money and she was as well but "I don't have to work another day in my life" so it didn't bother her. She says it was a shame that wrestling lost ECW.

-- She saw Paul Heyman on Raw and did have hopes of going to the WWE but says, "who wouldn't?"

-- She says John Collins, who owned MECW, was not very well organized and didn't understand wrestling that well. She says that is why the MECW project didn't make it like they had hoped it would. She also said he was dishonest and selfish.

-- She said the XWF was a fun place to work. She said they were a great group of workers and if they would have had the right backers or if they somehow come back and have the right backers; she'd love to work with them again.

-- Many wondered why she was only called "Jazzy" in the XWF. Rocco Rock called her that in a promo he cut and they liked it and went with it.

-- Rocco was a great person to be around. She said he was classy and was in far better shape than people think. She can't believe he died of health problems. She said he was a good person. "I can count the good people in this business on one hand."

-- She said Big Dick Dudley was her best friend. She loved to hang out with him. He'd hang out with her, mess with people with her, stay in her house when he was in California, and just be like her big brother.

-- She always had hopes to meet Miss Elizabeth, but she never did.

-- She says she loved working at TNA and in the same breath says she doesn't know why they "don't want her back."

-- "Francine is probably one of the most unprofessional people I've ever had to work with. I'm sure if you ask a lot of other women or the backstage crew at TNA, they'll tell you the same. She was constantly trying to change things that Russo told us to do and I don't need that. I listen to the booker, I don't listen to the talent."

-- She stresses that she owns 3PW 100% owner of Pro Pain Pro Wrestling. They have merchandise available at Amazon.com. Search for 3PW to find it. The Blue Meanie came up with the name because it is unusual to have a number as part of a wrestling company's name.

-- Jasmin has an action figure coming out. She says the toy is based on her wrestling and her adult film career. She says the figure has her looking very "80's heavy metal" which she feels is right up her alley. She says she dated some guys of that musical genre and makes a remark about them having hair on their head.

-- She helps book 3PW along with Todd Gordon and the Blue Meanie. She says she is a different kind of promoter because she is honest. She says she won't beat around the bush as to why she does or doesn't want you working for her. She tells a story about an overweight girl coming in to the locker room wanting to valet. She says that she knows that guys only want to see thin or fit girls with nice figures and round isn't a figure. She says that she wishes the NWA would be as honest to her as she is to her employees.

-- She says that XPW getting sole custody of the ECW arena failed like she knew it would. She said the Viking Hall (ECW arena) people called her begging to get them back in the arena but she is happy with the Electric Factory. She said she was given free concert tickets to see Anthrax recently and that the people there are nice.

-- She then promotes the upcoming 3PW show with Terry Funk against Sabu against Gary Wolfe for the world title. Also on the show is the new NWA World champion AJ Styles against Kid Kash. There will also be some sort of ladies event as well.

-- The Blue Meanie is very humble. She says she has no idea why the WWE had him lose weight and then fired him.

-- She liked working with Joey Styles. She says Joey has a nice nose and she's a nose person.

-- Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of Quiet Riot, is a very good friend of hers. She says he made 80's heavy metal a happy thing.

-- Elektra is one of the hottest women out there.

-- She says you have to love Missy Hyatt. She says yeah Missy had her problems with drugs and things of that nature but that is in the past. She also says that they may have their differences from time to time but they stay friends.

-- She never got to work with Dawn Marie because Francine badmouthed her to her in ECW.

-- She says she can't say anything about Jeff Jarrett except for her former boss.

-- "Francine should've been paying ECW to work there. I don't think anything good of her." She says that she is not jealous; she feels Francine is rude to the fans and is "fake." She says to put a picture of Francine next to a picture of the donkey from Shrek.

-- She feels she gets along with everyone unless you cross her.

-- She said Danny Doring and Chris Chetti are good examples of people not taking her seriously because of what she did in the past. She says that they will never work for her again because of it and that they badmouthed her to other people. She says that Meanie was paying Doring when one of his parents died and Doring still badmouthed her and she busted him on a 3-way phone call. "What do they think they have? Solid gold in their dicks?"

-- She stresses that you can still put on a good wrestling show with a $10,000 budget. She says the backers have been great and only deal with her. She says they don't take calls from Meanie or Todd.

-- She feels she is a noble person and because of that, Howard Stern treated her fine. She says she is what she is and she doesn't fake it. Because of that, Howard Stern takes her seriously. She says people call her "bitchy" because she is honest. She says she wants the NWA to be honest with her.

-- Outside of wrestling, Jasmin just shot a few album covers for bands and has a catalogue of pictures available for things like that. She says she also wants people to keep their eye out for the action figure.


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